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30 10 2012

I’m sorry to say but I have to cancel MSN3 translation because the author has finally confirmed the rejection of my offer today. I have been waiting for about 2 months since I started asking and she said she has to ask the other members with no reply after a long time so I ask them about it again yesterday. Actually, we haven’t started much and has stopped working on this once I didn’t get any ‘ok’ from them when I ask them 2 months ago.

They said they want to handle the English or Japanese translation by themselves because they think it’s too big a project and a lot of things need to be translated from the core.

Right now there is no public announcement from them if they’re going to translate MSN3 to English. They seem to be tied up with making new games. I’ll update if there is any news. Sorry for wasting your time if you have applied for the recruitment.



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30 10 2012

Aww, that’s a shame 😦 But I wonder why they did not reply sooner and made you and your translation team wait in static for 2 long months. Isn’t that kind of cold? :/
So, do you have any other project in the future? Maybe for the smaller projects like the sequel/prequel games?

31 10 2012

Right now I’ll prob try to focus on planning my own sci-fi game.
As for MSN sequel/prequel, right now my mood is quite low as they don’t seem to be very supportive of my team. I plan to ask this after some time later when I regain my mood.

31 10 2012

I’m curious of why they’re not supportive of your translation team, considering you did quite a splendid job with the translation of Prince Maker Braveness. And it’s not like you violate any of their rules/not crediting their games like most of VN indie translation teams I knew of. Game Industry can be soo confusing :/
Good luck with your game then! I’m kinda interested in what you’re gonna come up with… 🙂
(Btw, by “sci-fi” game, do you mean visual novel sci-fi genre ? Sorry if I talked too much, I can come across as being overbearingly curious and nosy sometimes….)

31 10 2012

Well, it’s just a feeling I get because they did not consider of working together for translation. Maybe they don’t think the MSN2 translation is good enough.
Thanks! It won’t be visual novel(at least not purely). I’m planning it to be more of an adventure exploration game. It’s ok, I’m certainly quite nosy myself ^^;. Maybe later I’ll put a link here to it if I get any development done on the game.

31 10 2012

Are you gonna tackle the game head-on by yourself, or do you have a team to help you with it?

1 11 2012

It’ll probably be by myself because of a few reasons:
-I have not make any games outside of school projects yet to show I am capable of doing it(ppl will more likely to join you if you already have something).
-I am lazy and have no schedule for now(which means I may not get it done so I don’t want to waste other ppl’s time)
-It will be free(it is hard to find someone who’ll help me for free)
-I am not active in any game making forums to friend anyone who is interested in this(friending ppl with same interest is the best shot to get anyone to collaborate).
-My real life friends are not very interested.
-I want to find someone who don’t mind BL(actually the game has no BL for now in my plans since I want to keep it simple so I can actually finish it and dating elements would make it complicated) but I like BL so we can be on the same wavelength when we work together.

Well, I have to at least plan out a complete proposal for the game first which I suck(all my past proposals always goes unfinished) if I am to get anyone remotely interested. I have a few ideas and not sure which one I want to follow so I have to expand it and see which one is suitable for me to do.

Thanks for asking. Actually I need people who I can talk/discuss with sometimes because I always run up to a wall(stuck on ideas, plot lines etc.)

31 10 2012

Hang in there Rikki! I’m pretty proud of you and your work. You did a wonderful job =)
Looking forward to your scifi game :3
If you ever feel like showing them what you can really do and if its about Origin. Just poke me and I’ll come flying.Make their jaw drop and have them take back their word >=D

1 11 2012

Thanks! XD You’ve said it now so you’re stuck if I give you a crappy ugly prototype game to play and you have to help me improve it. >:3

1 11 2012

Developing ideas is the hardest part of every game making projects, I think. After that after that huge roadblock, the process of making the game itself will be much easier.
No problem 🙂 I have a fun time talking (reading and typing) to you too. I have a brother who worked as a coder for a small game company, and I’m interested in becoming a game designer myself 😀
A good game is composed after A LOT of experimenting, so don’t be ashamed/upset if your first prototype game is not as fine as you’ve expected. Any game designer, including famous or veteran ones, experimented that at least once in their entire game-making life.
(Working as a team is not really as efficient as one would think either. Clash of ideas, team members got their schedules conflicted/one member’s laziness slow down the process of a team, and overall, co-cooperation is just stressful and can become a pain in the rear if there’s no good/decisive leader to lead the team, so I think that sometimes, working individually on a project is definitely easier. So yeah, I can resonate and understand your decision.)
I know this is kind of redundant, but lots of luck to your project 😀
(And I’m definitely more interested in your game when you mention BL elements now :3 *lol*)

2 11 2012

Thanks for the tips, it is nice chatting with you. 😀

27 12 2012

What a shame.
I hope they actually deliver and make the English translation.

28 12 2012

I hope they do too, I’ll post if there is any news about this. They got say they may remake MSN1 in a better engine(prob krkr) once quite some time ago(in an unofficial post that someone asked) but there is no official news about this so I think they didn’t really plan anything about this yet.

6 02 2014

I’m a big fan of Prince Maker Braveness and your team’s translation helps me to enjoy the wonderful world of it 😉 . But it’s already 2014 and I wish they would reconsider to let your team to translate it T-T cuz 2 years have passed and still no English translation of Prince Maker 3…

9 02 2014

Hi, I’m glad to hear there still are fans waiting for the translation. ^^
I did not hear any news that they’re translating the game yet. After Time to Star(and after they finish all the forum activity and fanbook and stuff about it), they’re probably focus working on the other Prince Maker game(which they were working at the same time as Time to Star). The creators said they are in Japan for resource taking, not sure if they’re back yet.

17 02 2014

Ahhh, I only found out about Prince Maker a few months ago and the Braveness translation almost religiously. It’s sad to hear that there were likely never be an English translation for the 3rd game, especially since it looks so much bigger than the second one! :c
Thank you a whole bunch for all the hard work that must have gone into translating the second game though!

17 02 2014

Thank you for the kind words and glad you like the game which I really enjoy.

22 10 2014

Why dont just translate the game without permission.A lot of visual novels and otome translate a game without the comapany permission.

31 10 2014

It’s a free game so I would like to respect the author. Plus, they said they’re going to translate it themselves.

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