Other raising games I found

12 06 2014

>Hi, I’ll be introducing some other Princess Maker like raising games that I found, thought you guys may like it. I personally did not play the game since they are commercial but I’ll introduce the story a bit and put out the trailer.

The first one is Lairland(weird name, more like Lan Island if translated directly) and it is made by Chinese company that includes Japanese voice acting(a lot like this), even Prince Maker 3 will add Japanese voice acting soon. The story is that the main chara(guy) met a girl at a church that has mysterious powers. He witness the girl using her powers “Rain of Light” to rain down and stop a war. But she lost her memories after that. He brought her back to the city and took care of her and raise her. Weird, sounds like a pervert or something XD Anyway, the game is probably a man’s dream as you can marry all 5 girls aka. Harem ending. The art looks really nice though.

The 2nd one is NeveRossa(OMG a Cantonese OP song and rather bad singing ^^;, which means this is probably a Hong Kong made game?)Your main char is an odd job guy(actually this guy has a nickname called “1000 professions guy” or something) raising a Goddess in 1000 days, probably can romance the other girls in the city as well cause they’ll always ask for your help to do this and that), it seems this game incorporates 3D gameplay as well:

(Oh, it seems WordPress auto show youtube videos now! I got see a bit of NeveRossa demon end and it seems like a game with really good storyline writing)