Time to Star II not so review “review”

15 11 2014

So, it seems I never get to continue play TTS 2 even until now after the beta so long so I might as well write my thoughts about it now. I’ve forgotten a lot of things already actually so this will be a short one without any pictures. I also haven’t checked much about any new updates about the remake of Prince Maker I Endless.

There was a rather big bug during the beta that hinder my play that time. I was using an old pc with WinXP. Things are laggy like animation of characters which I suspect is rather heavy cause it uses 3D-esque movement effect for the main boy characters that you can woo. Those are still bearable as they just stutter. The worst is the map which hinder my clicking(I have reflected this problem and has been fixed although I didn’t really play it after that).

Anyone played a lot of visual novels? How popular is the 3D-esque avatar movement effect in visual novels? This is the first time I saw it in visual novels. But I don’t really play much visual novels. (The last time I saw this kind of effect is from a Tactical RPG called Agarest Zero and also from a weird paper doll Hijikata fan game). To be honest, these kind of movement is a little weird that sometimes feels like jelly but it does improve from static avatars to moving ones with decreased effort compared to traditional animation.

So, the most prominent thing that got stuck in my mind when I first play the game is that you can choose to be long hair or short hair XDD You’ll start off with a interview session after your first breakthrough which you pick a series of answers that determine your ‘stats’ and focus stuff like other normal stat or even RPG games.

This time, you are a fair golden hair lady with green eyes. IMO, your manager seems to have zombie eyes(The others also has eyes like this but I think your manager looks more like the undead cause his colour palette is more greyish colour). I like him the most though. Heard this childhood friend compared to TTS1 is very hard to woo. Also, if you follow a lot of the newspaper and blog events. You’ll find that it’s very easy to find the punk guy with purple red hair and clear his first two location meeting requirements.

The system plays a bit differently from TTS 1, if I remember correctly, you can accept any notices although there is a recommended value stated. You’ll not do a good job if those values are low. And if you want to do a good job, the value have to be a whole lot higher than the recommended value.

Also, the angel and demon rating is BACK. I’m not really sure what is the effect yet though.

Overall(Overall already?!), TTS 2 is a big improvement from TTS 1 in terms of graphics. Tons of clothes and hairstyles to change. It is a bit more tricky to woo the characters where you have to know what they like. Oh, there are 10 characters in total to woo which is a little more than TTS 1.