==Installation Tutorial for Windows XP==
==P1: Play Chinese Games with Machine Translation Guide==
==P2: Play Chinese Games with Online Translation Tools== 

Read here for information about the other Prince Maker games.

Prince Maker 2 Braveness (English Translated Now)
Prince Maker 2-Origin(Prequel)
Prince Maker 3 Renascence
Prince Maker 3-Don’t Forget the Starry Sky(Prequel)

==Prince Maker 3 Specials and Minigames==
Sepcial 1: Freedom Days Aleno [Thanksgiving Special]
Special 2: The Valentine Disaster of Three Realm Kingdom

==Prince Maker 2 Specials and Minigames==
Prince Maker 2 – One Day Prince Maker
Prince Maker 2 – Ares Birthday Special
Prince Maker 2 – Ares Birthday Flash by 大石头

Other AVG Games

10 responses

5 03 2014

Really enjoying Prince Maker Braveness. Thank you for translating this game. Do you have a link to download Prince Maker: Endless?

5 03 2014

Yes, it’s in Alfagame forum:
It’s the link with baidu in it.
Then, you tick the checkbox beside “princemakerenless.rar” and click the button called “下载” to download

15 04 2014

The Prince Maker Endless it’s not english

16 04 2014

Yes, not English. Actually, nothing else is English now other than Braveness.

3 05 2014

I was playing the Human love interest path but when the time comes for
her to visit my Prince it always got hang….why is that??
and Where can i find Yvette for the 3rd time?

3 05 2014

It’s hard to fix if there is no error message. So I’m not sure what the problem about hanging. The guide says you meet her at Mediham for the 3rd time.

4 05 2014

I tried to go to Mediham, when he’s17 for the 3rd time encounter but I didn’t encounter Yvette….:(

4 05 2014

There must have some requirements. Unfortunately I don’t have the data on hands now to check.

28 02 2016

So as it stands Braveness is still the only translated one?

5 03 2016


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