MSN2 Reupload

10 10 2016

Hi sorry for the so many requests of reupload! I rarely check this wordpress (I just randomly check after some weeks or even a month or 2) so sometimes it’ll be long time before I read comments. I reactivate the 4shared account a few times but every time I went on it still need me to reactivate(said going to be deleted) and in the end it still deleted my whole acc :/

I’ve reupload here:

Remember to get the patch file from the original dl post

As for what I’m doing now. I haven’t played games for more than 7 months!(Break record!!) I’m now fully into the Addicted/YuZhou fandom and has been translating videos, fanarts and stuff for it since then. So has been out of the loop about games and stuff. ^^; These had never happened before so I’m now officially crazy addicted. If anyone reading this is in the fandom please talk to cray cray me 😛

I just went to alfagame’s forum to take a look if there’s any updates about games. It seemed there’s not much important update after the release of TTS2 iOS version. MSN1 remake still no official news there. I haven’t checked their weibo so not sure if there’s anything else.