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30 07 2010

Note: I still remember someone ask me about Stats Guide for Braveness Endings. I’ve done it long time ago actually(a few days after someone ask) but I won’t post it until we’ve released the translated game. I’ve posted a Chinese version in Alfagame forum(need register to see)


I haven’t post any download yet but I’ll post some of the bare bones translation so that people can play. No chatting translation here.

Seriously I hate to post pictures in wordpress 😦 It is really irritating because I cannot post full size pictures and I really cannot understand the Media attaching procedure, I just use the direct link to post the pictures. I used so much time to tweak the pictures in the MSN3 News post.

I’ll mostly post text. The idea is I post the Chinese text with the translation and you do the word hunting and matching. Simple right? Only special screens that are hard to pinpoint where it is I’ll post a picture for reference. Oh, another thing. I probably won’t do direct translation sometimes. Example, 开启旅程 means “Start Journey” and 回忆旅程 means “Rethink/Recall Journey” but I’ll just say Start Game, Load Game… Also, there are some words that are in Traditional Chinese especially those image words but I use Simplified Chinese to type, I follow order so it shouldn’t be too hard to guess. Also, try use google translate for those that haven’t translated. Those are my personal game notes.
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MSN3 Review(kind of)

27 07 2010

I’m not a good reviewer. I’m biased mostly so this is actually my comments and experiences. I’m also not good at playing simulation games or visual games in general actually.

Right now, it is open beta. Meaning, it is still bug reporting phase(and lots of it, I found some too), patch is issued a few times everyday. It is also prohibited to share the download right now. Only after 31 July can it be shared around. I’ll post the download in this blog.

I’ve only finished 1 round(ya, I play really slow). My first ending is Holy Knight. Probably because my Magic and Strength both are 999… Did not get any romance ending, not sure if there is main storyline ending yet.

Features/Good Points(that are not mentioned previously):
1. Random Number Generator – Now each time you play you’ll start off with different value for each stats. Of course, it also depends on what constellation you have. Like Gemini(default) will have high magic stats. Example: You’ll randomly get any number from 140-180(estimate) Magic at the start. Just that you won’t get absolute same number each time you start a new game. So if you get good stats, be sure to save before you start doing anything.

2. Really nice music… OP: Sofesia & ED: Leviria. Leviria sound a bit like Sofesia but a gentler version.

3. Eye colour changing “son”. This trait is actually quite amusing but pretty easy to do(make your son change eye colour/personality). The gold eyes is the gentler/cute one. Red eyes is more rude and aggressive. You’ll be given choice to go the golden path or red path at the start. Each will have different likes and dislikes.

4. I think this game is simpler to play(I mean in terms of getting reputation, and endings). Even I can get a good ending at first try. Maybe part 2 will be more complex. Getting story/relationship endings still very hard, need to try a lot like always. You don’t get to buy a lot of type of items in this game so not so many place to go in the city. There is no weapons/armour. Only 3 types of competitions.

5. Dual schedule(kind of). You and your son’s schedule is separate. Your schedule don’t have so many options of course. You have 4. Follow, Work, Rest and Teach(you cannot select this). You are a money tree XD That’s why I said this game is simpler. You can earn money easier.

6. Adventure is important just like MSN2. Storylines are mostly hidden there.

7. Random months. There are a lot of types. Travelling month, harvest month, learning month, special price cut month, city defend month, etc. just to name a few. There are special things during the month like learning month you get half price for studying.

8. Dual relationship endings. I didn’t get any of course but judging from the diary system where you’ll keep different diary commenting different people. Yourself have 5 diaries(wow)(Note,: your son has another separate diary). Yourself, son, Edea, Himi, Lonalia(not sure of English name). You’ll be taking notes/comments about them especially if you progress any storyline about them. This is a great place to come back if you forget what are the next new year’s fest requirements.(You’ll be given a requirement like 300 Magic(random) to be able to attend next new year’s fest) New Year fest means storyline.

I think that’s all for today. It’s just a first impression thought. I didn’t talk about a lot of things. It is a great game to play.

Renascence release date(Correction)

19 07 2010

Renascence will be out this Thursday(22/7) Sunday. (Sorry) Saturday (…;;)
Other than that, please go to to listen to Sleeping Chapter main theme(very nice).
Pics of Himi:

Renascence(MSN3) News

11 07 2010

1st, there is a comment that has gone missing just now(I think). I’m not really sure what happened. I click approve and my internet was cut off. I close Opera with that site on to restart my pc. It might have refresh the page or something when I open it again. I’ve read the message and it’s to cheer us on. I’m really sorry and thank you very much. This is a reply to that disappeared post that says hoping to come out before summer ends(?): Braveness will only be out after Renascence come out because we have asked a favour from alfagame, so she’ll help us with the game compiling after finishing Renascence.
Actually, there has been a lot of news about the game in the alfagame main forum. Most of them about the development of the game. I have been a bit reluctant to post info everytime anything is announced because this site is mainly about Braveness translation and I don’t know if we will translate it or not. I have applied permission to post any news that they have here though. I’m pretty sure you guys are wondering how it is so far so I’ll give a rundown on some important features.

1st, Renascence will be in 2 parts since it has become a very big game. The 1st part is almost out according to alfagame. I can’t say how long since it is not announced but it should be sometime this year since they(alfagame) will not release any game development news and pictures anymore.

The source you can’t see anything because you need to log in and reply to that post. You can see pictures that are probably not posted here since I’m doing a summary. Click to see bigger picture.

::Jan News::

New Eden has 5 big continents. Different continents has different monsters and treasures, also there are exciting adventure events waiting for you to be discovered.
Caption: Adventure System

In New Eden, every race has different celebrations, celebrations will always have lucky draws. Do you wish to draw out the big prize that you always wanted?
Caption: Lucky Draw Guy

Caption: Get all same faces of Baiyu to win prize.

Candidates will join different competitions at different times.(Sparring competitions, art/writing competitions, decorum competitions) In these competitions, to make main chara to stand out, players must score in different types of mini games to get the upper hand.

Decorum competition:

Caption: Player must press the right arrow shown before it disappears to get marks.

Opening PV was also released in this news, please see this post for the PV:

More pictures after cut!!(Click below)
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