Help? & I talked a lot about “Opps! My Prince” in the end

26 06 2012

Can someone go and fix the Prince Maker Braveness page at VNDB and post a reply to TVTropes if you have an account there?

I don’t know what is wrong with the site and it is really frustrating. I tried to register VNDB and did not get a registration email. I tried to register again and it said cannot register within the same IP in 24 hours. TVTropes you need to wait 24 hours to post after register ;_; It’s very discouraging when both sites do this to me. So to do anything I have to wait for more than 1 day.

TVTropes page:

VNDB page:

There is some serious misinformed information and from that post I realized it is quite serious misconception.
1. Alfagame is NOT a company. They don’t sell any games. They have their own work or some new members still study.

I’m not even sure they are amateur game group or not, not sure how the term is used because I saw that games sold commercially but small like “Oops! My Prince” is considered an amateur game. Btw, if you know Korean and like BL, you can play “Oops! My Prince”. I don’t know how you can buy the game legally as their official site is down and I search around and there is no new site or anything. There’s an English walkthrough if you still want to play it even though you don’t know Korean. It is a raising sim game where you raise a boy to marry the guys(a totally BL game). I did not play the game and probably won’t play it as I don’t play commercial visual novels at all(I’m a cheapskate and I mostly play free games only but I always look at pictures and videos of various games though) but the art looks nice and I heard it is a very funny game:

Uhh, we get back to topic…
2. All of their games are free.
3. All the prequels, sequels and minigames etc. are all out and available for download at the download category above. They can seriously release games without fail every year and gives previews of games every few months. They are a respectable bunch unlike me who gets tired of stuff easily and a lot of abandoned projects.
4. The itself is blank page. But the domain is working fine. People just go straight to the forum and not itself:


MSN3 prequel – Don’t Forget the Starry Sky

4 06 2012

I’m feeling very pressured because my class starts tomorrow and I have my reasons for it. I need some distraction while I wait for the inevitable tomorrow so I decide to write something. Also, please check back the last post always especially if you’ve encounter bugs as I might have a new patch for MSN2 that fix it.

I’ve known this a few months ago but now I can’t find the post anymore. It’s a pity because I saw a very pretty CG. I think they announced two games in the post that I can’t find now. Last time I saw was called MSN alpha. I think it’s supposed to be the next big game and not this prequel. The MSN alpha is about the very starting of all MSN world, which is the prequel of all prequels? It’ll probably be an RPG but it’s still not fixed yet. But this MSN3 prequel will be out soon at 5th Oct. Free game like usual. Like previous MSN2 prequel(Origin), it is a special type of RPG. I love their RPG, Origin was so fun to play and quite interesting compared to traditional RPG because they always incorporate some kind of strategy into their RPG. Actually, the author like RPG more than Sim Raising game. This Starry Sky MSN3 prequel is about some small characters in MSN3 and don’t have much to do with MSN3. Like looking through the world through the small characters. The prequel is suppose to round up the leftover world concept of MSN3.

Btw, alfagame is not a company. If I’m not wrong, they started out as a club in their university like almost 10 years ago? They all have their own jobs now(some work in the game industry, I’ve gone to ask them last time) or some new members are still students and they have never sell any games before. There’s a big lengthy post in the forum about why they did not sell their games and the criticism they get from friends and family for doing games free. They got sell some merchandise like the MSN3 Music CD and the commemorative booklet because a survey indicated players wanted it and include a lot of merchandise in the package which is like a nice collection rather than for profit. They also do contests every now and then to win some small prizes which is very nice(I won a MSN3 postcard last time and the person who won the Leviria singing contest got her singing put in the music cd). Not sure in the future they’ll sell any games or not but currently they have not planned to.

MSN3 prequel info. You need to log in and post a comment to view some of the pictures/info:

You can download a swf flash recording of the gameplay here, need to post to see:

A sample of Prince Maker Alpha game music, as always Mouse is very good at creating nice music:

I’m kind of lazy posting pictures, I’ll post them when the game is out. The design look like MSN3. The announcement date for the game is 5th October this year.