Ares x Lyle Doujin Fanbook

10 01 2013

U guys can look at the comic pages here(drawn really well by the person who draw the wallpaper last time):

If anyone really want to buy, u can ask me for more details.


MSN History Timeline

30 09 2012

From here:
Additional info here(need to reply to view som part of the post):

For people interested in the background story and MSN 1.
This may clear up some confusion or maybe increase more confusion. This list is made quite some time ago, there are stuff that may have been corrected in new MSN game releases … meaning it may be outdated or wrong in some parts. So it’s not foolproof. This list is made by a game member and edited by a player later. If not wrong, this info is what included in the MSN2 commemorative booklet.

I also omitted MSN3 timeline because of MSN3 spoiler.
And please finish the main story of MSN2 before reading this as it is spoiler for MSN2.
Under cut.
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MSN Fanart/Fan Video

12 09 2012

You can see a lot of them here:

But a lot of them need to be registered/reply to post to see.
If you see a dotted box with a lock and words: 本帖隐藏的内容需要回复才可以浏览, you need to reply to that post
If you see a dotted box with a lock and words: 以下内容需要积分高于 10 才可浏览, you need reputation 10 which you’ll get after registering

The person who drew the wallpaper fanart a few posts back has a few great fanart posts, she goes by the name 靄羅 but other than the wallpaper post, the others need to be registered to see but they are really great posts with all kinds of expression faces of Baiyu and Aleno for some kind of RPG setting. The chocolate armor demon king Aleno makes me laugh(made by his butler Kaylen(克里恩 goes with this name in the end)).

Also, there are some at tumblr:

Actually, there are a few fan AMV video, they are great artists so are considered fanart slideshow also, I’ll link to those I know(mostly Kaylen(克里恩) centered):
Kaylen at first Caramelldansen then Aleno laugh at him saying it’s not exercise dance, he started to dance some other song with pretty crazy moves, this is very funny.

24 hours Convenince Store – Talk about Kaylen using his personal time after Aleno sleeps

Kaylen always pretends to be dead when I came home

Look At Me – Talk about Kaylen’s feelings when he found out Aleno likes Simon. He wanted to leave but couldn’t because he have no courage to do so.

Aleno Simon & Kaylen’s story(based on Freedom Days Aleno)- SPOILER

Alfagame 7 years anniversary game list slideshow/video

29 07 2012

Alfagame released this 7 years anniversary video which is a slideshow showing all the games they make over the years (the bigger ones), they didn’t list some of the minigames(without story) :< It is actually a video foretelling the release of MSN3 prequel "Don't forget the Starry Sky" at the end of the video. So yeah, it'll be out during the next holiday in October(in China).

Also, this is released quite some days ago but I was a bit pissed(or probably lazy) to find out that vodpod videos and vodpod widgets are gone so I didn't managed to post it(I'm always like that and only post something a few days later). Which I later found out that it was acquired by Lokerz. So now I can't embed youku or any China based video sites. If you're interested you can click on the link to see. It also shows a picture of Endless that you guys are so curious about.
Awesome music by Mouse as usual.

There is a special event at Alfagame forum where they’re requesting for comments or anecdote about their games. Which basically people give how they get to know the game, how they feel about the games etc. You can also see some preview and info about the MSN3 prequel.

Still lost on how to get Emperor of Three Realms ending?

8 07 2012

Sanae created a month by month guide to get the Emperor of Three Realms ending and how to marry the caretaker. Check it out.
It is in three parts:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Help? & I talked a lot about “Opps! My Prince” in the end

26 06 2012

Can someone go and fix the Prince Maker Braveness page at VNDB and post a reply to TVTropes if you have an account there?

I don’t know what is wrong with the site and it is really frustrating. I tried to register VNDB and did not get a registration email. I tried to register again and it said cannot register within the same IP in 24 hours. TVTropes you need to wait 24 hours to post after register ;_; It’s very discouraging when both sites do this to me. So to do anything I have to wait for more than 1 day.

TVTropes page:

VNDB page:

There is some serious misinformed information and from that post I realized it is quite serious misconception.
1. Alfagame is NOT a company. They don’t sell any games. They have their own work or some new members still study.

I’m not even sure they are amateur game group or not, not sure how the term is used because I saw that games sold commercially but small like “Oops! My Prince” is considered an amateur game. Btw, if you know Korean and like BL, you can play “Oops! My Prince”. I don’t know how you can buy the game legally as their official site is down and I search around and there is no new site or anything. There’s an English walkthrough if you still want to play it even though you don’t know Korean. It is a raising sim game where you raise a boy to marry the guys(a totally BL game). I did not play the game and probably won’t play it as I don’t play commercial visual novels at all(I’m a cheapskate and I mostly play free games only but I always look at pictures and videos of various games though) but the art looks nice and I heard it is a very funny game:

Uhh, we get back to topic…
2. All of their games are free.
3. All the prequels, sequels and minigames etc. are all out and available for download at the download category above. They can seriously release games without fail every year and gives previews of games every few months. They are a respectable bunch unlike me who gets tired of stuff easily and a lot of abandoned projects.
4. The itself is blank page. But the domain is working fine. People just go straight to the forum and not itself:

It is here! Translated Prince Maker Braveness Download

30 05 2012

I got the green light from the game author just now(Sent a copy to them for approval first).

Firstly, as thanks to the people who translated the game(actually, it’s me who wanted it, I’m always happy to read comments about stuff I like), I would appreciate if you could leave a comment telling what you think of the game after you finished the main story(well, you can leave one even if you don’t but I think the best part is the storyline. I love the storyline and the world concept. It’s like watching a thrilling drama. I’m a gourmet for stories.). What to comment? Maybe what do you think of the game? Is it as good as you think? Is it hard?(I think it’s a very hard game and I really have to follow a guide to play, MSN3 is much easier but some people have no problems). Maybe something interesting you find about the game.

Lastly, even though I did not credit individually in the game but thanks a lot to everyone who helped in the translation of the game. Because of you guys this translated game can be released. I’ll list those that I remember.
Unpacker and Project Starter: LittleAngel
Unpacker/Packer/Coder: Ash
Quality Checker: Alicia, K’, Celine, Ash, Mayukkg
Picture,Flash Editor & the one who create the wordpress site: ovo_kinder
Game Language Editor & someone I beg for help in the forum who suggested the gemot forum to me: debono9
Testers: K’, debono9, Aletea, Taco, Se, zerocat18, Kami, AmazinglyVivid
Wordpress Supporter: Mikan (I have to add you :D)
Asked the original author and her sidekick for help: Kinfox, wait
My friend who introduce this game to me during 2005(?)(Not sure): Satose
Screenshots in this post thanks to: Taco

Hi, please read this post too for some summary and more images. It also has the full descripton of the game including OS requirements.
OS Requirements:
Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Win7
366MHz Speed
128MB Memory
800×600 Resolution
4MB Graphics Card
300MB Hard Disk

Plot Script:金狐狸,o.o
Art:青汐,穆颜 ,wait,suejun,o.o,暗灵,meiyou,水界
Music Arranging: 金狐狸
Special Thanks:
good friend nanee,点心,yindy for the friendship support
and doujin planet bbs for providing space
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