Star Road (Otome Star Raising Sim Game)

12 05 2013

Hi guys, alfagame has announced a new game yesterday. It is an Otome Star raising game: “Star Road”. This game is actually a game conceived from 8 years ago but they lacked the coding skills and too many characters which resulted in a mess of unfinished product.

Now, she took it out to remake it. All the art resources is retained from the old resources. Because she is using old resources, the game will be in a more traditional raising sim format, with no big features like clothes changing or lots of items(says so from the author). But from what I see, it is a very complex game. There will be a lot of minigames in the form of tv gameshow.

This game’s announcement system(tabloid headlines newspapers will show on screen with news about the actor characters in game) will be like Stardom2(an old star raising windows game from 1998 from a Taiwan company). If you are interested in how the game look like you can search “明星志愿2” in google images, you can’t find anything if you search the English name(Stardom2). The Stardom series is: Stardom, Stardom2000(Stardom2), Stardom3 and Stardom3-Happiness.

They will release screenshoots everyday so stay tuned. I won’t post screenshots here this time as they’ll keep adding in. You can follow it here(no need to register):