About MSN3 translation

30 10 2012

I’m sorry to say but I have to cancel MSN3 translation because the author has finally confirmed the rejection of my offer today. I have been waiting for about 2 months since I started asking and she said she has to ask the other members with no reply after a long time so I ask them about it again yesterday. Actually, we haven’t started much and has stopped working on this once I didn’t get any ‘ok’ from them when I ask them 2 months ago.

They said they want to handle the English or Japanese translation by themselves because they think it’s too big a project and a lot of things need to be translated from the core.

Right now there is no public announcement from them if they’re going to translate MSN3 to English. They seem to be tied up with making new games. I’ll update if there is any news. Sorry for wasting your time if you have applied for the recruitment.

Oh! Our Great Empire Online Game!!

6 10 2012

This will be the next game Alfagame will release.

I have difficulty translating the title of the game…: 壯哉! 我大天朝网游!!
壯哉! is a majestic exclamation that is rarely used. I couldn’t find a word that is similar so I just use Oh!
天朝 is actually a term that the China netizens recently like to use to refer to China(mostly I see they refer to themselves) as a mockery or sarcastic term which is the meaning of “Empire” to mean China is still ancient and backwards.
网游 refers to Online Game in general but normally it points to the RPG type: MMORPG

The creator created this game to vent about the game making industry…in China.
From the pictures she posted in weibo, it seems to be you are a game investor and will be hiring workers(with different capability) and investing on different types of categories(RPG, FPS, visual novels etc…). It is a stat & money management of a game making company. I think it will be somewhat of an arcade game that goes on and on maybe until you bankrupt because it has a ‘highest record’ at the main menu.

See pictures here, no need to register:

The second screenshoot is about a project title and you have investment points that can be put into different categories like you’re making a Princess Maker project game for example and you have RPG, cultivation, music, social, racing, strategy, competition, action, FPS, gamble as categories to put your investment points in.

The last screenshoot is hiring workers. Shown there is a fresh graduate and show contract money(50 thousand) his evaluation by HR(not sure what is HR, maybe lecturer) which is he seems to want quick promotion, his stats(planning, coding, art, music all 30), his comment which is to make the best game.