Related Games in the Series

12 01 2010

::Prince Maker Endless::
The 1st Prince Maker they made, even though Braveness is the continuation of Prince Maker Endless but Braveness can be played without it. The character in Braveness is the same design as Endless so it is considered more of an upgrade(but the character is considered the Emperor of Three Realms before Braveness if you get what I mean)

::Prince Maker Braveness::
For this game, the head has recruited talented people in their own department(arts, music, plot writing) to get a higher quality game.

::Braveness Special: 1 Day MSN:: (Minigame)
MSN means young and pretty boy in Chinese(short form) which is bishounen if you’re more familiar with the term. This game is really interesting and cute. Talks about the day before new year and you have to run around New Eden to talk/bite/kiss/etc. people and npc to get their favour and get a date for the new year dance. Very interesting game.

::Braveness Special : Ares Story:: (Spinoff)
RPG Maker XP game. Just a normal RPG game. More like a spinoff based on the story I think but gives you some more story information to the Braveness game.

::Braveness Special : Ares Birthday flash game by BigStone:: (Minigame)
Because it’s good, his flash minigame has been released as an official one. Very fun game. Talks about you the player is sucked into the Prince Maker world and have to prepare a birthday cake for Ares.

::Braveness Special: Ares Birthday:: (Minigame)
This minigame is about hitting the enemies that pops up with a mallet, if you win that level you get some kind of ending, for me it’s very hard and didn’t get to finish -A-

::Braveness: Prince Maker Braveness .Origin::
This is the prequel of Braveness and talks about the life you’ve gone through in the Demon Realm before you go to the Human Realm. This game is not a simulation but a special kind of RPG, but also more to visual novel, but still taking care of a kid, can you guess who the kid is? Definitely a refreshing game and highly recommended by me to play.

::Prince Maker III Renascence::
The story continues after Braveness. It follows the storyline where Dean become Emperor of Three Realms, the kid you raised become the Human King. In this game, you are a teacher and the caretaker of the Deity kid. It seems that he has double personality. From the pictures and music released, it looks very exciting!

::Renascence Special 1: Freedom Days Aleno::
The story is about a Deity called “Aleno”, because of some reason, he/she left his/her hometown and lived in the Three Realm Kingdom for 10 years. After 10 years, he/she went back to his/her hometown. This game is about some stories happening in his/her hometown at that time. And these stories is what lead him/her to a different direction in the future. And this Aleno, later became the main character and the caretaker in Prince Maker 3.

::Renascence Special 2: The Valentine Disaster of Three Realm Kingdom::
The Valentine Goddess needs your help! Click on two person with same sex to get Gmarks, click on two person different sex to get Love marks. There are 3 modes, first one is Normal mode, CheckPoint Mode(you have to fulfill certain condition on each level), Time Attack Mode

::Renascence Prequel: Don’t Forget the Starry Sky::
To be added later when I played it…

Opening Video in English

12 01 2010

Translation Status In More Detail

12 01 2010

*updated 14 June 2010
Rechecking and Rearrange are together, currently finished 22/104 scripts.

Unfortunately, I can do nothing to help my re-checker because she said the Chinese words help her(which helped me also when I do checking) and rearrange also cannot be done without her checking so this is the fastest(2-3 script every week) as she is the only one checking.

Due to some problems, recheck has been stalled for some time until the last update (28 March).
I’m personally very busy now. When I have my holiday I’ll help my re-checker arrange this so that this can finish faster.

Main Translation

The main translation that go over script the first time, mostly lots of errors and need checking because some of the terms are translated different(but same meaning) in different places of the script either because I’ve forgotten over time or I was being indecisive about some plural and singular terms like using a Deity or just Deities.

As you can see, the translation is finish.

jieju.ks – Ending (done)

jiejuchuxian.ks – Ending 2 that branch out more about pairing ending and how well you do your job (done)

aresjuqing.ks – Ares plot (the vague translation all written on paper already)

Rechecking Translation

Moving on now…

I’ve rechecked this a bit over time. This section includes finding lines that may have missed my eyes when translating and deleting all the Chinese text that I’ve left it at the side when translating.

Rearrange lines

Because in a visual novel game, there is a limit to how much text can each line contain so have to reformat/reorder the lines.  The about characters per line is 30 letters. Currently doing with checking together.

Prince Maker Braveness Introduction

10 01 2010

Prince Maker Braveness is a raising simulation + visual novel adventure game (SVG+AVG game). This game is very much similar to the Princess Maker series but it incorporates more in depth storyline into it. This game is free for download in the Alfagame forum(Have to register). We’re trying to have this game translated into English so friends and fans could play it and understand the story. I’ve personally asked permission from the head of the game to translate this to English but I’m not sure if she remembers because and she remembers! even though it’s so long ago(June 2008) and I have never updated them anything after that. I have recently updated them.

The story is set in a world called New Eden. There are 3 tribes living in that world, Deities, Humans and Demons(Even though they have the same characteristics of our views about deities, humans and demons, but they view each other as a type of race). They found a new land and all 3 wanted it so they end up with an agreement that they each raise a child and if they’re very capable in all aspects they’ll be Emperor of the Three Realms and the land will be governed by that tribe for the next 50 years. After the 50 years are over, another Emperor will be chosen… Why only 50 years? What is the dark secret about the role of the Emperor of Three Realms?

You’re a demon with a past who came to the human land to interview to be the caretaker of the human kid who is the candidate to be the Emperor of Three Realms. The characteristics of the tribes are, Deities are good in arts and dancing and other art related stuff. Demons are good in combat. Human is the weakest of all tribes but they’re intelligent. You got the job and every year you’ll get wages. The kid calls you brother or sister(whatever gender you pick). The story is very deep and I’ve only touched the surface, you’ll find yourself surprised by the ending! I know I do. You can do a lot of stuff actually, study, go explore(and an rpg type of interface will occur where you’ll battle monsters n stuff), work, visit places, etc. That’s whats good about simulation games ^.^ Watch your kid grow.