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17 04 2012

I’m finish checking through the MSN2 scripts once again so I’m leaving it to the rest.  I may scan through it fast one last time later if needed.

Since I’m done with MSN2, I’m starting to translate MSN3. It has… 343 scripts!! What a monster it is. I’ll inform the author that I’m translating MSN3 when I’ve released MSN2.

Btw, the most popular post I have here is my Ukagaka post surprisingly(Other than Prince Maker stuff). Anyone still playing it? That post is outdated however. There is a better one with more functions called Edited Enhanced 2. I also found a lot of nice Ukagaka to play with over the years. However, I don’t think I can provide download because they have really strict sharing policy and there is one especially:”Can only be spread inside China”(I don’t live in China though, but I think it really means not to be shared in places that are not Chinese). It means I can’t even tell anyone that doesn’t speak Chinese. That Ukagaka is really great one, comparable to the Kikka and Towa so I really want to share…(In the end, I’ll share screenshot of it but it’s up to you guys to find it for download).

But I know why they acted like that. The Ukagaka community is really having a tough time, they are providing it free but people keep doing hateful things like selling it in tabobao(something like eBay), share through emails(I rarely find this in the English community but it is a norm in the Chinese community to share stuff by bulk sending to emails) and not linking to the author’s website. Unfortunately, using Ukagaka without understanding it always lead to a lot of problems and when emailing to ppl, it is just the file without any explanations and when there are problems, ppl rush back to the author’s site to complain, in the end, it is the person who packaged it in the wrong way so it cannot be used. There is one author that got really angry and ceased providing download of her Ukagaka and announced that no one can share it too, She also finish the pairing Ukagaka but only share it with ppl she really trust. This Ukagaka is my favourite one(it’s in the picture too) so it is really sad.

Ukagaka isn’t just a desktop eye candy toy like Shimeji(it crawls around your desktop XD). You can make it into a program launcher, dictionary, learn Japanese, music player etc… some has great RPG system where you go to fight monsters and you have to feed it from time to time, achievements records, some will evolve from seed and grow into something if you keep it on the desktop for long time, some have intricate storyline. I’m surprised that I kept it on my desktop almost everyday and watch it doing it stuff and talk interesting things. Some can be updated too so there are constantly new stuff. Mostly, I kept it small though so that it won’t get in the way when I do things. The new Ukagaka program has a lot of new functions too in the Options part like selecting transparency of balloons, characters separately. It makes things easier rather than dependent on coding.

Hmm? In the end I talk about Ukagaka so much? More than what my topic is supposed to be. If I really share about Ukagaka(I won’t provide download but will tell how to get to the author’s site and how to download), I really hope you guys don’t upload and share it publicly(that can be found using google). Making the authors angry means no good stuff to play with anymore. Basically, all of them need to get permission from the author to re-upload and share, so if you don’t know Chinese it’s hard to ask for permission. Some don’t really need permission though like Kikka & Towa since it is a combination of a lot of stuff and a lot of ppl editing, hard to say why.

Ok, this is the screenshot of some of the Ukagaka in the Chinese community that I like(actually there are some more but my screen not enough space to fit all.

Some good Ukagaka

Some good Ukagaka



7 12 2010

Eh, long time no update, checking is still going slowly…

Today I introduce toy or game or multi-use program…
Don’t know what is this? Heard of Flele instead?(more popular in the English community) The Vocaloid mascot music player. Basically flele is made using this engine(SSP) but stripped off almost all of the chatting and character interaction(Other than the KAITO flele, which still has the interaction).

Download newest SSP here: 

Anyway, in my hands now is a enhanced version. From what I found, it should be the ultimate version that includes almost all features that the different people in 伪春菜 Nise-Haruna(Another more commonly called name for Ukagaka for the Chinese community) Chinese community made like music player, games, simulation etc. Some person from here( has collected them and combined them into an enhanced version for the non-geeks like us(I tried to add all the small applications in myself to the bare bones engine but fail, nothing come out)

Now the important thing I want to tell comes, this version also has the simulation system where you can care for her and love will grow. It also has experience points etc.(will explain more below with screenshots)

Another thing is this program is open source hence anyone can modify it. I think it wouldn’t be that hard to make a prince maker version by replacing graphics and changing a bit of text… but still need some thinking reconstruction like what mascot to put for Towa…

Taromati2 featuring Kikka and Towa. This shell has the most vast clothes(shell) to change into(32 clothes!!!) hence the most popular character to use.

Taromati2 Enhanced Version

Taromati2 Enhanced Version

The menu isn’t as simple as this, there are lots of menu items and this is one of them because I want to show the exp, love, money etc menu. There are also secrets where Towa(cat) can change into cat-human.

SIMPLE TUTORIAL: To a non-flele user, you might be lost what to do after you click ssp.exe. Actually, that would need a whole post or maybe more to explain. What I can say is, she’ll start to talk and there will be an input box which you should enter your name, then she’ll ask if you would like to be called name-kun or just name. Then you can double-click anywhere on Kikka that doesn’t have the hand icon to bring up the menu shown in picture(with hand icon, she’ll talk: eg. “It hurts!”) To change the shell(clothes) and other things, you right click on her. The menu should be in English so shouldn’t be much problem.
Flele Tutorial(Cannot follow exactly but can be used as reference):

Lastly, if you have any problems using this I will TRY to help you solve but I don’t know much about this also, so no guarantees. I can only say it works pretty well for me. I use Windows XP SP3. I heard there are some problems using Vista or 7, I saw a fix for menu in Windows 7 but I’m not sure it’s included in this version or not.

Menu Translation(a bit):

◇常用功能(Common Usage) ◇休闲(Relax) ◇游戏(Games) ◇设定(System)
◇播放音乐(MusicPlayer) ◇闹钟(Alarm) ◇截屏(Screenshot)
◇课程表(Class schedule) ◇便条纸(Notes) [添加][Add][颜色][Colour]
◇更换壁纸(Change wallpaper)
◇清空垃圾箱(Empty Recycle Bin)

◇英汉小词典(English-Chinese Word Dictionary)
◇天气预报(Weather Forecast)
◇IP查询(IP Check)
◇谷歌计算机(Google Calculator)

◇没什么事 (Nothing)

————————–橘花养成系统(click to expand/collapse the RPG system)
等级(level)  购买物品(Buy things) 日程安排(Set Daily Schedule)
好感度(like/love meter)


Music Player Options (To access this, click the music player in the menu or double click Towa(cat) without hand cursor, same thing happens)

Taromati2 Music Player

Music Player

Drag and drop mp3 to them(I think it supports other format but not sure, just try)
At first, you’ll only see the Mini音乐播放器—(Mini music player) to bring up the playlist, you need to click ◇播放列表(Display playlist)

Mini音乐播放器—(Mini music player)  ◇关闭(Close)
◇暂停(Pause) ◇ 停止(Stop)  ◇播放列表(Display Playlist)  ◇音量(Volume)
◇模式:列表循环/乱序/普通/单曲循环 ◇歌词卡:ON/OFF(Lyric if have:ON/OFF)
(Mode: Repeat list/Random/Normal/1Song Repeat)

播放列表—(Display playlist) ◇关闭 (Close)
◇添加目录(Add folder) ◇ 添加文件(Add file)
◇另存列表(Save Playlist(as .m3u)  ◇打开列表(Open Playlist) ◇ 清空列表(Clear Playlist)

I personally like this Music Player than using flele.


Full Version(With all the clothes I have and Chat balloon skins):

BareBones version for people who want to see first, only default clothes(other clothes not included) and only default chat balloon skin, fully functional:

I also have other shells(characters) but they don’t have features like this one and don’t have the RPG part. Most of them have only have the default features from the Japanese engine(features seen in KAITO flele).

茶兔和茶鹿(Tea Rabbit and Tea Deer) download(see comments for screenshot):
Original Site: (To download the ukagaka in this page, you must register and log in here)
Chatu & Chalu

Instructions: To install, open ssp.exe and drag cyaucyaka.nar to the characters, they’ll install for you and you can select the new characters in the right click menu. The .nar file is actually a .zip file so you can open them using winrar/winzip and manual install yourself.