About MSN3 translation

30 10 2012

I’m sorry to say but I have to cancel MSN3 translation because the author has finally confirmed the rejection of my offer today. I have been waiting for about 2 months since I started asking and she said she has to ask the other members with no reply after a long time so I ask them about it again yesterday. Actually, we haven’t started much and has stopped working on this once I didn’t get any ‘ok’ from them when I ask them 2 months ago.

They said they want to handle the English or Japanese translation by themselves because they think it’s too big a project and a lot of things need to be translated from the core.

Right now there is no public announcement from them if they’re going to translate MSN3 to English. They seem to be tied up with making new games. I’ll update if there is any news. Sorry for wasting your time if you have applied for the recruitment.

Hi! Not long before the release.

30 05 2012

Hi, it’s pretty much ready. I send it to the author and after she approve it I can post it. Before that, there are some things I want to talk about.

Firstly, I’m not continuing the translation of MSN3 for now unless I get enough people to help, a few translators & maybe someone good at coding and language quality checkers. I envy so much for translation groups that have 40 translators(!) for a project(There is! Well, only in the Chinese translation world probably). They can churn out a lengthy visual novel in 6 months. Not even sure how the head manage so many people. Well, going back to MSN3, it’s not so much of a hiatus as I haven’t really started editing the scripts at all so if other translation groups want to pick it up for translating feel free to do so. Feel free to take the list of terms that was made a while ago too.

Secondly, no credits to people who helped in the game. This is because there are quite a number of people going in and out of this project and honestly I don’t remember all after so many years and I don’t have many of their nicknames(only know their emails)… So to be fair, no one would be mentioned, not even me(Ok, to be honest, it can be done but I’m lazy to check out my ancient emails one by one). I only refer the translation credits back to this site so people can know the latest updates.  Btw, it is 4 years since this project started and I’m not even the person who started this project. In the end, it is a whole lot of work than I thought.

Well, I might translate one of the MSN2 minigames which is less of a work. The game where you Kiss and Bite people to get an ending comes to mind hahaha.

I need game testers for MSN2

17 05 2012

EDIT: I don’t need testers anymore. The game is out so go download already. If there is anything wrong(grammar/typos/errors/etc.) please post a screenshot.

Probably need some after a few days so I post this now.

I need game testers because I’m lazy to play through the whole game and I’m no good at coding to set up checkpoints for testing various parts of the game. I do try to test them but I don’t think I can catch all of those text going out of boxes and other texts that doesn’t position correctly.

1. Need to have free time now to play the game.
2. Doesn’t mind text going out of boxes(especially buttons) and possible errors.
3. Able to take the time to screenshot problem areas and send them to me for fixing and provide patches. (There are a few options on how to do this, one is a hassleless option that you just need to press a key for every screenshot, you don’t even need to explicitly send it to me as I’ll automatically get it, but you need to install dropbox. Other options is you send screenshots to me normally by posting in sticky board or send to me through email)

Please leave a comment if you want to test the game. I’ll contact you through your hidden email for further details. (please don’t post your email in the comment itself)

MSN2 Translation Status

16 05 2012

I guess I have to do everything myself, sigh… Yeah, I’m quite low spirited these days. Need some hugs or something.

I haven’t heard from my last compiler(the real term is unpacker/repacker, I’m using it wrong, so I’ll change to this term in the future) for quite some time so it’s not looking good.

Fortunately, it’s not going hiatus yet. After asking around some random ppl, someone recommended the gemot forum to ask for help. I didn’t managed to post anything there though(I have lurker habit). But after looking through the various posts in the forum, and trying out some tools, I finally know how to extract sources from the game and repack it myself so it can be played. At least I learn something useful and probably easier to do stuff from now on. But I still wanted a programming/coding wiz to help me though. So please contact me if you’re interested in helping. Also need translators/proofreaders for MSN3, hopefully I can get some when MSN2 is released.

It is not the end of my troubles though. The last repacker has done some unfinished coding edits to the scripts. Because she’s the one who had done it, I’m almost clueless so I have to spent some time looking through and understand what she has changed and debug unfinished portions or roll back to original if I can’t figure out. I can’t guarantee there won’t be errors when playing the finished game because of this.

Also, she left some unfinished font assignments. To make my job easier for word wrapping, I change to smaller fonts for dialogues. Hope you guys have good eyes? I think they still look okay for reading. Tricky parts are the buttons and selections. Some are changed to bigger buttons but some aren’t which is a pain because it would not look good to have some buttons with smaller fonts and some with big fonts but all the work to enlarge the buttons would go to waste if I make it small fonts now. I can’t figure out how to change some of the fonts(come out the same font even though I change it…) This will be quite time consuming to fix.

Another thing is I have to reposition all text. The text are not conform inside the text boxes, they are a separate thing. So most of the non-dialogue texts doesn’t position correctly and most go out of boxes. I wish everything works like Unity3D. Although it is for making 3D games, it has good script associations where everything works like a module(like I can make a script for that status bar and it works for all places by drag&drop, and I only have to change it once, MSN2 works like every script has the same piece of script appearing for the money and date bar above for each ‘page’) and adjusting buttons & stuff is easier. Although I don’t think it is easy to crack/extract resources because Unity3D works very differently.

Lastly, now I have to manually do the word wrap by editing line by line so that it word wrap properly inside the dialogue boxes. Probably the most time consuming. It’s very error prone too. I didn’t do the word wrap very pretty though, otherwise I’ll probably be so frustrated that I don’t even want to touch this project again, I’m just roughly trying to make it fit inside boxes. Please excuse me on this, I wish there could be a better way.  Chinese and Japanese use block letters so they are always same amount of characters per line and this program is definitely not friendly for English.

I’m trying to fix a broken web here and I’m not good at it ^^; Hopefully it doesn’t look too bad in the end.

Want to help? Translation skill not needed

26 04 2012

I set up a collaborative document where I post the MSN3 terms. You can edit the document directly and there is a chat bar at the side. You can help casually by looking through the terms and suggesting which term is better for terms that I put a few translation or suggest better translation if you have any. Basically a brainstorming session.

You can also use the term list for the TAHelper plugin to have better translation when playing the game using machine translation. But you need to make it into the right format, it’s not in the right format right now.

No Registration necessary. Just input the password.
–>Click Here to View<–

Pass word input: princemaker3project

I’m just testing out waters here. If it works, it’ll be there until we release MSN3. If it doesn’t work and get spamy, I have to close it down or make it members only.

Happy April Fools!

1 04 2012

Nah, I’m not going to fool you guys. I toyed with the idea but I guess some of you must’ve been pranked badly already. I’m going to give some current screenshots about the game instead.

*Note: What you see might not be the final outcome! We might do changes. Especially the fonts. Yup, still lots of things need to fix.

Great News!

18 03 2012

Great News! I have a compiler now and everything is going on smoothly and he/she has compiled a test-play for me. It works! I’m so happy beyond anything because I was hitting a dead end before and I can’t see what to correct and such without a testing compilation.

There are still a lot of things to work out though as the text don’t fit but it’s progressing fast now, I’m so happy! Love you Ash, K’