MSN3 dlc – Three Realms Character Battle Records

28 03 2012

Ok, I somehow did not notice this until today. This is like a reward extension of  Prince Maker 3. After you patch, you can access it in the extras section page 6 once you unlock them as extra plot.
This is the result of the character popularity battle competition in ALFAgame Forum. Winners are chosen and some forum members participate in the extra plot making.

Please put the patch in your MSN3 folder if you’ve downloaded them.

You probably don’t see much difference if you just started the game. You have to unlock it by playing through the game ONCE. I’ve put a screenshot. The new rewards will be at the 6th page in the rewards section(if you didn’t patch it, there’ll only be 5 pages of rewards)

Extra Page6 in Rewards section

Extra Page6 in Rewards section

Download patch: