Updated Past Current Finds

22 03 2012

I updated this list as a lot of pictures/links are broken, updated current news about the games too.

*Note: I’ll try find the tryout of the full games to provide download here since some of the main sites doesn’t provide the downloads anymore.

Note: Only Chinese Games For Download Here!

You can see past current finds here(new–>old):
::夜雾山::Nightly Fog Mountain:: (Otome Game/Free)

One of the most interesting small games I played(Demo is small but the whole game isn’t). I knew this game for quite a long time but I was waiting for a longer demo. But it seems have to wait until finished.
You are a thousand year Female Demon that has just woken up. You go around a map battling Demons to subdue them and collect more and more male Demons to be your slaves! (Ok, I probably overdone my text.) You battle by finding energy in the body of enemy(erasing parts of the enemy image) and absorb their power. It plays a bit like a fun casual game using the mouse. Anyway, it is kind of like a harem game. XD
Download Demo v0.2 (79mb):

::BLOOD Eye:: (BL+BG/13R/Free)

This is already out in RPGMaker(demo) BUT will be redone in C++.
Gone back to using RPGMaker+RGE. Won’t provide dl link because the game is really really buggy and the patch can’t be dled. Will wait for next update.

::Mystery of the Whiteness Gardenia:: (BL/R18/Commercial)

This will be out in 2012. Probably will be delayed. No news since 2010.
*Click the really small play button below each chara to listen to voice samples
*Love the first op song in the music section

Combine with another post of mine:
There are good Chinese doujin AVG/Assorted games out there but don’t think it’s very widely known as there are no English versions. Here is a list of it, I’ve played these games and think they are really good. Those have to be bought I only played the tryout ones so not going to comment on full game.

Pain & Gain APH doujin game
(BL Game: America x England/R18/Free)
Very cute AVG + teacher/business sim game, click link to site for pictures & download.
Download(64MB)(Patched! Don’t patch again. Must install included font “fzse_gbk.ttf” to “C:/Windows/Fonts”):


+sleeping lily+ Mermaid Princess +
(Otome Game/Commercial)
I play the tryout version(the full version is out already but have to buy) and really love this game. Why? The idea of you trying to figure out the murderer and find the promised person in a period of time on a big ship is really exciting(you saw the murderer and lost your memory). Futhermore, I love all the detective tools(fusion stuff, cleaning stuff, jigsaw pieces of paper, fix items), I don’t like jigsaw though. Quality is really good, the art is very nice.
Download Demo v2.0 (573MB! Worth the dl actually.):
Part1: 4shared||ul.to ———- Part4: 4shared||ul.to
Part2: 4shared||ul.to ———- Part5: 4shared||ul.to
Part3: 4shared||ul.to ———- Part6: 4shared||ul.to
The original website is gone but the coder has a skydrive shared folder that has the Demo game:Skydrive


Luna Bud ~Moon’s Daughter~
(Otome+GL/Free Web DL/Buy CD)
This game is AVG and TAB(Card Battle). Has GL pairings. I love the card battles in this game, for me is quite hard to master but very fun.  It seems that the opposing guy from the enemy kingdom(the one that you always card battle with, this Card Battle is real battle for your country) isn’t part of the pairings, WHY?! He is so hot 😡 Art is nice. Currently only the tryout is out. The full version later have to buy. Full version of game is out to buy. It seems that full web version is free for download. Only the CD version have to buy!
Download(Normal Mode) (268MB Combine all parts.):
Part 1 (91mb): 4shared || Mediafire || ul.to
Part 2 (91mb): 4shared || Mediafire || ul.to
Part 3 (86mb): 4shared || Mediafire || ul.to
How to get Easy Mode: Rename “patch2_easy_mode.xp3” -> “patch2.xp3”
How to get Hard Mode:
Rename “patch2.xp3”

If you find the game too hard and just want to experience AVG/story, you can play Easy Mode. Rename “patch2_easy_mode.xp3” to “patch2.xp3” Be sure to make a backup copy of “patch2.xp3” because that is the Normal Mode patch. I patched the Normal Mode in the download already because the patch has some nice features. Just get rid of “patch2.xp3” if you want to play Hard Mode.

Original DL Thread:http://www.kiru.twmail.cc/forum_rsig/viewthread.php?tid=307



2 responses

19 07 2010

Why WHY are all the game with the hot guys in Chinese or Japanese?!

It makes this English speaker very sad.

Thank God for people like you, huh? Thanks so much for working on Prince Maker. Everything looks amazing!

4 04 2012

I looked at some of these, even downloaded a couple and went: “I can’t read this! :D” while trying to play them anyways. Which is fun, by the way, ’cause I have no idea if I just totally flipped them the bird with a big cheery grin.

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