Sherlock Holmes Gintama

17 07 2013

I’m waiting for this doujin game!! Chapter 1: “Case 1: A Study in Sugar” will be out at August.

I’m a big fan of Gintama(nothing else can describe how awesome this manga/anime)
Not to say I’m a big fan of Sherlock Holmes, but I like mystery and there is a cute Sherlock Holmes doujin I translated before, so I’m always interested in it.

Here are some points I found about the game:
-This game is really pretty and well made from looking at screenshots and videos(yes, the video captured my total interest)
-This game has Gintama ‘essence’ and ‘love'(manage to get all the iconic faces of the characters and feel of the real story(because the story is crack^^)
-surprisingly it has voice actors(in Chinese of course, not something I’m looking forward to in a visual novel, since it is not the most important thing in vn, but I appreciate the efforts and the voice acting is not bad imho, I do look forward to the rest of the voice acting(only 3 ppl now). On another note, I listen to Chinese drama cds of quite a few BL novels. Although all of them are fan-made, there are good ones.)

You can watch the video here(so funny!)(The narrator is Toshi/Watson, and he said it’s the worst first meeting with that guy, he is facing a corpse while licking a lolipop! If want to lick, then lick mayonnaise instead! XDD):
Another video(the serious side of it, love it):

Official website(It is a website, you can click on the words!):

Here is the publicity pic:


Oh! Our Great Empire Online Game!!

6 10 2012

This will be the next game Alfagame will release.

I have difficulty translating the title of the game…: 壯哉! 我大天朝网游!!
壯哉! is a majestic exclamation that is rarely used. I couldn’t find a word that is similar so I just use Oh!
天朝 is actually a term that the China netizens recently like to use to refer to China(mostly I see they refer to themselves) as a mockery or sarcastic term which is the meaning of “Empire” to mean China is still ancient and backwards.
网游 refers to Online Game in general but normally it points to the RPG type: MMORPG

The creator created this game to vent about the game making industry…in China.
From the pictures she posted in weibo, it seems to be you are a game investor and will be hiring workers(with different capability) and investing on different types of categories(RPG, FPS, visual novels etc…). It is a stat & money management of a game making company. I think it will be somewhat of an arcade game that goes on and on maybe until you bankrupt because it has a ‘highest record’ at the main menu.

See pictures here, no need to register:

The second screenshoot is about a project title and you have investment points that can be put into different categories like you’re making a Princess Maker project game for example and you have RPG, cultivation, music, social, racing, strategy, competition, action, FPS, gamble as categories to put your investment points in.

The last screenshoot is hiring workers. Shown there is a fresh graduate and show contract money(50 thousand) his evaluation by HR(not sure what is HR, maybe lecturer) which is he seems to want quick promotion, his stats(planning, coding, art, music all 30), his comment which is to make the best game.

MSN History Timeline

30 09 2012

From here:
Additional info here(need to reply to view som part of the post):

For people interested in the background story and MSN 1.
This may clear up some confusion or maybe increase more confusion. This list is made quite some time ago, there are stuff that may have been corrected in new MSN game releases … meaning it may be outdated or wrong in some parts. So it’s not foolproof. This list is made by a game member and edited by a player later. If not wrong, this info is what included in the MSN2 commemorative booklet.

I also omitted MSN3 timeline because of MSN3 spoiler.
And please finish the main story of MSN2 before reading this as it is spoiler for MSN2.
Under cut.
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Alfagame 7 years anniversary game list slideshow/video

29 07 2012

Alfagame released this 7 years anniversary video which is a slideshow showing all the games they make over the years (the bigger ones), they didn’t list some of the minigames(without story) :< It is actually a video foretelling the release of MSN3 prequel "Don't forget the Starry Sky" at the end of the video. So yeah, it'll be out during the next holiday in October(in China).

Also, this is released quite some days ago but I was a bit pissed(or probably lazy) to find out that vodpod videos and vodpod widgets are gone so I didn't managed to post it(I'm always like that and only post something a few days later). Which I later found out that it was acquired by Lokerz. So now I can't embed youku or any China based video sites. If you're interested you can click on the link to see. It also shows a picture of Endless that you guys are so curious about.
Awesome music by Mouse as usual.

There is a special event at Alfagame forum where they’re requesting for comments or anecdote about their games. Which basically people give how they get to know the game, how they feel about the games etc. You can also see some preview and info about the MSN3 prequel.

MSN3 prequel – Don’t Forget the Starry Sky

4 06 2012

I’m feeling very pressured because my class starts tomorrow and I have my reasons for it. I need some distraction while I wait for the inevitable tomorrow so I decide to write something. Also, please check back the last post always especially if you’ve encounter bugs as I might have a new patch for MSN2 that fix it.

I’ve known this a few months ago but now I can’t find the post anymore. It’s a pity because I saw a very pretty CG. I think they announced two games in the post that I can’t find now. Last time I saw was called MSN alpha. I think it’s supposed to be the next big game and not this prequel. The MSN alpha is about the very starting of all MSN world, which is the prequel of all prequels? It’ll probably be an RPG but it’s still not fixed yet. But this MSN3 prequel will be out soon at 5th Oct. Free game like usual. Like previous MSN2 prequel(Origin), it is a special type of RPG. I love their RPG, Origin was so fun to play and quite interesting compared to traditional RPG because they always incorporate some kind of strategy into their RPG. Actually, the author like RPG more than Sim Raising game. This Starry Sky MSN3 prequel is about some small characters in MSN3 and don’t have much to do with MSN3. Like looking through the world through the small characters. The prequel is suppose to round up the leftover world concept of MSN3.

Btw, alfagame is not a company. If I’m not wrong, they started out as a club in their university like almost 10 years ago? They all have their own jobs now(some work in the game industry, I’ve gone to ask them last time) or some new members are still students and they have never sell any games before. There’s a big lengthy post in the forum about why they did not sell their games and the criticism they get from friends and family for doing games free. They got sell some merchandise like the MSN3 Music CD and the commemorative booklet because a survey indicated players wanted it and include a lot of merchandise in the package which is like a nice collection rather than for profit. They also do contests every now and then to win some small prizes which is very nice(I won a MSN3 postcard last time and the person who won the Leviria singing contest got her singing put in the music cd). Not sure in the future they’ll sell any games or not but currently they have not planned to.

MSN3 prequel info. You need to log in and post a comment to view some of the pictures/info:

You can download a swf flash recording of the gameplay here, need to post to see:

A sample of Prince Maker Alpha game music, as always Mouse is very good at creating nice music:

I’m kind of lazy posting pictures, I’ll post them when the game is out. The design look like MSN3. The announcement date for the game is 5th October this year.

MSN3 Review 2

7 04 2011

I’ll give my final comments before the game is released.
In this ep2 or full version, there are quite a lot of changes on the jobs and extras, Baiyu’s wardrobe has expanded quite a lot too due to the competition. I’m a bit disappointed that some competition clothes didn’t make it into the game.

I give 4 thumbs up(well, my big toes do count) for the main story! It is definitely great and touching. I couldn’t have guessed the story about Baiyu’s split personality and I finally know who is the mystery pretty man(everyone guessed he’s Baiyu’s father since they have white hair but he’s not). Plus, all the other main characters has their own story. It is definitely called Rebirth for something, all characters are “reborn” in the end(even though it is called Renascence, it is actually named Rebirth in the Chinese). It is definitely not easy to get the ultimate ending(which is King of Three Realms). You have to finish player main story, yellow Baiyu main story, red Baiyu main story, after that continuation of Baiyu main story(don’t want to spoil so I didn’t say what kind of continuation), and you definitely want to get relationship ending with Baiyu along with the ultimate ending because only by doing these you can get his relationship ending and you don’t want to go through the whole hassle again.

1. Getting a job is never easier! Ok, it’s not that easy but you don’t have to guess what value to get what ending anymore. You apply for the job once you have enough value that is listed in the Career Firm and Research Institute. After that, you just need to follow instructions in your diary to finish the job application step by step.

2. You can choose your job ending. Say, I finish applying for 5 jobs. At the end, you can choose which job you want. You want to see the ending for the other job you just load your save file to see the other one. Also, if you did not apply for any job, you become jobless no matter how high is your stats. Plus, the more jobs you get, the reward section will reward you with some extra small storyline with CG.

3. Rewards section. This one is the big upgrade from ep1. Extra storyline reward based on what you achieved(kind of like extra goodies). Those with the CG you can’t see in the game. Also got the dressing room where any clothing that you managed to get in any time you play, you can use it in the dressing room.

4. Now in ep2 an indication of what kind of events are announced before the event take place so you know it appear in the event list. A lot of random events also.

5. Some part of working and studying has become useless. Basically your son have this money maker(you!), most people don’t even need to send their son to work. There is also no point in getting to intermediate or higher in studying also since job ending has no connection with that now.

6. Since you don’t need to guess a lot to get an ending, the challenge is to complete it 6 years.It is actually very short and not enough time to get everything(I can say MSN3 has massive things to get). It is a race against time and a test to your management skills.

7. Also, it is worth noting that there is this one relationship ending that you cannot get when playing the first time. But then this game isn’t meant to be played once. You don’t need to do anything in the first play, you just need to play the game once to be able to get the relationship ending.

8. I almost forgot, help system has improved a lot and animated. You have to click the ? to see them. Like me I don’t need because I played ep1 before so they can be skipped which is a great thing.

MSN3 Review(kind of)

27 07 2010

I’m not a good reviewer. I’m biased mostly so this is actually my comments and experiences. I’m also not good at playing simulation games or visual games in general actually.

Right now, it is open beta. Meaning, it is still bug reporting phase(and lots of it, I found some too), patch is issued a few times everyday. It is also prohibited to share the download right now. Only after 31 July can it be shared around. I’ll post the download in this blog.

I’ve only finished 1 round(ya, I play really slow). My first ending is Holy Knight. Probably because my Magic and Strength both are 999… Did not get any romance ending, not sure if there is main storyline ending yet.

Features/Good Points(that are not mentioned previously):
1. Random Number Generator – Now each time you play you’ll start off with different value for each stats. Of course, it also depends on what constellation you have. Like Gemini(default) will have high magic stats. Example: You’ll randomly get any number from 140-180(estimate) Magic at the start. Just that you won’t get absolute same number each time you start a new game. So if you get good stats, be sure to save before you start doing anything.

2. Really nice music… OP: Sofesia & ED: Leviria. Leviria sound a bit like Sofesia but a gentler version.

3. Eye colour changing “son”. This trait is actually quite amusing but pretty easy to do(make your son change eye colour/personality). The gold eyes is the gentler/cute one. Red eyes is more rude and aggressive. You’ll be given choice to go the golden path or red path at the start. Each will have different likes and dislikes.

4. I think this game is simpler to play(I mean in terms of getting reputation, and endings). Even I can get a good ending at first try. Maybe part 2 will be more complex. Getting story/relationship endings still very hard, need to try a lot like always. You don’t get to buy a lot of type of items in this game so not so many place to go in the city. There is no weapons/armour. Only 3 types of competitions.

5. Dual schedule(kind of). You and your son’s schedule is separate. Your schedule don’t have so many options of course. You have 4. Follow, Work, Rest and Teach(you cannot select this). You are a money tree XD That’s why I said this game is simpler. You can earn money easier.

6. Adventure is important just like MSN2. Storylines are mostly hidden there.

7. Random months. There are a lot of types. Travelling month, harvest month, learning month, special price cut month, city defend month, etc. just to name a few. There are special things during the month like learning month you get half price for studying.

8. Dual relationship endings. I didn’t get any of course but judging from the diary system where you’ll keep different diary commenting different people. Yourself have 5 diaries(wow)(Note,: your son has another separate diary). Yourself, son, Edea, Himi, Lonalia(not sure of English name). You’ll be taking notes/comments about them especially if you progress any storyline about them. This is a great place to come back if you forget what are the next new year’s fest requirements.(You’ll be given a requirement like 300 Magic(random) to be able to attend next new year’s fest) New Year fest means storyline.

I think that’s all for today. It’s just a first impression thought. I didn’t talk about a lot of things. It is a great game to play.