Sherlock Holmes Gintama

17 07 2013

I’m waiting for this doujin game!! Chapter 1: “Case 1: A Study in Sugar” will be out at August.

I’m a big fan of Gintama(nothing else can describe how awesome this manga/anime)
Not to say I’m a big fan of Sherlock Holmes, but I like mystery and there is a cute Sherlock Holmes doujin I translated before, so I’m always interested in it.

Here are some points I found about the game:
-This game is really pretty and well made from looking at screenshots and videos(yes, the video captured my total interest)
-This game has Gintama ‘essence’ and ‘love'(manage to get all the iconic faces of the characters and feel of the real story(because the story is crack^^)
-surprisingly it has voice actors(in Chinese of course, not something I’m looking forward to in a visual novel, since it is not the most important thing in vn, but I appreciate the efforts and the voice acting is not bad imho, I do look forward to the rest of the voice acting(only 3 ppl now). On another note, I listen to Chinese drama cds of quite a few BL novels. Although all of them are fan-made, there are good ones.)

You can watch the video here(so funny!)(The narrator is Toshi/Watson, and he said it’s the worst first meeting with that guy, he is facing a corpse while licking a lolipop! If want to lick, then lick mayonnaise instead! XDD):
Another video(the serious side of it, love it):

Official website(It is a website, you can click on the words!):

Here is the publicity pic:



15 07 2013

Hi guys, it is 2 months since I check on anything. Sorry for the many questions posted here not answered. Also, I need to find a new place to upload MSN2, any good suggestions please tell me.

After wadding through weibo and forum. Here are some interesting stuffs I know for sharing.

MSN1 remake is confirmed. In fact, the music for MSN1 has been done, from what I read. The 2 music guys have been staying together to make music for Star Road, they also finished the music for MSN1 remake. You can find pictures of their living conditions ^^; in weibo(I always love to read about their stay together to make the game, sounds really fun).
There is also a video on the process of them making music which is quite interesting. Although it is rather hard for me to watch the video(it is always hard to watch China videos here), but when I finally managed to, the music is really worth it! Sneak peak video here:
I’m lazy to translate what these 2 guys are saying but if any of you are actually interested, leave a msg and I’ll translate. They are discussing about the music whether want this part or not.

Also, here is the Star Road OP or promo video(I cannot watch it T-T, so many times I refresh it):

There are a lot of pictures about Star Road in weibo. I guess the game will probably be done soon in this year!

Also, Kinfox has open a Q&A place where anyone can post any questions which she’ll answer. I’m not sure whether she’ll answer English questions though it is rather interesting to read(like someone ask MSN1 remake or MSN4 will be out first, answer is MSN1 remake):

Anyway, I’m out for now, I actually haven’t finish catching up with a lot of stuff.