MSN3 dlc – Three Realms Character Battle Records

28 03 2012

Ok, I somehow did not notice this until today. This is like a reward extension of  Prince Maker 3. After you patch, you can access it in the extras section page 6 once you unlock them as extra plot.
This is the result of the character popularity battle competition in ALFAgame Forum. Winners are chosen and some forum members participate in the extra plot making.

Please put the patch in your MSN3 folder if you’ve downloaded them.

You probably don’t see much difference if you just started the game. You have to unlock it by playing through the game ONCE. I’ve put a screenshot. The new rewards will be at the 6th page in the rewards section(if you didn’t patch it, there’ll only be 5 pages of rewards)

Extra Page6 in Rewards section

Extra Page6 in Rewards section

Download patch:

Using dropbox to collaborate with game translating

27 03 2012

Dropbox is a must have! I don’t think I can go back to using the old method to collaborate.
Here are some of my ideas on how to collaborate with game translating(or collaborate with anything else-like Game Making). I spend some time researching Dropbox and softwares that can be used with it. Maybe some of you will find it useful.

Any suggestions to improve collaboration is appreciated.

Why is Dropbox good? Lets see the old fashion way. Translator upload files to email, compiler downloads x N times. Or translator have to completely finish all translations before giving to compiler, leaving the compiler with nothing to do, got out of touch and then probably disappear. With Dropbox, the compiler and translator can change the code anytime(some limitations like cannot edit same files together). Since it sync, it’ll be up to date for the compiler to take it for testing. Plus, any problems you can communicate easily with the chat app I listed down there.

– Install Dropbox desktop software. Dropbox integrates to windows explorer like a normal folder.
– Save files that need to be translated in Dropbox folder. We have folders “Chat”(for chat app), “Screenshots”(to communicate if words are hard to do)
– Make the folder a shared folder. Shared the folder with everyone that is in the team.

– Edit the files directly, it’ll sync when you save it. It’ll sync the files with everyone when they open the Dropbox software. You can see the icon changes when it is syncing so pretty handy.
– Any Edits to the file will let everyone on the team receive balloon notifications on what is edited/added/deleted. No screenshot as none of my teammembers are around to help me get a notification now 😀

– There is even an external chat software I found that you can communicate with everyone in the team. Even though it’ll create conflicting copies, but at least the chat will be kept for everyone in the team to see when they run the Dropbox application. Normal chat software can’t do that. Before we use this software, we were using txt file(or any file) and changing the name of the file. It’ll give notifications when we change the file name. As you can see we have a few of the chat app in different folders as individual chat about a certain topic(you can run multiple of the chat if it is put in different folders). We have GeneralChat, ScriptChat, GraphicsChat, Announcements/Questions(no chat here but to get a global msg across if he/she not around). To access them fast, I create shortcuts to my dock so I can check all of them at once after I launch Dropbox. The software need .NET 4.0!
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Updated Past Current Finds

22 03 2012

I updated this list as a lot of pictures/links are broken, updated current news about the games too.

*Note: I’ll try find the tryout of the full games to provide download here since some of the main sites doesn’t provide the downloads anymore.

Note: Only Chinese Games For Download Here!

You can see past current finds here(new–>old):
::夜雾山::Nightly Fog Mountain:: (Otome Game/Free)

One of the most interesting small games I played(Demo is small but the whole game isn’t). I knew this game for quite a long time but I was waiting for a longer demo. But it seems have to wait until finished.
You are a thousand year Female Demon that has just woken up. You go around a map battling Demons to subdue them and collect more and more male Demons to be your slaves! (Ok, I probably overdone my text.) You battle by finding energy in the body of enemy(erasing parts of the enemy image) and absorb their power. It plays a bit like a fun casual game using the mouse. Anyway, it is kind of like a harem game. XD
Download Demo v0.2 (79mb):
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Dock Icon

21 03 2012
128x128 Dock Icon

128x128 Dock Icon


I made a dock icon since I’m always opening the game these days. Maybe someone else can use it  too, if not as a dock icon maybe as avatar or some other uses.

Great News!

18 03 2012

Great News! I have a compiler now and everything is going on smoothly and he/she has compiled a test-play for me. It works! I’m so happy beyond anything because I was hitting a dead end before and I can’t see what to correct and such without a testing compilation.

There are still a lot of things to work out though as the text don’t fit but it’s progressing fast now, I’m so happy! Love you Ash, K’

Gender Survey?

17 03 2012

Oh hey, has streaming music players now. Wanna test it. There are a lot of covers  for the OP & ED of Prince Maker 3 because of cover contest but here are the originals. Enjoy the nice songs.
Leviria ~Sleeping Star~ ED ( by 玖玖/99):

Sofesia ~The Faraway Continent~ OP(by Rion):

I’m kind of curious if there are many boys who like to play this game because this is more towards girl game. But we never know for sure.

MSN2: Career Trigger & Ending Stats

17 03 2012

First, please apply patch for Prince Maker 2 if you haven’t!!

For Mikan & those who play the Chinese version and need help with the stats

*Note 1:For other things please read 阳多’s guide(Chinese):
*Note 2:The endings priority is according to descending(the first one would trigger over the below)
*Note 3:Some names may be wrong. I just translate them on the fly for understanding.

Edited: 3 June 2012, some of the precedence are wrong and follow the old non-patched Chinese version so I had them rearranged to reflect the recent patch.

Edited: 30 May 2012 to match with the English translation of the game. And the Dexterity Stat is now translated as Agility and the Fitness Stat is now taken over by the Dexterity name.

>=:more than or equal  <:less than
主线剧情:Main Storyline Flag(if the number is 15 means you need to flag all 15 events)
家族名声:Family Reputation
战斗等级: Combat Level
体能: Dexterity
仪态: Etiquette
性感: Charisma
尊严: Dignity
毅力: Endurance
良知: Morals
创造: Wisdom
艺术: Arts
温柔: Gentleness
武术: Attack
魔力:  Magic
敏捷: Agility
亲情: Kinship
善名: Virtue/Good Fame(I sometimes used Fame in the game)
声望: Reputation
罪孽: Sin
金钱: Money/Gil
爱玩家: Love towards Player
外出: Go out Times
心情: Mood 变态: Abnormal
职业触发条件: Career Trigger Condition
结局数据: Ending Stats
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