Regarding Comments

25 10 2015

Hi guys, it has been a long time since my last post. There’s something I want to talk about.

About comments with questions regarding Prince Maker Braveness. I haven’t been replying to some of them recently. This is because:

  1. I don’t know/don’t remember the problem or answer. 
  2. It was a long time since I have the script of the game. (Maybe I still have it zipped somewhere but the original tools I was using was gone since my pc hd went bad some 2 years ago) In the past when there are questions, I always have to check back the script to give the specific answers.

About future updates about the series in general:

  1. Lack of motivation. I didn’t really lost interest, and from time to time I keep thinking of fixing MSN2 or if there is a way to bring a translated MSN3 sooner. There are a few ways to do it but as I said, they end up in the thinking area only. Well, maybe if there is someone want to do this can contact me. I’ll have more motivation if there is someone working with me. 
  2. Don’t have as much time as in the past: Was a student, now a worker. In the past, I have time to read as many novels as I want while still have time to do this. Now, my leftover free time is mostly used to read Chinese epic sci-fi BL novels ^^; LOL or play ipad games. Conclusion: I am very lazy. XD
  3. I haven’t been playing or checking news about doujin Chinese games recently either. So haven’t been talking other stuff. Unless anyone want to listen to me ramble about the novels I read.

Btw, just a small ALFAGAME update, you can play Time to Star(Actually it is TTS2 for the desktop version) with your ipad or iphone in Chinese. Not free ok? It costs $0.99. The desktop version is still free but the iOS version is revamped with a lot of new things. No updates about MSN1 remake.
If anyone want to search for the game in the app store, you need to search 偶像之路 I tried searching Time to Star and it didn’t come out dunno why. But it is available internationally.


Ask Kinfox

17 04 2014

Hi, remember this?:

Seems you can ask the creator anything here. Recently she posted that this one can still be used to ask about TTS2 & MSN Endless Remake. If anyone want to ask anything I can help ask or maybe you can directly ask(no login required)

Some of the more interesting Q&As are:
TTS2 main character is girl, not a band (But she consider that future TTS you can group band, I see a lot of requests for this also). It’ll have the same background which happen a lot of years after TTS1 at another city. It’ll have a lot of clothes to change from the amount of clothes currently done. This time will have CGs, have different facial expressions. Also will include life after ending. Can have own concert. Randomness happening during date is currently in works. Got love rival or not? Creator said it is a secret(but I think got)

Currently TTS2 & MSN Endless Remake is developed in parallel by different groups. So she’s not sure which one will be out first. It’ll depend on which group done a faster work.

MSN Endless Remake will introduce whole new characters to woo. Also, the same as other Prince Maker, the player can woo other characters also.

MSN4 will take place a loooooooong time after MSN3 according to creator. I hope it’ll be a bit sci-fi-ish setting in space(Sci-fi is MY FAV genre).

Deity candidate Lucifer in MSN1 remake

Hi guys & announcement

13 01 2014

Sorry for not checking the site lately and haven’t been replying. I’m mostly lazy to re-set some of the stuff(like login again to my email and  login wordpress and stuff) when something happens to my pc where I have to reformat. (Well, my hd died some time ago so I need to get a new one)

And yess! I’ll get the game up by today or tomorrow. And reply you guys. I have free time now and tomorrow’s a holiday. I know some of you won’t get my reply due to waiting too long.

And you guys must know that I am always in time! I checked Alfa Game just and it seems they are currently in closed beta of their newest  Star Maker game. Open Beta will be out on 16 Jan 2014! You’ll be sure that I’ll be one of them.

As for the Gintama doujin game, I need to check if it’s out or not. Maybe I’ll talk about it a bit before I end this post. That time last year August, the Gintama doujin author released his other game instead, a horror based game called “The Liars”. I was having question marks cause I was thinking: “this guy can release 2 games in a span of a few days?” Well, it seems he is not a superman as I thought 😛 I didn’t play that game but I heard it is pretty good with voice acting and the visuals are really very good looking for my standards and for a free game. Not really that horrifying game but I stay away from game with that theme.

If anyone is interested, you can see the pics of the game here and also download free(the first link that has in it):


Gintama Doujin Updates:

there are some updates of this game, this is the OP song, sounds like WOW to me:

Also, the author released a few screenshot pictures of the fake(?) OP. Looks really funny in a epic way 😀


15 07 2013

Hi guys, it is 2 months since I check on anything. Sorry for the many questions posted here not answered. Also, I need to find a new place to upload MSN2, any good suggestions please tell me.

After wadding through weibo and forum. Here are some interesting stuffs I know for sharing.

MSN1 remake is confirmed. In fact, the music for MSN1 has been done, from what I read. The 2 music guys have been staying together to make music for Star Road, they also finished the music for MSN1 remake. You can find pictures of their living conditions ^^; in weibo(I always love to read about their stay together to make the game, sounds really fun).
There is also a video on the process of them making music which is quite interesting. Although it is rather hard for me to watch the video(it is always hard to watch China videos here), but when I finally managed to, the music is really worth it! Sneak peak video here:
I’m lazy to translate what these 2 guys are saying but if any of you are actually interested, leave a msg and I’ll translate. They are discussing about the music whether want this part or not.

Also, here is the Star Road OP or promo video(I cannot watch it T-T, so many times I refresh it):

There are a lot of pictures about Star Road in weibo. I guess the game will probably be done soon in this year!

Also, Kinfox has open a Q&A place where anyone can post any questions which she’ll answer. I’m not sure whether she’ll answer English questions though it is rather interesting to read(like someone ask MSN1 remake or MSN4 will be out first, answer is MSN1 remake):

Anyway, I’m out for now, I actually haven’t finish catching up with a lot of stuff.

Star Road (Otome Star Raising Sim Game)

12 05 2013

Hi guys, alfagame has announced a new game yesterday. It is an Otome Star raising game: “Star Road”. This game is actually a game conceived from 8 years ago but they lacked the coding skills and too many characters which resulted in a mess of unfinished product.

Now, she took it out to remake it. All the art resources is retained from the old resources. Because she is using old resources, the game will be in a more traditional raising sim format, with no big features like clothes changing or lots of items(says so from the author). But from what I see, it is a very complex game. There will be a lot of minigames in the form of tv gameshow.

This game’s announcement system(tabloid headlines newspapers will show on screen with news about the actor characters in game) will be like Stardom2(an old star raising windows game from 1998 from a Taiwan company). If you are interested in how the game look like you can search “明星志愿2” in google images, you can’t find anything if you search the English name(Stardom2). The Stardom series is: Stardom, Stardom2000(Stardom2), Stardom3 and Stardom3-Happiness.

They will release screenshoots everyday so stay tuned. I won’t post screenshots here this time as they’ll keep adding in. You can follow it here(no need to register):

Oh! Our Great Empire Online Game!!

6 10 2012

This will be the next game Alfagame will release.

I have difficulty translating the title of the game…: 壯哉! 我大天朝网游!!
壯哉! is a majestic exclamation that is rarely used. I couldn’t find a word that is similar so I just use Oh!
天朝 is actually a term that the China netizens recently like to use to refer to China(mostly I see they refer to themselves) as a mockery or sarcastic term which is the meaning of “Empire” to mean China is still ancient and backwards.
网游 refers to Online Game in general but normally it points to the RPG type: MMORPG

The creator created this game to vent about the game making industry…in China.
From the pictures she posted in weibo, it seems to be you are a game investor and will be hiring workers(with different capability) and investing on different types of categories(RPG, FPS, visual novels etc…). It is a stat & money management of a game making company. I think it will be somewhat of an arcade game that goes on and on maybe until you bankrupt because it has a ‘highest record’ at the main menu.

See pictures here, no need to register:

The second screenshoot is about a project title and you have investment points that can be put into different categories like you’re making a Princess Maker project game for example and you have RPG, cultivation, music, social, racing, strategy, competition, action, FPS, gamble as categories to put your investment points in.

The last screenshoot is hiring workers. Shown there is a fresh graduate and show contract money(50 thousand) his evaluation by HR(not sure what is HR, maybe lecturer) which is he seems to want quick promotion, his stats(planning, coding, art, music all 30), his comment which is to make the best game.