Hot Wallpapers of MSN3 characters

31 08 2012

EDIT: It seems she updated the post with the nude pics today 1/9

Woot, really really nice! There is actually a nude version too… XD She may make them into wallpapers later. If you want to see the no clothes pic, I saw them like 2 months ago at weibo(you probably need to go back and back into history).

No need to register to see. 1440×900 wallpaper

Teaser Baiyu, Himi & Edea(Ares and Lyle available also):

Btw, there is also Lyle desktop pet young and uncle versions available(same artist as last Ares pet and this wallpaper artist):

Warning! He’ll be kissing Ares at some times! And dance naked lol.

The Magic

14 08 2012

I’ve waited for this free Otome game(?)(This is not really an Otome game…but you still get 1 ending with each of the 3 guys) since around 2 years ago when it was announced because I like the magic drawing system.
Actually, I downloaded this game almost the same time as the last game I reviewed but I only get to play it recently(busy). I didn’t finish all the possible endings yet though but I finish the normal ending by winning all the encountered battles. It is really hard to win the last few battles for me! Needs lots of experiment to get all endings.

This game unique feature is during battle, your foe will come towards you and you have to kill him by drawing magic symbol with mouse on the screen. Once a learned magic symbol is successfully drawn, you’ll unleash magic towards the foe. When a foe manages to attack you, the screen will shake which interferes with your magic drawing. Pics from the official site because I’m lazy.

draw magic

Draw magic with mouse to attack

The bad is, I’ve encountered at least 2 bugs in the game. One is attacking the guild owner, the other is the magic circle sticking halfway on the screen when battle ends and it move upwards but you’re still drawing. It got stuck there halfway and interfere with your game playing. I’ve encounter it like 3 times. The other bug is attacking the guild head when you first met him. The game will error and crash. The other bad thing for me because I have a pentium 4 old pc is the game lags a lot when you are performing a magic which interferes with the next magic drawing. Also, you need to get used to the magic drawing because sometimes it seem like there is nothing wrong with the magic I drawn but it still view it as invalid for some reason, after playing for a while you’ll get to know the exact way how to draw it properly.

I discovered this by accident because it wasn’t said in the game at all. But it did said in the website which I didn’t read at first ^^; Did you see the magic symbol beside the dialog? The one that has blue or purple colour? When it turn blue, you can right click anywhere and sneak attack the person/monster. This is really funny and handy at the same time because you can attack ANYONE you see XD Some attacks will lead you to a straight game over though but I think this is the key to the various other endings you can get in the game.

sneak attack

Sneak attack someone when light is blue

There are 19 endings(16 bad endings that only has one line text as ending). The other 3 endings are the 3 guy characters each.

Story, you are a female magician who travels with the fragment of the Green Demon God. Money is very important to you. One day, you saved a girl from a fat guy and gotten a mysterious stone. That stone however brings you calamity when you’re playing the game where 2 parties sought after it. The sick and perverted dark magician group and the valiant knight group. In the middle of the chaos, the Green Demon God that you’re always with vanished. It seems the stone has something to do with him.

This is a rather short game but kind of interesting to play. Totally recommended.
Simplified Chinese only, download here(Be sure to download the patch.xp3 and put it together with the .exe file):

You can also check out her other games, links at below the above link. All her games are rather interesting because she knows how to code so they are not just strictly visual novel. The Nightly Fog Mountain I listed at the side bar is also one of her work.
The ~Sleeping Lily~Mermaid Princess is also her coding(not free).
The free sister game to it is the ~Red Rose~Beauty and the Beast.
The last one is Eynare which is an older game. Free now.