Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

25 12 2012

Hi guys. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Nothing to update from Alfagame though. Hmm, this post feels so short. I guess I’ll put out something I have since years ago for you guys to enjoy. (From 2008)

A few comic strips from Satose-san. (She introduce me to this game) (There are 16 or 17(?) pages in total but I only edited 3 pages long time ago, the others are still in raw format. I’m her big fan cause I love the way she make her stories. It is always so witty and funny.)
Each picture is a page, click to view(read from left to right):

I have even older comic strips ^^; It was once posted in aarin during 2006 I think.
Well, that’s the 3 pages. The rest of the pages haven’t translated/edited. It’s about Uncle has a pet tiger that he dotes on, one day he become a human but Uncle immediately hates him and started abusing him unless he turn back to a tiger which he was half successful(only ears and tail) XD…