Renascence PV song

25 02 2010

Here is the PV song, thanks to hisana for the song rip and link, wma format.

If want other place to dl just post.


Chinese Game List

22 02 2010

I’ve finished the translation so actually I have nothing to do now, might as well update this not so active blog. There is actually not much things to post about Prince Maker so I’m posting something that might be of interest. Tell me if you don’t prefer these kind of posts and only want relevant ones. Read the rest of this entry »

Renascence Opening Video

7 02 2010

Well, I won’t be posting much about Renascence updates(a lot of preview pictures and information stuff has been released already) but here is the opening video preview to enjoy. Hopefully you guys can see videos from Send a pm to rikiki in youtube if you can’t see the video and I’ll give you an alternative one.

Full screen:

Anyone can hear what she’s singing? I think in the middle she’s singing English…

Some Translated Pictures

7 02 2010

Someone asked for screenshots but I don’t have any because the person who do the compilation did not give me any sample yet. There is not much hard text in pictures that needed to be translated. Maybe can use as reference if you’re playing the original one now. Thanks to ovo_kinder for editing them 😀 Read the rest of this entry »