Want to help? Translation skill not needed

26 04 2012

I set up a collaborative document where I post the MSN3 terms. You can edit the document directly and there is a chat bar at the side. You can help casually by looking through the terms and suggesting which term is better for terms that I put a few translation or suggest better translation if you have any. Basically a brainstorming session.

You can also use the term list for the TAHelper plugin to have better translation when playing the game using machine translation. But you need to make it into the right format, it’s not in the right format right now.

No Registration necessary. Just input the password.
–>Click Here to View<–

Pass word input: princemaker3project

I’m just testing out waters here. If it works, it’ll be there until we release MSN3. If it doesn’t work and get spamy, I have to close it down or make it members only.


Play Chinese Games with Online Translation Tools

7 04 2012

I forgot, Happy Easter Everyone!

Please read this post first.  This is considered continuation/extra/part2. If you’re happy with the before post/don’t have Internet connection you don’t have to use this. But you can use Wakan in this post because it is an offline tool.

EDIT: Instead of Applocale, there is a better software to use: NTLEA 0.92. It solves problems that sometimes Applocale can’t solve. Read my previous post for update.

IMPORTANT!: If you’re using all these softwares together like my setup below, Cp2Tran MUST be executed/run last after everything or else it can’t work and FASTAIT2009 can’t translate. If it can’t work just close it and open it again. Don’t need to close the other softwares.

Put out a Layout Screenshot first:

Layout Screenshot

Layout Screenshot

Download list:
1. Translation Aggregator 0.4.9 Online translators that can be used are only Babelfish, Google Translate and Bing. Bing give me overlimit notice really quickly sometimes but sometimes works with no problem?

2. Translation Aggregator Helper(Download TAHelper – This is to use to hook Wakan and has some extra good functions like deleting repeating characters(I really recommend this! as ITH and CP2Tran can’t detect the repeating characters in Prince Maker 3 but TAHelper manage to eliminate it, this works with FASTAIT2009 too!)

3. Wakan (Offline use). It shows pinyin and all word by word translations which can be useful. Need a bit of setup.

4. Optional but not really useful for now: GTGal/Miao Translator v0.11(Need to install .NET Framwork 4!!) – (Author Site) Download Mediafire | 4shared

-Very good TA and TAHelper Guide to read

Not free translators but can be used(I did not download it so I’m not absolutely sure but I read from the website that it can be used to translate Chinese to English, I mention it because these free tools support it): Systran6, DrEye8 (Download TAHPlugin too to use for Systran6)
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Play Chinese Games with Machine Translation Guide

5 04 2012

Part 2 click here: Play Chinese Games with Online Translation

Everyone who plays Japanese visual novel games must know there is some way to hook text and translate, right? Here is a simple tutorial. I, for one, is first time using a game text hooker so I’m not an expert on it but I find it pretty easy to use /understand even  without reading a guide, so I’ll cover the basic of everything to set up and play Prince Maker 3. I’ll be using Interactive Text Hooker(ITH) for this tutorial as it is easier to use and support newer games.

List of  things to download!:
1. A visual novel Game supported by ITH like krkr – Prince Maker games use this software

2. Cp2tran v1.2 – Mediafire or 4shared (author,zyl910, published it in various places but I’ll just link to one)

3. ITH 3.0-Download these files – ITH-2.3-110709.rar, ITH_engine.rar(replace ITH_engine.dll), To Upgrade: ITH_UpdaterV2.rar(Everything put in same ITH folder and run the ITH_Updater.exe if you dl the updater, “Update ITH” & “Update Profile”)

4. FASTAIT Personal 2009 – Click the Green or Brown Button at this page to download

5a. If you run the game and it shows weird symbols instead of Chinese, please install AppLocale Utility
I never use Applocale so I’ll link some tutorials. Read tutorial:
Using Applocale Tutorial (This guide select Japanese, but you need to set it to Simplified Chinese – 中文(简体) here)
Install Applocale in Vista(Win7 don’t need to use this, I read that Win7 can use the XP Applocale with no problem)

5b. EDIT: Instead of Applocale, there is a better software to use: NTLEA 0.92. It solves problems that sometimes Applocale can’t solve. Download mediafire | 4shared
1. You launch NtleaGUI.exe and “Install”
2. Don’t tick “Auto takeover .exe files” unless you want all .exe programs you launch to start with a certain language.
3.  Pick language: “Chinese (People’s Republic of China)” and “Add”. Close program.
4. Right -click your game(eg. Prince Maker 3.exe) and select the second option “ntlea” or if you have other language installed find below “Load in specific locale” and pick the right language. Below the option is “NTLEA (N)”, you can modify the settings for the game like changing fonts/font size and some compatibility problems with paths.

++Cp2tran v1.2 Window Guide:++

Cp2tran Window

Cp2tran Window

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Chinese to English Offline Machine Translation Software

5 04 2012

Please read this post for better guide to playing Chinese game using Machine Translation, this post is just for archive.

Ok, after an extensive search and trying out some softwares. I found an offline Chinese to English machine translation software, it is free software too!  The good news is the machine translation quality is surprisingly quite good in my opinion, at least it makes pretty good sense for reading (see pic below for example).

The bad news is, the interface is in Chinese and it is not easy to use for translating hooked game text from AGTH or ITH etc…, unless someone make an macro software to automate it(like autohotkey), I’ve thought about it and a macro is usable if someone can code it. It is very tiring to translate it manually because you need to paste the text and you need to click on the translate button and then you need to create a new file and paste again and etc… the cycle goes on. Guess what, there IS a software that translate for you and is compatible with this software. It is called Cp2Trans v1.2 (most recent version). I think I need to rewrite the whole post… 😦 I write it tmr I think. Too tired. I should’ve found Cp2Trans first as it list out all the translation software it is compatible(so I don’t have to hunt around for a good translation program) but I never use AGTH or text hooker software before so it got off my radar. I found the translation program by looking through a catalog of Chinese to English translation software which most of them are word translators.


Program Screenshot

^Does the above translation make any sense? Probably not. It is roughly like this, you can compare them with the above translation: “Red immediately reverse the car. According to the situation, the gate of Hua Mountain is definitely filled with zombies. Even throwing grenades is hard to make a way to get out of this situation. Also, considering that when entering the gate, one need to take the cableway but the cableway must have a lot of zombies around currently. That’s why, they need to find another small road to go up the mountain.” –btw, this is from a pretty good Plants vs. Zombies BL novel XD

Will rewrite about Cp2TranV1.2 here later. For the adventurous, you can download Cp2Tranv1.2 and try out yourself. Kind of straightforward and there is a picture in the download to show how it is. (Anyone knows where is the official Cp2Tran website? I can’t find it)

Download Translation software FASTAIT2009 here(click the green button):
Hmmm, the software requirements didn’t state Win7…. But from a few screenshots it can run in Win7 with no problem. 🙂
Hopefully this will help some people in the quest of playing Chinese games.
Installation & Usage Guide(I guess I should write this)
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Using dropbox to collaborate with game translating

27 03 2012

Dropbox is a must have! I don’t think I can go back to using the old method to collaborate.
Here are some of my ideas on how to collaborate with game translating(or collaborate with anything else-like Game Making). I spend some time researching Dropbox and softwares that can be used with it. Maybe some of you will find it useful.

Any suggestions to improve collaboration is appreciated.

Why is Dropbox good? Lets see the old fashion way. Translator upload files to email, compiler downloads x N times. Or translator have to completely finish all translations before giving to compiler, leaving the compiler with nothing to do, got out of touch and then probably disappear. With Dropbox, the compiler and translator can change the code anytime(some limitations like cannot edit same files together). Since it sync, it’ll be up to date for the compiler to take it for testing. Plus, any problems you can communicate easily with the chat app I listed down there.

– Install Dropbox desktop software. Dropbox integrates to windows explorer like a normal folder.
– Save files that need to be translated in Dropbox folder. We have folders “Chat”(for chat app), “Screenshots”(to communicate if words are hard to do)
– Make the folder a shared folder. Shared the folder with everyone that is in the team.

– Edit the files directly, it’ll sync when you save it. It’ll sync the files with everyone when they open the Dropbox software. You can see the icon changes when it is syncing so pretty handy.
– Any Edits to the file will let everyone on the team receive balloon notifications on what is edited/added/deleted. No screenshot as none of my teammembers are around to help me get a notification now 😀

– There is even an external chat software I found that you can communicate with everyone in the team. Even though it’ll create conflicting copies, but at least the chat will be kept for everyone in the team to see when they run the Dropbox application. Normal chat software can’t do that. Before we use this software, we were using txt file(or any file) and changing the name of the file. It’ll give notifications when we change the file name. As you can see we have a few of the chat app in different folders as individual chat about a certain topic(you can run multiple of the chat if it is put in different folders). We have GeneralChat, ScriptChat, GraphicsChat, Announcements/Questions(no chat here but to get a global msg across if he/she not around). To access them fast, I create shortcuts to my dock so I can check all of them at once after I launch Dropbox. The software need .NET 4.0!
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Useful tools for translators

5 03 2010

Note: Some tools are especially for game translators.
Here I’ll list out tools that I use, tell me too if you have any other good stuff that I don’t have. Read the rest of this entry »