The Curse of Kiseki thoughts

4 11 2015

This article is about the game Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky aka Eiyuu Densetsu: Sora no Kiseki

Nothing to do with anything MSN or Chinese games but as a Kiseki fan, I’ll just leave this here:

Reading this just cringes my heart. I’m glad they managed to see through it in the end.

To be honest, years ago when XSEED announced they would release Kiseki FC(1st part), the 1st thing that came to my mind is: They are tackling THAT?! Do they really know what they’re going into?

This game is by far the most wordy games I’ve ever played in my entire life even though it is not a visual novel. I even suspect it has more words than a lot of visual novels. But the wordy combination made this game very unique (although the RPG is very old school) and really great story telling.


Now, let’s talk about the Chinese localization of Kiseki instead. It’s also another sad story.
Chinese localization or I should say Chinese fan translations of games/anime/novels are always considered fast. This still take 1 half year to come out.

Everyone thinks the Chinese localization of FC is official. Unfortunately, it is the hard work of the Chinese translation group. The translation initiator sold(?) the script to YTL(the company that release the official localization). Not really sold as in one go, but he got wages from the company. The fan translation group only got a free copy of the official game. For the testers, some claimed not have gotten it, reasons given is lost in postal, not sure if they got or not in the end. Ok, that’s not the point, the fan translation never expected wages and they knew the script is given to the company. The problem is the team felt used. Very used. Their names are not even mentioned anywhere, packaging or credits. An incident that shows YTL deliberately do this: they asked the fan translation group forum mod to delete the statement that Falcomchina(the translation group) translate the game with no returns. After the localization of FC, Falcomchina had a fallout with YTL and broken all ties with that company. As players said, FC has one of the best translations ever released, compared to that, SC, the 3rd translations are not that good.

Actually, this is not the only time this company did this kind of stuff, there are a lot of shady things this company did in the name of ‘official’ but this is only one event. There is one time they directly stole the fan translated game maker software RMXP and rebranded as official just like that. And using their profit they DDOS these fan translation sites just to name a few.

The story about Kiseki is very long and I’ve only summarized it. This incident is also long time ago so not a lot of info and linked original posts are already lost. I’ll leave a few sources in case someone want to read(Chinese):

My thoughts:
1) Official translations are always short staffed or even a one man show with tight schedule. Unfortunately, companies are profit driven.
2) Problems with using fan translations for official releases. Eg. Ys: The Oath in Felghana(Not a lot of ppl involved in the fan translation also can cause this kind of problem already) Unfortunately, fan translations are in the gray area, things are more complicated if a lot of people are involved. I once saw the credits of a Chinese fan translation of a visual novel with more than 40+ people involved. And they released the game in only half a year. I cannot even imagine how they are able to manage so many people. (Ok, I’m trailing off from the main subject)