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->Note: Download the English Translated Braveness Click Here<-

If you want to play the Chinese version of Prince Maker Braveness now, I’ve put it here.
Before you can play it, you need to change your Windows to Chinese first(like if you play Japanese visual novel games, you need to change it to Japanese but there is a catch to changing language to Chinese, the catch is that you’ll find that there is a lot of types of Chinese language in the list, which one to pick?) Here is a tutorial:
Change language to Chinese for XP

As requested by the original site in, I have to post the whole post(mirror everything) of the download page from the original site.

Oh, and sorry for any language related mistakes down there, I only went over fast when translating this post. If you want my own review, read the about page up there.

Alfa game group 2005-2006 product

Prince Maker – Braveness

Game Type: Simulation Adventure/Fiction World Experience
Game Time: Depends on player
Game Production: ALFA game group
Game Engine: krkr2/kag3
Game Player Number: 1 Person
Game Focus: None[Boys or Girls can play]
OS for Game: winxp/2000/2003
Language: Simplified and Traditional Chinese(only Simplified version will be provided here)
Game Publish Type: Internet Download
OS Requirements:
366MHz Speed
128MB Memory
800×600 Resolution
4MB Graphics Card
300MB Hard Disk

Plot Script:金狐狸,o.o
Art:青汐,穆颜 ,wait,suejun,o.o,暗灵,meiyou,水界
Music Arranging: 金狐狸
Special Thanks:
good friend nanee,点心,yindy for the friendship support
and doujin planet bbs for providing space

Special Declaration:
Players support is always the motivation of our game group.
Here we specially thank everyone again for the passionate support and encouragement!!

Please no flaming.

It is not easy to finish this game, please look upon this as a doujin production, have a more tolerant view and less sarcasm.

Prince Maker – Braveness is
alfa game group original game – prince maker series the 2nd product

The game is mainly is about taking care and adventure, fantasy world
The goal of the player is to bring up the child and walk the right path in life

In the 8 years of living together
You will feel the child’s happiness, sadness, angry emotions
By letting the child participating different kinds of activities, the child’s different attribute will be increased

You can let the child to take the initiative to broaden his friend circle.
From there get to know friends of different races
Can also let the child go out for adventure, to experience the dangerous and exciting life in the Three Realms

During free time
Bringing the child out for vacation or picnic is a must~
Of course can teach the child subjects yourself to let him learn something!

This time in Braveness, not only are the characters self drawn, the vacation and ending pictures are also self drawn.
This will let player feel the exciting life of the child growing from a small kid to a beautiful teenager~~

Also there is 40 types of pretty ending pictures for everyone who cracked the game to collect~~

Debut of new characters, characters in Endless become key characters…

In Braveness, the main character, player and supporting npcs are whole new characters
The last generation player and main character will also appear in the game
This includes the last child in Endless who had become the Emperor of Three Realms
and Lucifer who has become the Deity hermit

They might become player’s good friends or mentors…

Game background story:
The story of Braveness happens 50 years after Endless
The last main character become the Emperor of Three Realms…
The three race has moved to the new world: 【New Eden】
After the short 50 years, the election of the new Emperor of Three Realms has started…
What kind of secret has this new world hidden?
Player, is a Demon race with a mysterious past, as a traveling mercenary has reached the Human place.
Become the Human candidate guardian
Story starts from here…

Game Specialties and System Introduction:
Learning Combat Skills System: Improved version ==
Family Activities – Kinship interaction: Can go out with player to have adventure or vacation, picnic etc.
Designation System: In the game, your child will get different evaluation based on your reputation with the common folk or with the officials, and from there get a title.
Rpg Battle System: Magic Fusion and Weapon Forging function~ Can experience the fun of rpg game.
Profession ending ranking system
All types of career ending has it’s own career plot~~
All endings has bad and good, and also will give marks to the player’s cultivation results

Game Pictures:
Three Main Male Characters

Some in-game pictures:

->Note: Download the English Translated Braveness Click Here<-


35 responses

4 02 2010

you can do it guys WOOT WOOT

Please continue! I wanna see this game translated! I love princess maker and wondered what it would be like raising a ‘prince’ instead.

You’re making my dreams come true please continue ^___^

4 02 2010

Thank you for the support.
Yes, of couse we will continue. 🙂

6 07 2012

is endless in english and if it is where can i download it

7 07 2012


15 02 2010

Also posted here. Someone thanked me for the post so more support to you and it’s been viewed 61 times ^_^ so word is going around

16 02 2010

Thanks for the game and translation, but I really have no idea how to start this up when I finish the download. Not to be a bother, but can you tell me how I can get this game running?

I have a object thats called MSN but that leads me into some weird code thing… do I need to put something down on it?

16 02 2010

Have you change your language to Chinese (PRC)?
If not can you screenshot it for me? I’m not sure what happen right now.
Normally you just open the exe and can start playing, there is nothing else to do.

18 02 2010

I get this error. Don’t know what it means either.

18 02 2010

You’re using windows 7. It(as well as other AVG games) works best with windows xp. But judging from the error, it cannot read the Chinese words, thus error(wrong language selected or your system don’t have the language installed). Have you change it to Chinese (PRC)? I’m not sure about windows 7 but if in xp and I see this it would mean windows is currently set to Japanese.

I suppose windows 7 and vista have similar language changing options, maybe you can take a look here:

If you still have problems you can also ask there, the people there are more technical savvy and have played lots of AVG games before.

27 02 2010

This game looks so cool! Thank you for uploading and translating, but I have a question…how do I get the english patch to work in the game?

27 02 2010

Hi! 🙂
The english patch is not available right now. The translation itself is done at this point but the rechecking and the patching should take longer. Overall this project is 60% finished.

You can always follow the Translation Status post ( since that one gets updated frequently. 🙂

You can download the chinese version right now and patch it later once the english patch is available.

27 02 2010

Ah okies. Thank you very much! I think I had gotten a little confused when I was reading it. ^_^;

28 02 2010

I think there will be no English patch but rather have to download the whole English version later. So, there is no need to download the Chinese version first.

1 03 2010

Oh that sounds easier. 🙂

29 06 2010

You guys came a long ways — I’ll be waiting patiently for the trans. ;3

10 09 2010

love u for doing this awesome work, banbatte!!! jiajou!!

14 08 2011

Best of luck, hope you can get it translated some time this year. 😀
Dying to play this game . . .
Love you guys.

15 03 2012

I’m sorry! >.< I'll try to get it done this year.

18 01 2012


15 03 2012

Thanks Mikan for all the replies! >< I'm going to continue it.

21 01 2012

The game was at sIxty percent completion when I checked this site about six months ago XD
Is it still being worked on?

15 03 2012

There is no improvement since the last post a few months ago. But I’m trying to continue soon(see the new update post).

6 07 2012
Prince Maker – Braveness « KuroiShiro

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15 10 2013

Hiya. I was looking for an otome game and came across your site. I’ve downloaded the patch but I have no idea how to download the actual game??? There’s no links, no buttons,nothing that says “DOWNLOAD HERE”. Please help me, I really want to play this game!

13 01 2014
23 10 2013

I can’t download this game. The zip isn’t functional.

3 01 2014
DeChia Asari

One of my favorite game!
But I have one error when I accept Nijie’s love confession.
Is it possible to fix it?

13 01 2014

Hmm, it has been some time, I’m not sure if I fixed this error before or not. Have you apply latest patch yet?

20 01 2014

Is there a guide to all the hot keys, I want to turn off auto skipping as it seems I press a key and the text just goes flying by.

20 01 2014

I think it is a kind of bug. It happens in certain places during executing schedule. I tried to solve it before but found that you’Il need to click a lot during execution which is a hassle also so I never quite solve that problem in the end, an overhaul and a new dialogue system is needed if want to turn it on and off. I don’t know what hotkeys exist though. The only thing that is important is that right-click is going back so there is always a lack of back button.

29 06 2014
Nơi Request Link Download - Trang 5

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18 05 2015

I wonder if there are any mobile games like this?! <:(

19 05 2015

Not sure

6 12 2016

Where is the download? I see no link. I really would like to play this game.

17 12 2016

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