Prince Maker 3 to get a Japanese translation

6 03 2014

The author has announced a translation for Japanese for MSN3. Also, adding Japanese voice overs. So, they’re looking for Chinese->Japanese translators and Japanese voice actors. This is good news for people who can read Japanese.

Also, they’re moving Time to Star to IOS which will be done by Hydrozoa which has made some games/moved some of her games to IOS.

So I ask about English translation in the weibo post about this news and if it’ll be done after the Japanese translation, she said will consider if the Japanese translation is successfully done since for English translation also need to find people and quality checking.




5 responses

21 12 2014

Hi! Could you keep us updated if/when the Japanese version is released? I don’t speak Chinese so it’s a little difficult to maneuver around on alfagame’s website lol

4 01 2015

Sure, but I don’t check often sometimes so may be late when informing. Also, I don’t know how long it’ll take them to release or if it’s abandoned cause I didn’t hear any news about this(the link to the article above is also deleted) and I only saw news about the MSN1 remake and a new original RPG which they’ve released the world concept and description.

29 01 2015

Thank you so much for translating Prince Maker 2 into English. I just downloaded it recently and can’t stopped playing!! I really really hope that the developers will make an English translation of the other two parts in the series!! As, well, do you know if they may at some point in the future make the game into an app? Anything we can do to help convince them to make more translations in English? 🙂

6 02 2015

Hi, glad you like it as much as I do 😀
I didn’t hear any plans to make any of the prince maker series into an app & Hydrozoa only do pure Otome games from what I see. I’m not sure what to do to convince them to make more translations to English either. Can only wait.

27 02 2015

Hey, Thanks for the translation! I really hope we see an English version for Prince maker 3 as well. Time will tell I suppose!

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