4 02 2014

This game is out download here(Click the picture that has “PRICE”):

You can watch OP and game preview here(Warning, this video contains spoilers):

I have finished the game. I feel the game can improve by showing item name when mouse hovering over it cause there are small things that is in the middle of 2 other things that I think is clicking at the same things. It got me stuck for  a long time. My initial feel is, wow this game screen is big cause it covers my whole screen and it is a side scrolling game. My screen resolution is 1280×800.

Troubleshooting: If you didn’t see the OP movie and directly go into the game, you have to install codec. I have this problem because I use VLC player where the codec is self contained. After you download the free K-lite codec and install, this problem will be solved. This game has quite a few short movies in between and also the end so you’ll have problem understanding if you didn’t solve this problem.

The game is rather short and got 2 endings. After you get the first ending(you can only get the first ending on first playthrough), you can restart the game again playing another room with different puzzles so it’s like a continuation after the first ending, not a replay of the same puzzles to get a different ending. It has something to do with the storyline to be played like this. The puzzles are not particularly hard to solve, but I got stuck because I didn’t know that thing can be clicked.

The game has two parts to solve, one is item solving where you try with anything with everything. (like normal adventure game). Another is mystery solving where you’ll collect ‘clues’ and need to combine 2 clues to get and answer and combining different answers to get a conclusion.

Voice acting is a little bland, can be improved. “The Liars” has great voice acting though with 冷泉夜月 ‘s voice having a towering effect. (That game only has 3 characters and one is a dog that can’t talk, the other is the main chara that doesn’t has much lines). In this game, he doesn’t has that many lines but he returns as the same character, Grim.

The story revolves around the title “PRICE” where you have to pay a price for your wish to be granted. The story has connection with “The Liars” and probably a good thing if you played that one first.

Warning, the true ending is not a happy ending. The game is not scary at all though. No screaming, nothing suddenly jump out to scare you. More like solving puzzles and mysteries to know your past. The more you know, the closer to doom you’ll be. The game also has a lot of cute chibi faces of the main chara when you click on stuff which decreases the any leftover scariness.

This is a great short game with good graphics and music and interesting story to solve. I have a lot of fun. Totally recommended.




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28 02 2014

Hello, um… I took a careful look at your blog and found many otome games — Chinese ones >_< I'm wondering if you plan to translate anymore games after Princemaker? Thank you!

1 03 2014

I don’t have any plans for now. Don’t have that much time lately for me to want to start a translation project. When I was translating MSN2 I had at least 4-5 days in a week totally nothing to do the whole day. But now, I only have 3 hours free per day T-T and I use most of the time fangirling Johnlock right now.

This reminds me I keep wanting to write about a game(since 2012 December when chapter 1 came out) I really really like called “Light of Arcdia” but didn’t get to finally write it. At first, it’s because only the 1st part came out, I wanted to wait until the 2nd when there are more stuff, then I wanted to describe in depth about it which include heavy screen capturing & stuff. Needs lots of time to do. Now even the 3rd part already came out! This game far exceeds my expectations with its MASSIVE char list(all of them have drawn half body avatars mind you and they are really good drawings) and intricate storyline involving tons of characters. it’s a 1-man game too(I mean only 1 person made this game). It’s more towards RPG where you need to battle around but AVG elements are really strong, relationship(you can have a pairing with a LOT of kinds of ppl) & missions elements are pretty well done where there’s a lot of villages and towns you visit. And you need to do something to help the people in town to raise the reputation you have to that particular town. Also, you can collect raw materials in the wilderness and synthesis them. Combined with the day night system(which I love to hate) where different ppl appears in town at certain time is enough to get me crazy.This game has a LOT of things going on yet fit together really nicely. The story writing is really good too. The author is totally a genius. I really love it to the point of actually thought of recording a video of me playing the game while explaining its features instead of writing but after I tried to do it, I find that I totally suck at it so I abandon the idea. So maybe I wait for 4th part to come out or even when it ends before I write it. Somehow, I get the idea early on that 4th part will end the game but from the storyline in 3rd part, it seems unlikely to end at 4th.

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