Time to Star

22 01 2014

I just finished the 2nd round of this game. Don’t have much time to play T-T Need around 4hours for each run.

Goal of this game is to be a superstar and conquer all kinds of entertainment: Singer, Model, Host, TV Star & Film Star.

Also, as an otome game, you’ll have 8 guys to get an ending with, which is the 8 that you see in the main menu below:


Yes, you’ll ask why there is a pink girl there(other than yourself in the middle). Well, in usual alfagame humor,……… that is actually a cross dresser guy.

This game is quite hard and you need to try everything to find out where to meet the guy you want to woo. I think I never met any during my outings(or maybe I just missed cause I never paid attention where is me when a meeting happens).

During my first run, I just play without thinking much to get the hang of it. I met with this childhood friend(the guy with glasses on top of his head) which takes my fancy and decided to woo him during 2nd run. Well, not only that, it’s because I think he’s the easiest to woo(real reason). But I still failed. I manage to get him as a boyfriend but it’s too late which is just a few weeks to ending. (You have 157 weeks total). From what I see, this guy is still the easiest to woo out of all cause he likes you from the start, and he’ll always come to find you later on after you advance his plot.

When you start the game, you’ll be given 2 modes to choose. First one is Money restriction, lowest is 0 and highest is infinity. And you start with 100000. 2nd one is lowest 50000, highest is 200000, and you start with 50000. Obviously the 2nd one is harder.

Also, you if you don’t like your starting stats, there is a button to randomize it infinitely. Pretty useful cause it can get one of your stats to as high as 2400 sometimes. Pretty important for strategy planning.

The game schedule is rather free cause you can schedule 1 day and execute that 1 day only, or you can schedule for a lot of weeks and execute all at once. For your convenience, you can repeat the same schedule as last week with a click of the button.

Your schedule has 4 big parts, Notice, Train, Work & Relax. “Notice” is when you accept work from an agency which has a deadline and sometimes only at certain days of the week. So if you accepted multiple notices from different agencies(you can’t accept more than 1 from the same agency so the most you can have is 4 notices from modelling, singing, tv & movie), you need to juggle around so that you don’t miss deadline.

“Train” is when you choose a training from the artist training agency, you will be given certain days to complete the training before you can proceed to the next tier(got 3 tiers and each needs more money). Also training has a limit. You’ll find that it can’t go higher when you reach a certain point and you need other ways to raise a certain stat.

Work is work. Mainly to get fame and money in the beginning. You start off with only 1, street performing, and the only way to unlock others is to go to the fortune teller house. The fortune teller can’t increase love & friendship for you, too bad. You can only ask how is your relationship with a certain person.

Relax is where you go for outings, decrease your stress and gain/decrease weight.

Here is the game menu:

The angel and devil wings icon is your social reputation. If you always talk and be nice to others, that angel wing will light up and you’ll get news that you are well-liked among your peers. That prize cup icon will only appear after your first run and displays relationship related(after you get it), otherwise, it’ll be empty.



Executing schedule will display this screen  above and a chibi you which has an animation. Also a variety of news will pop up during schedule execution. A very useful thing is that you can force stop schedule by right clicking so that if any important news pop-up, you can stop your current schedule and follow-up with the news

This game has a few short-comings due to reusing old art and resources. The obvious part is that everyone has only 1 avatar, no facial change. No pretty event CGs at all. Music is a bit mono-tone but they are original cause they are composed 8 years ago when the game author was in the university game club.

The game is pretty solid and I have a lot of fun planning schedule & playing. Well, Playing 2 times is enough, I’m off to find guides.




7 responses

23 01 2014

Is there a download link somewhere? I wanna download this game…..

23 01 2014

Can you read Chinese? It is at the forum. But currently it seems that the author locked it maybe to update it to release the non-beta version. So have to wait a while.

There, to download beta versions of their new game, you need to register and reply the post to see the download.
For real release, I think anyone can see the post and download without needing to register.

If you can’t read Chinese and have trouble downloading it, leave a comment again.

28 04 2014

is there an english version of this one? 🙂

29 04 2014


16 01 2015

Can I ask for the link to this game?

18 01 2015

It is at the download section in alfagame forum:
Time to Star 1:
Download links at 游戏下载地址 part, 正式版补丁 with the pan.baidu link is the patch, so you need to download 2 items.

Time to Star 2:
Download links at 游戏下载地址 part, no patch

18 01 2015

Thanks for both 🙂

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