Hi guys & announcement

13 01 2014

Sorry for not checking the site lately and haven’t been replying. I’m mostly lazy to re-set some of the stuff(like login again to my email and  login wordpress and stuff) when something happens to my pc where I have to reformat. (Well, my hd died some time ago so I need to get a new one)

And yess! I’ll get the game up by today or tomorrow. And reply you guys. I have free time now and tomorrow’s a holiday. I know some of you won’t get my reply due to waiting too long.

And you guys must know that I am always in time! I checked Alfa Game just and it seems they are currently in closed beta of their newest  Star Maker game. Open Beta will be out on 16 Jan 2014! You’ll be sure that I’ll be one of them.

As for the Gintama doujin game, I need to check if it’s out or not. Maybe I’ll talk about it a bit before I end this post. That time last year August, the Gintama doujin author released his other game instead, a horror based game called “The Liars”. I was having question marks cause I was thinking: “this guy can release 2 games in a span of a few days?” Well, it seems he is not a superman as I thought 😛 I didn’t play that game but I heard it is pretty good with voice acting and the visuals are really very good looking for my standards and for a free game. Not really that horrifying game but I stay away from game with that theme.

If anyone is interested, you can see the pics of the game here and also download free(the first link that has pan.baidu in it):



Gintama Doujin Updates:

there are some updates of this game, this is the OP song, sounds like WOW to me:

Also, the author released a few screenshot pictures of the fake(?) OP. Looks really funny in a epic way 😀




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