Sherlock Holmes Gintama

17 07 2013

I’m waiting for this doujin game!! Chapter 1: “Case 1: A Study in Sugar” will be out at August.

I’m a big fan of Gintama(nothing else can describe how awesome this manga/anime)
Not to say I’m a big fan of Sherlock Holmes, but I like mystery and there is a cute Sherlock Holmes doujin I translated before, so I’m always interested in it.

Here are some points I found about the game:
-This game is really pretty and well made from looking at screenshots and videos(yes, the video captured my total interest)
-This game has Gintama ‘essence’ and ‘love'(manage to get all the iconic faces of the characters and feel of the real story(because the story is crack^^)
-surprisingly it has voice actors(in Chinese of course, not something I’m looking forward to in a visual novel, since it is not the most important thing in vn, but I appreciate the efforts and the voice acting is not bad imho, I do look forward to the rest of the voice acting(only 3 ppl now). On another note, I listen to Chinese drama cds of quite a few BL novels. Although all of them are fan-made, there are good ones.)

You can watch the video here(so funny!)(The narrator is Toshi/Watson, and he said it’s the worst first meeting with that guy, he is facing a corpse while licking a lolipop! If want to lick, then lick mayonnaise instead! XDD):
Another video(the serious side of it, love it):

Official website(It is a website, you can click on the words!):

Here is the publicity pic:




5 responses

3 08 2013

Um, is the game still in progress? I’m really excited to see this, though I can’t understand Chinese LOL :3

4 08 2013

It is said chapter 1 will be out in the middle of August so there is still some days left. Not sure how on time it will be though. I’ll update this post when it comes out.

13 01 2014

Hi, there are some updates of this game, this is the OP song, sounds like WOW to me:

Also, the author released a few screenshot pictures of the fake(?) OP. Looks really funny in a epic way 😀

28 08 2014

Hello! Is this game still in progress? :O

1 09 2014

On hold for a while cause the artist is busy with her assignments in Japan that she really has no time for the doujin yet. The last msg about this game is this from July 29, also the developer released some in game backgrounds as apologies:

I personally have confidence in the release of this game cause the developer Yetu has a good track record and release the other games quite timely. In fact, I haven’t really blogged about the other games they are doing yet(I havent read in ages though so need time to browse through). Other than The Liars and Price which I have blogged, they are currently doing a Otome doujin game 尘沙惑. Also, a lot of pictures, videos, music & other stuff of this Sherlock Gintama game was released already, which I think at least more than 50% of chapter one is already done, so abandonment is not really likely plus Yetu is pretty much alive all this while(just doing other game right now). Also, Yetu released a small momo game of Watson Hijitaka during April this year which you touch him with mouse and he reacts and talks…and he look at your mouse eerily lol.

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