Ares x Lyle Doujin Fanbook

10 01 2013

U guys can look at the comic pages here(drawn really well by the person who draw the wallpaper last time):

If anyone really want to buy, u can ask me for more details.




5 responses

4 04 2013

That looks so cute. Oh, and since I finally catch up with this blog, I was wondering about Endless. Is there no way to download it now?

(By the way, where are you from, anyway? I was wondering since your English is bit mixed)

8 04 2013

You can, you can download it from the forum actually. Haha, I’m from Malaysia.

8 04 2013

Thank you very much!!

I’m a bit curious since from what you’ve write about your situation (I don’t really remember what it was anymore) sounds really similar to mine (I’m from Indonesia, by the way) and I got suspicious that you’re from around here as well.

8 04 2013
9 04 2013

Haha, your radar is pretty good. XD
Oh yeah, I was rushing to go out last time, if you can’t find the link it is the one that said: “点我下载” but it should be rather easy cause the link itself said princemakerendless(dot)rar

I read that you’re an aspiring writer. I’m rather interested. Do you use this email? I’ve send an email there.

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