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30 09 2012

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For people interested in the background story and MSN 1.
This may clear up some confusion or maybe increase more confusion. This list is made quite some time ago, there are stuff that may have been corrected in new MSN game releases … meaning it may be outdated or wrong in some parts. So it’s not foolproof. This list is made by a game member and edited by a player later. If not wrong, this info is what included in the MSN2 commemorative booklet.

I also omitted MSN3 timeline because of MSN3 spoiler.
And please finish the main story of MSN2 before reading this as it is spoiler for MSN2.
Under cut.

Ancient century, 1st year
Deity, Human and Demon race is established, and each of them select their first leaders.

Ancient century 2nd year
The leaders of 3 races held a meeting and signed thousand year peace treaty.

Ancient Century year 514
Deity Elder’s son Aris.Kin.Lante is born

Ancient Century year 532
Aris improved the creation and production technique and has been given the title of God of Wisdom.

Ancient Century year 610
Demon land is seriously impoverished, huge number of their people died, their population is only 1/10th of their establishment time.

Ancient Century year 614
Aris has been exiled to the Demon country because of secretly teaching the creation and production skill to the Humans and Demons.

Ancient Century year 769
Aris married the Demon wandering songstress, Avril

Ancient Century year 794
Aris and Avril’s daughter Maya.Lante is born

Ancient Century year 990
Human Prince, Siza, married the mixed blooded Maya

Ancient Century year 1010
Siza and Maya’s daughter, a Deity, Human and Demon mixed blooded Aris.Lilia is born

Ancient Century year 1025
The 15 year old Aris.Lilia become Human Queen/King, and change her name to Aris.Lilia.Lante

Ancient Century year 1045
Conditions between the Three Realms worsen, the Demons broke the thousand year peace treaty and began threatening the border of the Human Realm. The same year, Lilia asked the Deities for help but is refused.

Ancient Century year 1047
Lilia led the Humans to drive back the Demon invasion but she is severely weakened herself, the Demons temporarily return to their land.

Ancient Century year 1050
The Demon again used an excuse for their poor environment to invade the Deity land to seize survival resources. The Deities fight back and pushed the Demons to the border of the Human Realm which started a muddled scuffle between the three races. December of the same year, the Devastation War started.

Ancient Century year 1150
The Devastation War that lasted for 100 years ended, the Humans won and unified the Three Realms.

Ancient Century year 1151
All the people started to move to New Eden and Three Realms Kingdom is established. Aris.Lilia.Lante become the first Emperor of Three Realms. The same year, Lilia married the Deity Sage Reyin.Aven(He later become the ‘Core’ in MSN3).

Ancient Century year 1152
Three Realms City first Prince, Ray.Lante is born

Ancient Century year 1170
Lilia.Lante passed away at age 160. Ray.Lante become the 2nd Emperor of Three Realms.

Ancient Century year 9950
The Old World is basically restored

Ancient Century year 9999
Each race’s new generation of leaders led their own armies into the Three Realm City. The Aris Dynasty ended. The same year, the people of the three races started to move back to the Old World.

Ancient Century year 10000
The Ancient Century ended, Destruction Century started.

Destruction Century 1st year
The door to New World is sealed, the Core of Three Realm City become a key and divided to 3 where each race’s leader is in custody of each key.

Destruction Century year 4559
Ale.Ossary become the new Deity King(In Braveness, he is called the last Deity Head)

Destruction Century year 4689
Demon General, Landis.Smirnov (MSN1 kid Rex’s father) and the Assassin family head, Lancelot.Dodge, together subsided a renegade of the side family of the Demon royalty. They supported the son of the last king Orhanpa.Satan and he ascended the throne and become Demon King. The same year, Nona.Lante(MSN1 player) is born.

Destruction Century year 4779
Adam.Arthur ascended the throne as the Human King. The same year, Deity Sage only son, Lucifer.Lucia.Kin, Human King’s son Phillip.Arthur and Landis’ son Rex.Smirnov are born consecutively.

Destruction Century year 4783
At only 9 years old, Nona.Lante won the Hero title in Demon Realm and become the head of Lante family.

Destruction Century year 4784
When Landis and Lancelot are executing official duties, they encounter sea monster attacks. Landis is killed when trying to save Lancelot and his son, Rex is orphaned at 3 years old. Lancelot entrust Rex to the Demon King, Satan and Satan handed Rex to the current Lante head, Nona.Lante for adoption.

Destruction Century year 4791
All three leaders secretly gathered to start selecting the Emperor of Three Realms. That year, Lucifer, Phillip and Rex become the candidates. At the same year, Nona become Rex’s guardian and accepted Satan’s orders to let Elf Laia to be their housekeeper.

Destruction Century year 4791
Lancelot accidently found out the truth behind the election of the Emperor of Three Realms. When he wanted to tell Rex about the truth, Demon King Satan sent an army to
kill all members of the Assassin family. His daughter, 17 year old Nina.Dodge miraculously survived and changed her name to Nina.Moin, living in the streets from then on.

Destruction Century year 4793
Demon Prince Defka.Satan is born(father of MSN2 kid)

Destruction Century year 4798
Pan.Wayne.Kin(Ares’ father) is born

Destruction Century year 4799
Rex.Lante become the first Emperor of Three Realms and change the Calendar to Three Realms Calendar, starting from year 950.

Three Realms Calendar year 950
Rex led all races and migrated to New Den, and divided each race. Lucifer, Phillip and Laia(she become a Demon and change her name to Lilis) and Rex all move into Three Realm City. Nona went back to Lante and continue to become the head of the Lante Family.

Three Realms Calendar year 952
Defka’s brother Dreidi.Satan is born

Three Realms Calendar year 956
Lucifer and Pan.Wayne.Kin met and become good friends

Three Realms Calendar year 966
Pan.Wayne.Kin is elected Chief of Deity village

Three Realms Calendar year 967
Human Princess Sharia.Arthur is born(MSN2 kid’s mother)

Three Realms Calendar year 978
Phillip went back to Human City and saw his sister, Sharia for the first time.

Three Realms Calendar year 981
Nona can’t endure thinking about Rex so she secretly slip into Three Realm City to meet Rex.

Three Realms Calendar year 982
Rex and Nona’s daughter Kafir.Lante is born(MSN2 player)

Three Realms Calendar year 983
Demon Prince Defka travelled out and get acquainted with Rex. He acknowledge Rex as his teacher.

Three Realms Calendar year 985
The Deity has internal strife, Ale.Ossory’s Dynasty is overthrown. The same year, the new Deity King, Dick.Sudan ascended the throne, changing his name to Dick.Ossory.

Three Realms Calendar year 985
Deity King Dick.Ossory encounter Human Princess Sharia in God’s Forest.

Three Realms Calendar year 986
Nona.Lante left Demon Realm and move into Three Realm City. The same year December, the former Assassin family’s sole survivor Nina.Moin’s daughter, Katherina.Moin is born.

Three Realms Calendar year 987
Human Princess Sharia met with Demon Prince, Defka.

Three Realms Calendar year 988
Deity King seek the Human Royal Family for marriage. That time, Sharia already has Defka’s child. Sharia and Defka eloped to avoid the marriage. Deity King, Dick.Ossory sent troops to capture them after he heard about it. The end of the same year, Nona.Lante replaced Rex to become the source of energy of the core in exchange for Rex’s temporary freedom.

Three Realms Calendar year 989
Lyle, Ares and Dean is born consecutively. At the end of the same year, Sharia and Defka both are killed. The Recent War ended and the Deities withdraw their troops. Rex entrusted Lyle to the Three Realm City’s orphanage.

Three Realms Calendar year 990
Demon King Orhanpa.Sata passed away. Dreidi.Satan ascended throne as Demon King. The same year, Human wealthy merchant’s daughter Nijie.Huo is born.

Three Realms Calendar year 991
Deity Princess Yvette.Ossory is born. The same year, Human King Adam.Arthur passed away. The Human Priest and Prime Minister govern over the race.

Three Realms Calendar year 992
With only 10 years old, Kafir.Lante won the Combat Tournament and become champion.

Three Realms Calendar year 995
Dean is adopted by Kafir and he is given the surname Lante.

Three Realms Calendar year 997
Ares won a high reputation in Celestial Village and acknowledge his father’s best friend Lucifer as his teacher.

Three Realms Calendar year 997
Dean begin learning Magic(Start of MSN2.Origin, MSN2 prequel)

Three Realms Calendar year 998
Dean rescued an elf, Twillight during one of his missions and friended Ares in Deity Realm. At the same year, Dean become champion of the Combat Tournament at 8 years old. After that, at the end of the year, Kafir left the Demon Realm.

Three Realms Calendar year 998
Celestial Village Chief passed away and Ares is adopted by Deity King and changed his surname to Ossory.

Three Realms Calendar year 999
Human Priest and Prime Minister take back the late Princess’ son Lyle and decided to let him be the candidate for the Emperor of Three Realms. At the same time, Ares and Dean become the candidate for their race respectively.
Dean is given the name Satan. At the end of the same year, Kafir applied to be the cultivator & guardian of the Human candidate and is successfully chosen.

Three Realms Calendar year 1001
The election of the new Emperor of Three Realms has started.

Three Realms Calendar year 1006
Deity King Dick.Ossory committed suicide and the Deity Queen left the palace, the Deity Elders took power and govern the Deities.

Three Realms Calendar year 1009
Dean.Satan ascended the throne and become the new Emperor of Three Realms.




12 responses

1 10 2012

I know I said I won’t comment for a long time, but I really have to say thank you. This timeline is right up my alley. If I ignored the math, this clear a lot of things up and is very informative. It answered a lot of questions and created more questions. All in all, I am very happy.

Oh and doesn’t this contain spoilers for Origin as well? For me, “Kafir” parentage is the big reveal in Origin. Personally, when I played Braveness I have no idea that she could be… That could just be only me though.

Thank you once again, I’ll go rant about the story on my outlet page now.

1 10 2012

Yes, it is spoiler for Origin but then omitting it would break the timeline I think. I think it is hinted in MSN2 when you meet with Rex during picnic. Not very clear though.

Yes, I’m a bit puzzled about the door and key leading to the New World etc…Is it a portal? Or New Eden is New World? And I thought Dean is 1 year older than Lyle.

Where is your outlet page? XD

1 10 2012

First of all, sorry for the late reply.

Oh that picnic, at first I thought it’s there to show that Rex is someone important since he has ties to the Lante family and is yet another heavy handed hint that the player is from Lante family.

Then I played Origin and every time Rex said ‘relative’ and ‘said hi to your sister for me’ I felt like fuming. Seriously, Lucifer is more fatherly toward the player. To add insult to the injury, both Dean’s and Lyle’s talk with Rex last longer than the one with his own flesh and blood.

For the New World thing… Are you sure it’s “New” World? I thought the seal was there to limit access to the old lands (aka Legacy Land). And yeah, it looks like Lyle was supposed to be the oldest candidate! It sure doesn’t show.

Oh and are you sure that the elf in Origin is Twilight? I know the portrait is the same, but I thought it’s just same old recycling and the elf is just a random elf.

As for my outlet page, it’s my profile page since I don’t have blogs or online journals. My pen name is DragonDamsel. It’s basically my outlet page since I put all my random rants there. You’re welcome to read it, be warned though I whine with dramatic language a lot.

1 10 2012

Yes, I’m sure it is Twilight. In MSN2, she said she was saved by the player… Was the player with Dean when she was saved in Origin? I don’t remember.

They never recycle important chara’s image. MSN3 prequel is the first time I saw recycled MSN2 images(they admitted they don’t have enough image resources) but those are NPC images but even then there is still some changes to the image(different clothes). And I saw usage of free image resources too which is probably the most I’ve seen in their series, maybe they are shorthanded right now?

OMG, I think I haven’t go to for like erm 8-10 years? It looks really different. I remember I went there to read Cybersix and Saber Riders fanfic XD After that, I just like to read Chinese original stories better. Actually, I mostly just like read sci-fi which is my favourite genre. Chinese stories have their own weird things that are never/rarely found in Japanese or English stories. Like if you understand how the Chinese depict the road to be a celestial. All the stages to be one make my head hurt 😛 It is totally supernatural that I kind of understand(because I watched this kind of drama b4) but I totally cannot image how it look like—like the main chara is trying to be a celestial and choose the sword way, it is said that he is able to realize/understand the sword way and baby sword(probably in spirit form) will grow in him and able to use it to attack ppl, the baby sword will grow mature when he go up the stages. Basically, if you watch all those celestial, wuxia Chinese drama, you may understand better. There is one time almost all BL novels I read are father son pairing, everyone is writing that don’t know why. Luckily, the fad seems to die out now. It’s not like I don’t like, I read anything good and I read a few good ones but it’s not my fav. Main chara die and reborn in another century or future is also a write to death theme. Some don’t even need that kind of plot they still force it in. Opps, I have a lot to rant about Chinese BL novels. XD I have more to rant about sci-fi BL novels since I mostly hunt for it but I guess I should stop.

Oh, I read your rant XD
Actually, I added Twilight’s talk about she couldn’t recognize the player as male or female by looks myself. I pictured her to be looking beautiful but looking heroic at the same time(and likes to wear men’s clothes). In the orignal version, she just ask you if you are male or female which strike me as weird.
Actually, Kafir being long haired is just to make her gender neutral. Because it is in a kind of medieval setting, short haired women are not the norm. And long hair works for guys too. Aleno also has really long red hair.
And there is a guy in MSN3 prequel who looks exactly like Kafir, which Lyle remarked look exactly the same. I kind of want to keep this spoiler but I guess I can’t XD

And there are fanfics? I mean the Chinese forum has a lot of fanfics but I didn’t see any in English.

Opps, forgot to answer about the New World thing. It said New World in Chinese so I’m not sure it’s a misinformation or other thing. I believe they did miswritten something like Ares is Lyle’s uncle or something in the booklet which is too late when they found out because it was printed. I suspect New World is New Eden though since from my understanding Legacyland is the Old World.

1 10 2012

Well, feel free to rant to me. I know it’s weird, but I always like reading people’s rants. I don’t always like listening to it, but I love reading it. I’m really a sucker for writing with strong opinions and thoughts.

And yes in origin Dean is with the player during the whole let’s rescue the elf episode. That’s why I don’t think the elf’s Twilight. In Braveness, the way Twilight put it, the player is the one who save her not an 8 years old boy. Then there’s the whole ‘I am so grateful I want to leave my tribe with you’, obviously that’s not the case in Origin.

I used to watch Chinese drama series a lot as a child, so I think I understand what you’re saying. From what I know, in Chinese brand of fantasy if you practiced martial arts enough you could become god like.

Father-son pairing?! Are you talking about fanfic or original novels? If it’s fanfic then I’m not really surprised, but original novels featuring that sort of pairing would be very shocking. Ah the reincarnation plot. I love the concept myself, but poor execution could ruin anything.

The asking gender thing by itself is weird. I guess there’s no getting around it, if you have to ask someone’s gender after living with them, things are awkward period. Oh well, I stand corrected on the long hair thing and the resemble mother thing, but I still think male ego pride is still a valid reason.

The guy who looks exactly like Kafir…Do you mean Cadywit? After all Kafir is supposed to have silver hair and golden eyes… Man, Aris descendants are really everywhere.

Oh there’s no English fanfics at the moment, I simply used online translators. Now that we’re on the subject of fanfic, I might as well ask. Did the series become popular after MSN3 release? Is that why so many fan stuffs are about MSN3? And most importantly, the whole Lyle and the locket stuff… is that made up or is it included in MSN3?

1 10 2012

It is Twilight. She only left the place when Kafir go to Human Realm which fits. And I think it’s arguably ok for Twilight to ask her gender because the impression I’ve gotten is that she just started to live with her and when the game starts(in fact it seems like she was waiting for her to come home and start babbling about), it’s the first time she saw Kafir after the Origin episode. I thought she did introduce herself as Twilight in Origin. Although the translator probably translate something else because the Chinese word doesn’t really mean Twilight.

I won’t comment further but MSN3 prequel is actually about Cadywit and his background. Although I still have questions about a lot of stuff(haven’t finish getting all endings).

Hmm, I had no idea actually. I think MSN2 was popular back then. But a lot of the recent forumers there doesn’t play MSN2 or only play MSN2 after they played MSN3. The MSN2 forum is pretty dormant and no one is posting. Or maybe most of the MSN2 fanfics were gone because the forum changed once. Last time the address was suzualfa not alfagame and everything have to start over when they moved to a new site.

Locket? I don’t remember any locket but then I might have forgotten or it is at the extra section. I did not get to unlock all the extra stuff.

I haven’t read fanfic for a long time but yes, the father-son pairing is original story. There was a time when this was really popular and everyone was writing it. I think it’s probably 1 story that became popular and everyone was writing something similar due to chain effect. There are a lot of stories that happen like this. I’ll give a few examples of the sci-fi I read. There was this story called Beasts Planet that become really popular. It talk about this guy being sucked into a black hole and ended up at a planet that is all beast-man. They are really strong. People that can’t turn into a beast is called a ‘female’, they have no power and mostly weak. They story is great and he become somewhat of the saviour of the planet. A lot of stories follow this kind of model later. Pretty sure this is the one that started the merman analogy also(although it is a bit different from the established merman series).

A lot of stories also follow the model that female become extinct and scientists found out that fish has good baby production and merman is invented. This guy has a best friend and was in the military and I forgot why but he decided to become a merman because of some forced circumstances(A merman is very highly protected because they are really rare and sought after, even criminals are allowed to live if they choose to become one). He then ask his best friend to take him when he came out of the merman facility 2 years later. Unfortunately, a war break out 2 years later and his fiance went out to war. He heard something happen to him so he disguised himself as non-merman(I think it was a drug that can turn to legs) and enter the military. It was gruesome because a merman’s strength will basically drop a lot compare to before(they’ll also become really really pretty). To make things short, he become a legend because he lead the troops to victory.

I actually like the 2nd of the series better. About the military head(their friend) who go against orders(for the main charas in 1st series) and is sent to prison. To avoid execution fate, he agreed to undergo merman transformation even though he is a bit old for it. He also have to find someone to take him out after the 2 years. At first, he picked the old neighbour but he died before he came out. Then his aide go and choose an ‘aristocrat’. He look at the details and said there is no problem and it is perfect but later when he came out he found out that his new husband is actually the enemy kingdom’s prince he battled against. Even though he became merman, he still retain the same face(too old to undergo the transformation) and still quite strong. His husband is really scared of him(not his pairing) because he got owned back in the days when they were enemies. His husband’s big brother is his pairing as he somehow couldn’t forget him(they were head to head enemies at that time and he probably admired him in his heart) during the battle days. Anyway, he’s a really wild & rough merman that doesn’t treat himself as one which I find it very nice to read.

Hmm, the comment box is lagging because of too much text. I’ll end here. 😛

2 10 2012

So it’s possible that there were MSN2 fanfics and those are lost? What a shame… As for the locket thing, it’s probably in the extra section., since one author who wrote about it confess that she doesn’t unlock the story yet. I just wonder if the details of the story are established fanon or is it canon. That’s all.

So it’s a Twilight (the Edward and Bella one) phenomenon huh? As for the merman series, so basically the first book followed Mulan in BL format? The second one sound great though. I always like my BL to be BL and not het in disguise. Are these in Chinese?

2 10 2012

There are so many extras to unlock and some you have to do crazy hard stuff to unlock them. If I’m not wrong, they have to be unlocked the 2nd play onwards. But I guess this is the tradeoff that the game has become easier. Most of the extra section does not fit in the storyline I think. I remember there is one about Lyle, Ares and Dean found something magical that turn them to children(CG of children). It is just fanservice?

Now that you’ve said it, it does sound like Mulan 😛
But luckily the story doesn’t feel like Mulan that much. At least during his time in the military it is rather different.
Actually, his husband is a simple and normal guy, not a very capable person(I remember the main chara was really great in the military before he became merman, I think it is family troubles that he chooses to become one). The husband even think why the main chara choose him.
Normally, BL stories will be like the seme is very strong and capable but this two is the opposite. Actually, this series is very long. I remember there are 3 or 4 more stories into this long series. They are sadly only in Chinese. I never seen anyone translate Chinese novels to English though. The only translation I see is to Vietnamese(Quite a lot of groups do this also, very surprising).

Actually for Chinese BL novels I would recommend something else.
There was one about Plants vs Zombies that I think it is very good and creative. It sounds like a fanfic but there is not that much fanfic element in it. But it does fight zombies(futuristic zombie apocalypse) and he always manages to collect plants with strange power. He has a ring that he keep all of them in(the ring is a strange space that is like a lush garden and even has a house). The plants also become something like a pet and understands and interact with the other people which is really cute and funny. His main pet, the multicoloured sunflower is very violent and will bite ppl who offended him(no, he doesn’t produce suns XD), he later will have his wifu, a silver vine kind of thing.
There is one that the main chara died and become a Cheetah(can change to human also) in a strange place. I like the story because the story uses somewhat like a National Geographic way to tell the story XD He sometimes uses human intelligence to catch food and jokes ensued. Like using a string of grass to hoop his prey on the neck and kill him or he take a rock and hit his prey on the head(all of this when he turn into a human). When he arrived there, he saw 2 small Cheetah that lost their mother and adopted him. It is unheard of that a male Cheetah taking care of their cubs so his situation become an evening talk of the other animals!
My most favourite novel that I’m following right now is actually about something like Gundam sized robots. But, it truly doesn’t feel like Gundam at all when I read it. Gundam is more about hate and friendship that become enemies and fight with high emotion mostly XD I cannot describe how awesome this story is.

I really like this author and her novels are really fantasy. Before this, she wrote a story about tomb raider(like Indiana Jones) which has many strange phenomenon happening in the tombs, but I remember that the transparent bridge effect seems to be taken from Indiana Jones. Other than that, the others seem pretty legit. The cave of wish fulfillment part is probably my favourite. When you enter the cave, you’ll be trapped. The cave is owned by an entity that will ‘grant’ your wish so they cannot say out their wish or they’ll be under the curse. At first, this bad guy ran in the entrance and was cut into bits by the blades surrounding all of the cave, before he die, he wished to live. So everyday, his dying will replay and live for one day. He regretted so much and wish to truly die. There was this man in the group that wishes for meat. He got the meat and later died too(I forgot). The meat is actually the meat of the bad guy. (The bad guy commented that each time he re-live, he felt some part of him are gone)
Lastly at the end of cave, they arrive at a place where there are 12th doors that keep repeating the same death of the guy inside.
One of the guy(that can talk) told him that there was one guy who managed to cheat the entity and escape the place with the treasures and told him of the rules of the place.
It seems the main chara in the past thousand of years ago did that. He planned out this whole conspiracy although he knew nothing of it now(at the end it is said that after reborn for so many times, there was a risk that it won’t be him anymore and actually the main chara now is actually not the same guy inside). The whole thing started when ancient past he friended some powerful God/Alien(the other main chara). He knew one day he would go back because he was king and he grew to envy his powers so he use some kind of trick to steal his heart and power to keep him there. The whole story is about this mystery which totally hooked me on.
They go on adventures and adventures to different tombs.The last one is underwater and has so many entrance and clothes in the water that will kill ppl. This story is not scary though.I feel really satisfied when I finish the story.

Oh yeah, I translated a short animation that is based on a favourite light novel of mine(light BL too). I like it because it talks about the western myths and each chapter is a small entertaining episode. I’m actually a sucker for fairy tales or folk tales.
It is called Noah Animal Clinic and I translated it too although it is not public. I’ll send it to your email. Or you can find them at aarin.

2 10 2012

It does sound like fan service. I don’t whether I should be glad or sad that the locket plot might not be canon. On one hand, this bit of plot inspired one of my favorite MSN2 fics. On the other hand, no love triangle.

Maybe it’s because I’m anything but well read, but all the plot lines you mention sound really impressive. A zombie story that feature plants (of all things!) with attitude, another one with gossiping animals (that sound really cute) and the tomb raider one with a conspiracy mystery that actually has ties with the main character.

The last one sound like something I would enjoy. I never actually read fantasy + mystery + adventure before, but I have watch them on TV. And well if the story isn’t so cliche I could guess the entire plot from the first episode alone, it’s usually a fun ride. I guess this one is also in Chinese?

The best stories are always the ones that leave you glowing with satisfaction when everything come to the end. I’m not an avid reader so I can’t say I experience that feeling often when it come to books. Since I’m more of a gamer, often time it’s games that give me this feeling.

Come to think of it, Prince Maker Braveness also gave me satisfaction when I finally unlock the storyline and Lyle become Emperor. It’s a bittersweet ending, but by that point I feel that there’s a real bond there. Even if he end up with someone else, he still want to protect his sister…

And thanks for the links, I’ll check it out soon.

PS. Seals that could shed skin to turn into humans are called selkie. I happened to be a weird nerd that love mythology. ^^

2 10 2012

Yes, those are in Chinese. I’m not sure where to find good English BL stories but it is easy to find Chinese BL stories as jjwxc(They always call it JJ) is probably the main one and the biggest and I look at certain forums and weibo they will always recommend good stories regularly(although I think my taste is a bit weird, only 1 out of probably 10 I am able to continue reading, I don’t really mind language that much but if the beginning doesn’t catch my attention, I can’t continue reading). Most will upload a chapter regularly like once a day or two, some longer, some forever…^^; I like it because it is always long and epic stories.

Hey, how do you know that there are Seals that shed their skin in the novel? It happened pretty much in the middle of the novel. I like the novel because it will introduce said myth/animal and give it a rather fun/interesting situation. Because it is a light novel, it is pretty much episodic type of chapters where maybe 2-3 chapters is one story but there is a main plot overall(Orthus mom wanted them to go back hell and during book 3 always send mythological stuff to get rid of Luo Sai, however he is always able to avoid it without knowing, either got rid by Orthus or because of his personality and I’m able to get a crack out of those episodes, the bad stuff always have a bad and funny end). This seal is a lovesick guy and he fell in love with Luo Sai’s father’s friend(an uncle) that live in the same city when he was walking on the beach one day I think. He is also an airhead that left his skin just like that on the beach just to live with the uncle.

25 10 2012

I went and read the other timeline stuff you didn’t add in and all I feel now is…
Why would kafir go and just do that….
Oh, and reading all the rants here was fun.

26 10 2012


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