MSN3 prequel review and download

22 09 2012

MSN3 Prequel is the adventures about Rayche & Cadywit these two brothers(I know they look wa-y different to be brothers. This is their story…). They were NPCs in MSN3. When they were kids, there was a disaster at their village and their parents died. 8 years later, they both formed a mercenary group and take missions. In this game, there will be people joining them on the way(7 ppl total including the brothers)

There isn’t much connection to MSN3 as this is an independent story but it talks about the origin of Dean’s 3rd son(which is Yuluo’s) name. Because of MSN3 spoiler I cannot say more about Dean’s 3rd son… Also, this game talks about how Aleno’s parents meet and give birth to him/her. Aleno is the caretaker in MSN3.

For this game, the head give the artists more freedom to use their own styles compared to previous games. Meaning there is no strictly following a certain style and colour for all artists. So you can see some characters look different in style and colouring.

Also…the dialogue boxes become smaller than ever! Smallest I’ve seen. ^^; If want to translate it is very hard without modifications.

The creator already warned many times that the battle system is very very weird.
I think the battle system is ok and is more about strategy compared to normal RPG games.

The battle is automatic and the characters will attack without your command.
For each turn, the characters will trade position from the front to the back position and vice versa.
What you need to do is before battles, you need to arrange the characters into the 6 box positions, 3 in front and 3 in back.
You can only put 4 ppl into the battle group so arrange wisely.

Each characters also has different effects during the front or the back.
Like during the back, Rayche will block attacks up to certain points made to the front person and absorb the rest.
Cadywit will increase the attack of the person in front.
At the end of each turn, there will be a small timer and a few different stones for you to use, you can heal, change places, increase attack or increase help value.
For each battle, you can use 2 stones at first and it’ll increase 1 stone for each 5 turns.

Battle Screen Tutorial

This game has relationship system where your relationship increase if you battle a lot with each other. They’ll also interact with each other during battle(but dialogue zips through fast!) if your relationship is high enough. Relationship drops if they are not in your battle party. So relationship managements are necessary too for endings.

There are also lots of endings and stories for each character to collect. You have to collect individual stories by camping around on the map. Mostly, you have to camp around a certain landmark like the lake or a camping shelter etc. It is easy to spot.

There is an achievement system. You’ll be given achievement points if you can fulfill the requests in the adventure logbook. Like fight with a certain monster, reach a certain level in the Battle Arena, getting an ending, getting a story. All of these can be traded for points.

What does points do? Points are used to buy engravements. These engravements are power-ups that you can equip to each person. Each person can equip 2. Power-ups include increasing HP, attack in a row, give enemies certain debuff etc…

What else…? Oh yes, certain achievements will only be unlocked after the first playthrough. Btw, even without much random battle grinding, you can still finish the game. I take it back, you need to grind levels as much as possible for the final 3 bosses. It is so hard. TwT It is also best to read guides before you start(if you easily ragequit) since I almost ragequit(and I rarely feel ragequit) at the end because I bought the wrong engravements. But luckily after I arrange the characters and level up a bit, I barely passed to level 2 and I get back my points for engravement reassignment for the 2nd round of the game.

After you get 4 ppl, be sure to go to the arena to fight 2-3 times before you do anything else.
This is because your characters will get fatigue if you fight any random battles and all their stat values drop drastically!
You will be having a really hard time fighting boss battle if you have bad(there’s a blue arrow down) fatigue value.
The best condition is having an orange up arrow and they’ll deal damage like crazy.
There’s also a so so condition which is the middle. Boss battles doesn’t give fatigue.(so you can actually avoid all random battles).
Back to topic, you can ONLY decrease fatigue by resting in the arena(camping, going to inn doesnt!). And you can only get resting allowance only by battling in the arena, 1 battle, 1 allowance. And enemies get harder and harder for each battle tier. So your rest are limited. Use wisely!
Btw, if you don’t use that character in battle, their fatigue will decrease also.

->Download page here or you can go to the Downloads section above<-

There is a wallpaper based on this image in the game download also:





6 responses

23 09 2012

“the origin of Dean’s 3rd son(which is Yuno’s) name.”

I know you can’t give out any more info because of spoiler, but please allowed me to exclaim. OMG, that’s mean Dean and the MSN2 player has at least three kids. Probably more because of the emphasis on the word ‘son’. Even if they get some of the kids via adoption, that’s a lot.

Shock. Shock. Shock. Even if I come to like Renascence a lot, chances are I won’t be able to completely get over the shock factors.

“Also, this game talks about how Aleno’s parents meet and give birth to him/her. Aleno is the caretaker in MSN3.”

This series really like to delve into the player characters’ parentage, huh?

23 09 2012

Well, according to the creator. This prequel completes the world of MSN3, she probably didn’ manage to include and explain everything she wanted about the world of MSN3 in MSN3. Well, there won’t be any games about MSN3 already. They are going to start with making MSN4 after this.

There are something more shocking in the middle of the game. It is already foreshadowed in MSN2 by ppl who become the Emperor, maybe you are able to guess.(Don’t guess here, I won’t confirm it now) 😛

The creator like to give a complete story I guess. Actually Freedom Days Aleno is a prequel also. It talks about the relationship of Aleno, his butler and his brother back in the past. It talk in depth about some serious incidents that happen in Deity land which doesn’t explain that much in MSN3. Ok, no spoilers ^^;

Oh yeah, the 3rd son’s name is Yuluo. I had no idea why I typed Yuno…There might be some name changes again. Aleno’s butler will be Cleion now(his name change history is interesting Graham->Kaylen->Cleion).

23 09 2012

I’m not complaining. I like the world building here, since it really show that the creator is very dedicated. Plus the stories themselves are pretty good, which made better gaming experience for me.

And thanks for the warning, I’ll have my tissues ready when the time come.

By the way, I can’t find anything about this in the previous posts, but do Aleno (that’s the official name right?) has his/her own relationship ending? I mean, with someone who’s not Baiyu.

And… what is Aleno’s default gender? For me, Origin’s story made a lot more sense if the player is female. Did the script heavily favor one gender, or is it more gender neutral?

23 09 2012

Yes, Aleno’s name won’t change as the English name is already used in the Chinese ver.

Aleno has his/her ending with a lot of characters(you can end up with the other 2 candidates also and some characters that Baiyu can’t end up with. Also, it can also end up with a GL pairing(Demon candidate’s caretaker) if you choose Aleno to be a girl.

MSN3 has an interesting jealousy system which is very funny imo. Like when Aleno and Baiyu likes the same person or Edea and Himi both like Aleno or Baiyu etc, there will be jealousy events that is very funny and kind of messed up. XD Anyway, I have fun with it.

Aleno doesn’t have a default gender yet. But when you choose name and stuff in MSN3, it filled up the fields for you already and it is put as sister(for lazy ppl who don’t want to input all the fields).
For me, Aleno is still gender variable. There isn’t anything that can set him/her gender apart.

23 09 2012

When I asked about Aleno’s relationship ending, I fully expected the answer to be no. Are you telling me, that Aleno is basically his/her own character with personality, ability to rake in the cash and relationship endings all in one package? There’s even jealousy events?

These made Renascence sound even more awesome. It’s like the creators have tried their best to outdone themselves by implementing every features that the players have ever wanted.

Game companies should be ashamed. Alfagame is not getting a cent out of this and yet they actually try to carter to the consumers’ wants…Sorry, I got carried away.

Anyway, if Aleno could end up with other caretaker (which is a totally awesome idea) does that mean the butler is also a romance option? I just think it would be so funny (and awkward) if both Aleno and Baiyu like the butler.

Gender variable, huh? Sound like the creators expect most gamers to be female… So unlike Origin the script is totally impartial? Or does that mean the script actually change when you choose different gender?

23 09 2012

Yes, you can get Aleno+Butler ending. There is also a character that you can only get playing 2nd time(if you didn’t trigger the first time, you have to play more than 2 times)
But Baiyu can’t get any of the other caretaker and butler ending.

I think they did too much and exhaust themselves. They have to cut back on some things. There’s only 6 years. Baiyu’s relationship endings are few. If I’m not wrong, he can only get the other 2 candidates and the orange hair girl adopted by Dean and a random girl.

There’s a lot of in game CGs btw and they are really really really nice. It’s like a total upgrade from MSN2.

There are a few ppl that doesn’t like that Aleno has its own personality though. They feel it’s not them(bcause Aleno should be the player). But I think Aleno’s actions are always very cute/funny. Some ppl also find this not to be a cultivation game anymore. The game is actually a visual novel at first and putting in the cultivation system as secondary. The creator admitted because she says she’s not a total fan of pure cultivation game, she’s actually more interested in experimenting weird game system(I think she likes RPG more).

I sound like a broken record but the game is easy to get an ending but replay value is high(have a lot of achievements to unlock) and because there are too many stuff to do(you’re given all sorts of missions like Baiyu want this and that, the career agency & research institute want you to do this and that and you have a yearly mission to get to the new year bash which is important if you want to be Emperor), you’re not bored.

Well, game companies rarely will take risks. Once a proven formula they’ll not change very much.

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