Ah San’s Way of Survival

29 07 2012

Decide to write a review of a Chinese visual novel game I just played. There are actually quite a few numbers of free Chinese visual novels. I think I linked a visual novel game list somewhere in the past. I also have a post that has really nice games that I’ve tried/played or caught my interest.

I just played a great game. It’s an otome game where you can end up with different males but it actually plays like those adventure books. Maybe if you’re from the new generation of kids you may not know this kind of thing. Even from my generation I think most people don’t know. I’m lucky to get one of these because of my older brothers that are way older than me. Basically, the book is actually like a visual novel where you’re given choices and different choices lead to different pages of the book to continue the story. It also has RPG elements where you are supposed to start off with certain HP and luck value and weapons and stuff(don’t remember). You’ll be using 2 dices or make your own random number generator(pencil?). All of the events will depend on the dice for luck and subtract once you used a luck. You’ll also be getting items along the way where you have to write it down on the personal game sheet for the book(or write your own elsewhere.

Ok, this game is actually kind of like that. There is no RPG battle in this game. You just have a choices that affect your survival(this IS a survival otome game). You have HP, RP and Energy. There are also a lot of males that you can end up with I think. It seems there are 4 guys and 1 girl you can woo in this game. I just end up with a bitter game over(killed by the assassin you can woo actually you’re supposed to survive if your HP is over the deducted amount) because HP becomes zero so I haven’t progress much actually.

The story start with the main girl(which looks like a boy…I think some place in the game also commented that way)’s friend going to wake her up. Then she gets hit by the chair in her room and she goes into another world which looks like ancient China. She then was given a pill by an Assassin which almost killed her and ended up in the beggar association(another Wuxia element, the beggar fraction that has high martial arts skills) and started living there with the old man and two young man, 1 seems like a really nice guy that gets flustered easily, 1 seems to know a lot of things, too much. Then you meet the snobbish noble and his sister(the girl you can woo?) if you go to their place, if you did not, you won’t even see the girl for the whole game. Then at night, you always see a guy visiting you(looks like the assassin but Ah San seem to treat him as someone else?) The ending of this demo is you’re guessing WHO is the assassin. Drives me crazy because Ah San seems to talk like she know who is the assassin BUT leaves the player guessing. Oh yeah, if you’re not familiar, in Chinese ancient Wuxia stories, supernatural stuff like changing faces and bodies to a terrifying degree to spoof other people is a skill always portray in this kind of genre, and is always shown like how godly it is where one can become a fat man, a pretty girl, an ugly beggar etc. that no one can guess who you are.

Storywise, this game always breaks the 4th wall. The main chara will always refer to herself as heroine and will say stuff like as the main chara, it’s not so easy to die blablabla. She can also see the text box on your game screen and ‘chat’ with it etc. Anyway, it is made in a fun way so I think it’s really fun. Also, I actually did not play much Chinese visual novels that uses ancient China settings(or Wuxia setting). I think this is a unique thing that happens in Chinese stories and it should be taken advantage of in visual novels since it’s not a common theme. Although I think the OP is a bit cheesy as I read too many Chinese novels and watch too many Chinese dramas that has the telepot-to-the-past theme. It is considered a genre already. The story is actually quite interesting and has events happening that will lead you to clues as who is the assassin(although not enough for me). It is also very dramatic especially the dangerous scenes like where you are facing 5 tigers. I feel pretty nervous.

This game really describe every detail of the main chara’s feeling that I feel like I’m going to die after that event all the time… Anyway, I think this game is not going to be easy… It’s a demo though but I think it is longer than most demo I’ve seen and from what I’ve read, this demo has 1 ending which I played to that part. Probably not the real ending and it may be continued in the full game. At least it seems like it can be continued. So it’s actually quite a full fledged game already.

Oh, I have one minor thing about the game. The title page new game, load game etc. selection has words that is very hard to read.

The game download page did not say it’s going to be commercial or free. But it looks like commercial graphics. And the demo is not done like to promote a commercial whole game. Rather, the demo is made based on the progress.

Game here (Chinese Traditional but play on Chinese Simplified windows environment):
The zip file has password which is the long red line below the download link(copy only 1 line!).

the suiters

What is the Weird Assasin and Snobbish Noble plotting for Ah San?


Lots of nice looking backgrounds

the suiters

Map, there's a city map too




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