10 07 2012

I just played this game at Kongregate and it is a lot of fun! It is really cute too, nice little story about the lovers. I love it. I find the music very addicting for me.

Oh yeah, I didn’t know when I first played and I didn’t see the tutorial tell me so I found the menu bar very late. The menu to access your stats, calendar, current date, quit, and sound is at the right side. Just hover your mouse to the right and it’ll pop up.

You play as Anneite, an obsessive girl who is engaged to an unmotivated guy named Robme. You’re given 2 months to accomplish your goal, $50.000 which your parents required of your fiancé. Could you pull it off?

You also have to increase your three stats, Charisma, Intelligence and Love. Doing an action increases and decreases a stat. You have 4 phase in a day to do the actions. Actions range from 1 phase to 3 phase. You’ll get to play a minigame when you have to level up a stat.

Save money by enslaving your boyfriend to work, win contests(give huge amounts of money!), or anything!

You have 4 endings to get!(View achievements from main menu to see description of each achievements and ending)

Sponsored by keygames
Developed by stellar-0

Play it free at Kongregate(flash game):




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