Hi! Not long before the release.

30 05 2012

Hi, it’s pretty much ready. I send it to the author and after she approve it I can post it. Before that, there are some things I want to talk about.

Firstly, I’m not continuing the translation of MSN3 for now unless I get enough people to help, a few translators & maybe someone good at coding and language quality checkers. I envy so much for translation groups that have 40 translators(!) for a project(There is! Well, only in the Chinese translation world probably). They can churn out a lengthy visual novel in 6 months. Not even sure how the head manage so many people. Well, going back to MSN3, it’s not so much of a hiatus as I haven’t really started editing the scripts at all so if other translation groups want to pick it up for translating feel free to do so. Feel free to take the list of terms that was made a while ago too.

Secondly, no credits to people who helped in the game. This is because there are quite a number of people going in and out of this project and honestly I don’t remember all after so many years and I don’t have many of their nicknames(only know their emails)… So to be fair, no one would be mentioned, not even me(Ok, to be honest, it can be done but I’m lazy to check out my ancient emails one by one). I only refer the translation credits back to this site so people can know the latest updates.  Btw, it is 4 years since this project started and I’m not even the person who started this project. In the end, it is a whole lot of work than I thought.

Well, I might translate one of the MSN2 minigames which is less of a work. The game where you Kiss and Bite people to get an ending comes to mind hahaha.




2 responses

30 05 2012

Kiss and Bite? o_o
Wow, I kinda can’t believe it’s almost done.. ❤ Sorry I didn't help, but I'm useless in doing anything else than cheering ;_; Once again – THANK YOU ALL!! ❤

30 05 2012

It is a cute and simple quick game. 😀 I had fun with it
I talked about it here:

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