I need game testers for MSN2

17 05 2012

EDIT: I don’t need testers anymore. The game is out so go download already. If there is anything wrong(grammar/typos/errors/etc.) please post a screenshot.

Probably need some after a few days so I post this now.

I need game testers because I’m lazy to play through the whole game and I’m no good at coding to set up checkpoints for testing various parts of the game. I do try to test them but I don’t think I can catch all of those text going out of boxes and other texts that doesn’t position correctly.

1. Need to have free time now to play the game.
2. Doesn’t mind text going out of boxes(especially buttons) and possible errors.
3. Able to take the time to screenshot problem areas and send them to me for fixing and provide patches. (There are a few options on how to do this, one is a hassleless option that you just need to press a key for every screenshot, you don’t even need to explicitly send it to me as I’ll automatically get it, but you need to install dropbox. Other options is you send screenshots to me normally by posting in sticky board or send to me through email)

Please leave a comment if you want to test the game. I’ll contact you through your hidden email for further details. (please don’t post your email in the comment itself)




8 responses

18 05 2012

Sure, I’ll help out 🙂 Just let me know.

20 05 2012

I would like to help too, if you don’t mind.

23 05 2012

I would love to help as well. (My classes end on June 7th, and so I will have more testing time then but I wanted to post now before I forgot, and I can do some testing before then as well!) I also would like to know, since I am on a Mac, if you would want me to boot into windows for testing, or if I could try the game on CodeWeavers. (I normally don’t see games having any graphical distortions in comparison to when on Windows, but you never know for sure.)

23 05 2012

I’d like to help.

24 05 2012

I’ll be happy to help out. I have lots of free time on my hands. c:

26 05 2012

Hello! I’d love to help with testing the game. I have plenty of free time with which to do so. I can also check for spelling and grammar errors, if you would like.

16 06 2012

I’d love to test it. If you want me to, I can check for spelling and grammar.

16 06 2012

The translated game is out already. So just go and download it. If there is anything that is wrong you can post me a screenshot.

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