MSN2 Translation Status

16 05 2012

I guess I have to do everything myself, sigh… Yeah, I’m quite low spirited these days. Need some hugs or something.

I haven’t heard from my last compiler(the real term is unpacker/repacker, I’m using it wrong, so I’ll change to this term in the future) for quite some time so it’s not looking good.

Fortunately, it’s not going hiatus yet. After asking around some random ppl, someone recommended the gemot forum to ask for help. I didn’t managed to post anything there though(I have lurker habit). But after looking through the various posts in the forum, and trying out some tools, I finally know how to extract sources from the game and repack it myself so it can be played. At least I learn something useful and probably easier to do stuff from now on. But I still wanted a programming/coding wiz to help me though. So please contact me if you’re interested in helping. Also need translators/proofreaders for MSN3, hopefully I can get some when MSN2 is released.

It is not the end of my troubles though. The last repacker has done some unfinished coding edits to the scripts. Because she’s the one who had done it, I’m almost clueless so I have to spent some time looking through and understand what she has changed and debug unfinished portions or roll back to original if I can’t figure out. I can’t guarantee there won’t be errors when playing the finished game because of this.

Also, she left some unfinished font assignments. To make my job easier for word wrapping, I change to smaller fonts for dialogues. Hope you guys have good eyes? I think they still look okay for reading. Tricky parts are the buttons and selections. Some are changed to bigger buttons but some aren’t which is a pain because it would not look good to have some buttons with smaller fonts and some with big fonts but all the work to enlarge the buttons would go to waste if I make it small fonts now. I can’t figure out how to change some of the fonts(come out the same font even though I change it…) This will be quite time consuming to fix.

Another thing is I have to reposition all text. The text are not conform inside the text boxes, they are a separate thing. So most of the non-dialogue texts doesn’t position correctly and most go out of boxes. I wish everything works like Unity3D. Although it is for making 3D games, it has good script associations where everything works like a module(like I can make a script for that status bar and it works for all places by drag&drop, and I only have to change it once, MSN2 works like every script has the same piece of script appearing for the money and date bar above for each ‘page’) and adjusting buttons & stuff is easier. Although I don’t think it is easy to crack/extract resources because Unity3D works very differently.

Lastly, now I have to manually do the word wrap by editing line by line so that it word wrap properly inside the dialogue boxes. Probably the most time consuming. It’s very error prone too. I didn’t do the word wrap very pretty though, otherwise I’ll probably be so frustrated that I don’t even want to touch this project again, I’m just roughly trying to make it fit inside boxes. Please excuse me on this, I wish there could be a better way.  Chinese and Japanese use block letters so they are always same amount of characters per line and this program is definitely not friendly for English.

I’m trying to fix a broken web here and I’m not good at it ^^; Hopefully it doesn’t look too bad in the end.




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27 05 2012

Thanks for all your hard work! *hugs*

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