Ares Bday Present – Shimeji Desktop Pet

2 05 2012

Need to log in weibo as the author post it there. Not found in the forum. You need to have Java installed. Shimeji will crawl around the 4 corners of your desktop and duplicate by itself, like caterpillars XD Shimeji doesn’t talk.

Ares bday was 30 April.  You can either use the link at the side which is alfagame’s weibo add since it has the repost version or this is the author’s weibo:

Aresbday Shimeji

Aresbday Shimeji





3 responses

20 07 2013

Hello! Did the author of this shimeji post it anywhere else?
I never made a weibo account before, and ever since they added the sms verification codes it has become impossible to register in my country, so I really can not access the link! 😦

21 07 2013

Yes, you can access it in the alfagame forum(no need to register):

Click on the “MF載點” for Mediafire download.

Here is also the Lyle Shimeji:

Click on the “萊爾桌寵大叔版〈MF載點〉” for Lyle with mustache
Click on the “萊爾桌寵年輕版〈MF載點〉” for Lyle without mustache

21 07 2013

Thank you!!

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