MSN3 Renascence first OP

23 04 2012

I didn’t see anyone upload it in youtube but I found it in youku. Here it is, the full version of the first animated OP if anyone haven’t seen it yet. Basically, this OP is the biggest spoiler for the whole story 😀 It pretty much tells who is your double personality son.
Vodpod videos no longer available.
燃烧的烈火将村子染成血红色 – Burning Flames Dyed the Village Blood Red Color

仿佛又回到那个夜晚—在火中低声哭泣的背影 –
As If (I) Have Returned to That Night—The Silhouette Sobbing Softly In the Flames

『对不起……』- 『I’m Sorry…』

对我哭泣的人—被我呼喊的人 – The Person Crying to Me—The Person I Called Out To

你现在到底在哪里 – Where Are You Now?

夺目的白光将我的梦境照亮 – A Shinning White Light Has Brighten Up My Dream

Vaguely Saw a White Youth—Looking at The Figure by the Lakeside

『不甘心……』- 『I’m Not Satisfied…』

带着绝望痛苦红色—是否忘记—你的灵魂在生命逝去之时留下的心愿和希望 –
The Red With Despair and Pain—Have You Forgotten—The Wish and Hope of Your Soul When Your Life Passed Away

宁静的夜空被迷人的烟火点亮 – The Silent Night Sky is Lighten Up by Enchanting Fireworks

仿佛看到紫色的少年眼中—重燃的热情和希望  –
In the Eyes of the Purple Youth— Seems to Reignite With Enthusiasm and Hope

『好开心』- 『So Happy』

守着寂寞孤单黄色—是否忘记—身边亲人深情的凝视和温暖的笑容已在你心 –
The Yellow that is  Always Lonely and Alone—Have You Forgotten—The Affectionate Gaze and Warm Smile of Your Close One is Already In Your Heart




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