Play Chinese Games with Online Translation Tools

7 04 2012

I forgot, Happy Easter Everyone!

Please read this post first.  This is considered continuation/extra/part2. If you’re happy with the before post/don’t have Internet connection you don’t have to use this. But you can use Wakan in this post because it is an offline tool.

EDIT: Instead of Applocale, there is a better software to use: NTLEA 0.92. It solves problems that sometimes Applocale can’t solve. Read my previous post for update.

IMPORTANT!: If you’re using all these softwares together like my setup below, Cp2Tran MUST be executed/run last after everything or else it can’t work and FASTAIT2009 can’t translate. If it can’t work just close it and open it again. Don’t need to close the other softwares.

Put out a Layout Screenshot first:

Layout Screenshot

Layout Screenshot

Download list:
1. Translation Aggregator 0.4.9 Online translators that can be used are only Babelfish, Google Translate and Bing. Bing give me overlimit notice really quickly sometimes but sometimes works with no problem?

2. Translation Aggregator Helper(Download TAHelper – This is to use to hook Wakan and has some extra good functions like deleting repeating characters(I really recommend this! as ITH and CP2Tran can’t detect the repeating characters in Prince Maker 3 but TAHelper manage to eliminate it, this works with FASTAIT2009 too!)

3. Wakan (Offline use). It shows pinyin and all word by word translations which can be useful. Need a bit of setup.

4. Optional but not really useful for now: GTGal/Miao Translator v0.11(Need to install .NET Framwork 4!!) – (Author Site) Download Mediafire | 4shared

-Very good TA and TAHelper Guide to read

Not free translators but can be used(I did not download it so I’m not absolutely sure but I read from the website that it can be used to translate Chinese to English, I mention it because these free tools support it): Systran6, DrEye8 (Download TAHPlugin too to use for Systran6)

++Setting up Translation Aggregator:++
1. Change to Chinese: “Tools”->”Translate From”->”Chinese (Simplified)”
2. Ctrl+F to turn off menubar and get back the menu bar if you turn it off and want to get it back.
Uncheck “Window”->”Two Column” if you want my layout.

Change Language to Chinese

Change Language to Chinese

Settings & Comments

Settings & Comments

++Setting up Wakan:++
Wakan need a bit of setup as it is in Traditional Chinese if you change it to Chinese, you NEED to change to Simplified Chinese to play the Simplified version of the Prince Maker games I uploaded here.
1. Select the China Flag or press F9 for Chinese mode.
2. Goto Tools->Settings->General->Pick Simplified (GB2312) Only
3. Select Editor/Translator or Ctrl+F3 for the Text Editor
4. See instructions for TAHelper below.
Note: If you use TAHelper and check the compact mode, you loose the toolbar, you can’t get it back instantly. You need to uncheck compact mode, close Wakan and reopen it. If you re-open Wakan without TAHelper, the toolbar will be there also. Wakan has too many functions to study Japanese and Chinese. If I find anything useful I’ll add in here later.

Set Chinese language

Set Chinese language

In Settings

In Settings

Click Editor/Translate

Click Editor/Translate

++Setting up TAHelper:++
1. Tick “Enable” to get clipboard text
2. Tick “Remove repeating characters” (very effective for Prince Maker 3)
3. Make sure Wakan is hooked, tick “Autotranslate” and “Compact”
That’s the most simple setup. As for how to remove/replace names at front, please read the good guide above. Prince Maker 3 don’t need to remove name at beginning as it is always in another thread. But you may need to replace character names  that show up in conversations as they will mess up the translators. The guide doesn’t tell how to replace names though so I’ll show it in my screenshot example how it can be done.

TAHelper settings

TAHelper settings


++GTGal (Need .Net Framwork 4.0!!)++
It is a floating text with almost no interface that you can put in front of anything, ppl use it to put in front of the Japanese text in the game. Unfortunately, it cannot select Language but some of the online translation service can display English when translating Chinese. It’s a pity that it cannot get translation from a machine translation instead. Currently there is some problem using it to translate from ITH. It can translate good if I get Chinese text from the web or anywhere else. Just not ITH. That’s why, it is not so useful for automatic usage other than extra reference by manually copying text from FASTAIT2009 to the clipboard. I recommend to use Youdao translation as it is sometimes quite good and it is not listed in the Translation Aggregator. You can use it for extra translation sometimes.

Overlay Floating Translation

Overlay Floating Translation

The orb colours indicate something. Red=busy/processing/Translating, Green=Finish Translating, Yellow=Idle

GTGal Settings

GTGal Settings

There is a xml file that you can use to replace translation. I translated the description if anyone find use for it.

GTgalxml to replace text

GTgalxml to replace text

That’s it! Phew. Over and Out.




6 responses

14 04 2012
Hana san

Well done!! i really like the guide you made 🙂 not only that but it helps in playing many other games that are in chinese.

15 04 2012

Glad you find it helpful. 🙂

7 09 2012

A great guide. Thanks and it does help!

9 05 2014

Is this working in online games???

12 03 2015

i want to knowe can i use is on online chi game DragonSoul ?

13 03 2015

Don’t think so. Not a lot of games especially non-visual novel games can be used to hook text.

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