Chinese to English Offline Machine Translation Software

5 04 2012

Please read this post for better guide to playing Chinese game using Machine Translation, this post is just for archive.

Ok, after an extensive search and trying out some softwares. I found an offline Chinese to English machine translation software, it is free software too!  The good news is the machine translation quality is surprisingly quite good in my opinion, at least it makes pretty good sense for reading (see pic below for example).

The bad news is, the interface is in Chinese and it is not easy to use for translating hooked game text from AGTH or ITH etc…, unless someone make an macro software to automate it(like autohotkey), I’ve thought about it and a macro is usable if someone can code it. It is very tiring to translate it manually because you need to paste the text and you need to click on the translate button and then you need to create a new file and paste again and etc… the cycle goes on. Guess what, there IS a software that translate for you and is compatible with this software. It is called Cp2Trans v1.2 (most recent version). I think I need to rewrite the whole post… 😦 I write it tmr I think. Too tired. I should’ve found Cp2Trans first as it list out all the translation software it is compatible(so I don’t have to hunt around for a good translation program) but I never use AGTH or text hooker software before so it got off my radar. I found the translation program by looking through a catalog of Chinese to English translation software which most of them are word translators.


Program Screenshot

^Does the above translation make any sense? Probably not. It is roughly like this, you can compare them with the above translation: “Red immediately reverse the car. According to the situation, the gate of Hua Mountain is definitely filled with zombies. Even throwing grenades is hard to make a way to get out of this situation. Also, considering that when entering the gate, one need to take the cableway but the cableway must have a lot of zombies around currently. That’s why, they need to find another small road to go up the mountain.” –btw, this is from a pretty good Plants vs. Zombies BL novel XD

Will rewrite about Cp2TranV1.2 here later. For the adventurous, you can download Cp2Tranv1.2 and try out yourself. Kind of straightforward and there is a picture in the download to show how it is. (Anyone knows where is the official Cp2Tran website? I can’t find it) 

Download Translation software FASTAIT2009 here(click the green button):
Hmmm, the software requirements didn’t state Win7…. But from a few screenshots it can run in Win7 with no problem. 🙂
Hopefully this will help some people in the quest of playing Chinese games.
Installation & Usage Guide(I guess I should write this)

After you click the Setup to install(follow these buttons to continue):




I agree

I agree




Uncheck all

Uncheck All




Open this SeniorTranslate.exe file, Example Win XP path(Vista & Win7 should be similar):
C:\Program Files\Kingsoft\FASTAIT PERSONAL\SeniorTranslate.exe
–Create a shortcut of SeniorTranslate.exe to your Quicklaunch or Dock or somewhere to quickly execute it. The program is not the software’s main program actually…It is like a side program to translate long text like a document or something long. There is also a program in it that you can select a few text files(like long novels) and bulk translate but it is of not much use to the current situation so I’ll not talk on how to use it.

Senior Translate

Senior Translate

To close that serach word bar that will be blocking your way, right click the toolbar and uncheck the 2nd rightclick Option, you can also arrange the toolbar icons like most program using the 4th rightclick Option:


Toolbar Customization

Customize Toolbar2

To change window mode(To side by side or above below) Press the following keys: alt+v+w+c

Side by Side View

Side by Side View

I have mentioned above, here are some useful shortcut keys:
– alt+f+n  ;to create new file(to paste new text, it’ll create more and more new files so please remember to close some)

New File

New File

– alt+t+h  ;to translate to English (after you translate you cannot edit the text anymore unless you click the “Edit Again” button:


Cn2En Translate

– alt+e+r ;to edit the text again

Edit Again

Edit Again

Any problems using it please comment here to ask.



7 responses

5 04 2012

I love you.. You’re the greatest! Thank you so, so much! Playing Prince Maker will be much easier for me now… Once again, thanks! You’re a livesaver!

5 04 2012

I tried it just now and Cp2Tran works perfectly helping you auto translate the Translator software while playing the game. The program is really straightforward by changing the language only. Even though this is the first time I use a game text hooker, I can use them with no problem even without reading the manual. I’ll be writing a tutorial about it later but I’m sure you’re expert in this already 😀 I tried AGTH but it failed to hook text from the weird Freedom Aleno game but ITH works well.

There seems to be another software called DrEye that can translate Chinese to English but as I knew that software seems to be a word software but since Cp2Tran supports I’ll try, maybe can use it as double.

10 12 2012

This is not strictly Chinese, but do these tools work for Korean games as well?

13 12 2012

The Offline Chinese translator doesn’t work for Korean. It’s for EnglishChinese or JapaneseChinese The text hooker and online translator(you have to change to Korean) can work for Korean games

10 06 2013

is cp2 trans can translate all type of bl game? i have chinese bl game , but seems cp trans didnt work…or im who didnt understand to use it??? please help me how to use it ? is it just play the game and open the cp trans and fastait?

13 07 2013

No, it doesn’t translate all type of games. Only games that uses specific engine can translate.
I don’t remember if u just open the 2 and can translate already, it is a long time since I make that guide. Maybe you can use ITH instead of Cp2trans.

16 12 2015

Thanks for sharing and the tutorial! Now I can translate chinese java rpg games.

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