Happy April Fools!

1 04 2012

Nah, I’m not going to fool you guys. I toyed with the idea but I guess some of you must’ve been pranked badly already. I’m going to give some current screenshots about the game instead.

*Note: What you see might not be the final outcome! We might do changes. Especially the fonts. Yup, still lots of things need to fix.



9 responses

2 04 2012

Ah, such luck, an update on my birthday ❤ Thank you very much! I'm very excited about this game~

3 04 2012

Thanks for always commenting too! 😀 We’ll be done with the translations checking soon and it’ll be straightening out the bugs and have all the texts fit in right(+ choosing nice fonts).

3 04 2012

So excited for this game. Can’t wait.
I actually found this one because I was curious whether there was a Prince Maker game, since there was a Princess Maker one. Anyways, good luck. Looking forward to the day that you finish. c:

3 04 2012

I look forward to the day when you finish. Good luck.
Will you being doing other games from this series when you finish this one?

3 04 2012

We’ll probably do the 3rd one when we finish this since it seems to be the most popular one. That story is awesome too!

5 04 2012

I’m so happy you’re updating 😀
I’ve been stalking this blog for years, lol.
Can’t wait until it is fully translated!! ^^

5 04 2012

Yup, it’s so many years already T-T Thanks for waiting!

15 04 2012

*Sniff* I’m so happy. I thought this had been dropped ;_; Been looing at this for about a year now. Good Luck!

17 04 2012

Thanks! I’m starting to translate MSN3 now, I’m done with MSN2. GOD, MSN3 is a monster 300+ scripts. T-T

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