Gender Survey?

17 03 2012

Oh hey, has streaming music players now. Wanna test it. There are a lot of covers  for the OP & ED of Prince Maker 3 because of cover contest but here are the originals. Enjoy the nice songs.
Leviria ~Sleeping Star~ ED ( by 玖玖/99):

Sofesia ~The Faraway Continent~ OP(by Rion):

I’m kind of curious if there are many boys who like to play this game because this is more towards girl game. But we never know for sure.




2 responses

29 04 2012

I’m a straight boy, but I enjoy playing these kinds of games

2 05 2012

MSN2 isn’t really a BL game though(at least I don’t think so although it has BL pairings). The focus is on the story and the concept on that world.

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