Prince Maker 3 Special 1: Freedom Days Aleno

15 03 2012

Note: Only The Chinese version is for download here, there is no English version!
Note: Aleno is “You” the caretaker of the kid in Prince Maker 3
Link to Original Post:

Game Name: Freedom Days Aleno [Prince Maker 3 Thanksgiving Specials 1]
Game Type: Open ended type of raising simulation plus RPG?
Game Time: Depends on player
Game Production: ALFA game group
Game Engine: krkr2
Game Player Number: 1 Person
Game Focus: Main Girls but For All Ages
OS for Game: winxp/2000/2003/Vista/WIN7
Language: Simplified and Traditional Chinese(only Simplified version will be provided here)
Game Publish Type: Free Internet Download

Click to see bigger pics

About the game:
The story is about a Deity called “Aleno”, because of some reason, he/she left his/her hometown and lived in the Three Realm Kingdom for 10 years. After 10 years, he/she went back to his/her hometown. This game is about some stories happening in his/her hometown at that time. And these stories is what lead him/her to a different direction in the future. And this Aleno, later became the main character and the caretaker in Prince Maker 3.

Download Links(It is patched so don’t patch it again):




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