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15 03 2012

Hi, guys. I’m sorry for being missing here for so many months. I was feeling guilty and was concentrating on something else and my school. The current status is there is no update at all since the last post. I have free time recently so I’m thinking of reviving this again(have revive this for so many times^^;;). I also didn’t visit the main Prince Maker forum for really long time too. I’m sure they have new game out. They are always very efficient(Wish I am too). So, I’m going to look at stuff at the site and update about new Prince Maker stuff and update the links because Megaupload is dead.

There are so many comments and I scanned over them a bit and reply some important ones here. Someone ask for releasing the translation so other people can continue. I cannot release the code to public download but anyone who wanted to contribute or can compile can just contact me to get the code. I have an LJ blog called rikiki_angel and I never go missing there in case you can’t get in touch with me.




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16 03 2012

Hey there! Thanks for coming back with an update – I’m incredibly happy to hear that this project is still somewhat underway! I don’t know if there’s anything that I could do to help, but if you ever need a tester or someone to check over scripts for line length or typos, just let me know.

I’d also be interested in getting a copy of the code and seeing what
programming language it’s written in so that I know whether or not I’d be able to compile it with any of my existing tools. 🙂

Thanks again for the update!

17 03 2012

I’ve contacted my checker and she’s a life saver. Couldn’t continue without her encouragement and responsiveness all the time. Ok, I’ll send them to you. Actually, I know what software to compile them but they are only in Japanese or Chinese. It is a Japanese software, a lot of AVG games use krkr to make game. It’s available in Chinese because someone translated and improved it(krkr/KAG). It’s easy to read too if you know a basic scripting knowledge.

I’ll send it to you a little later. Thanks!

17 03 2012

Hi, I sent an email to you already, please check if you got them.

17 03 2012

I’m relieved you haven’t dropped the project..I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time! ^^

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