MSN3 full version download

10 04 2011

Hi, Prince Maker 3 full version is out. If anyone wanted to play the Chinese version please download here(Please redownload if you download the old Sleeping Chapter last time):

*NOTE: Please DO NOT use the old Sleeping Chapter save file for the new one. A lot of things are changed so it is not usable anymore and will be bugged if used.

msn3 wallpaper

You can download the nice wallpaper above here:




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19 09 2011

I downloaded this game just now and tried playing it. But the font shown in the game was not chinese, instead, they were symbols. Did I miss something? I really want to play the game, please help ;_;

15 03 2012

You need to have installed Chinese language when you install windows and change the default language to Chinese(please see my tutorial)

4 11 2012

Just played this game yesterday. Can I ask for your help to let me earn the Holy Knight job ending? I have already applied for it (it is a job that required 800 Strength and Magic btw, in case you forgot which job it was). But since my knowledge in Chinese is minimal, and my translator is kind of useless in its nonsense translation, I can’t read the requirements to get the job, and in the end, I only got the “drifter” ending.
Btw, I just can’t find the Love Goddess in my adventures. Am I doing anything wrong, or if this game doesn’t have any goddess/god that help you boost your relationship?
(And if you’re not too busy, can you post a guide on how to complete the story ending(s) (caretaker main story ending, Red Baiyu’s ending, Yellow Baiyu’s ending, and if possible, minor characters’ story endings). Not knowing the language is a huge disadvantage in playing these type of doujinshi/raising sim games.
And it makes me feel more upset in knowing that we cannot translate it. 😡
Ranting over, now here’s my (mostly positive and biased) thought so far about this game:
I just started playing this game yesterday. A fantastic game so far, and much more simpler than MSN2 in term of game mechanics. (but that doesn’t mean it is an easy game). The graphic and coding seems to improved greatly since the last game too. 😀 Character designs are beautiful, and I adore Baiyu and his double personality. (But I prefer cutie Yellow Baiyu more than his tsudere red counterpart for some reason. He is just adorable!!! One of the thing that this game does pretty well is it makes you fall in love with the innocent, completely convincing kind child you raise without shoving shota appeal down your throat. I totally dig that 🙂 )
(Unrelated notes: My favorite random/non-story-related scenes I in the games: Yellow Baiyu slept next to his brother(me) and being scolded by the butler. After the lecture, Baiyu told the butler that he only scolded him because he was jealous xD. There’re a lot more hilarious scenes (the V.S jealousy scenes in particular, and I love the humor this game throw in its seemingly dark and sad story.)
Speaking of story, I cannot say much in the comment section, because of glorious spoilers and my own ignorance of the chinese language. I can only understand a thin layer of the story thanks to my crappy chinese translator, and so, I am still very confused. Hopefully you can write a summary post about the game’s story in the future, seeing the chance we get a translation of this game in english is slim to none. I don’t think anyone would read that post unless they’re dying to know about the game’s story itself anyway, so don’t worry about people being angry because of spoilers. That’s what I think, anyway.
I’m sorry if I’m sounding forceful with my suggestions. I have never been particularly awesome with words, so… 😦
But in the end, I’m pretty thankful that you were willing to take the time and share this wonderful chinese game with the english speaker community. 🙂
P.s: And is it just me or the guys in this game seem too feminine, maybe except older Lyle XD And if you don’t mind me asking, what’s your favourite character in the game? Mine is probably Yellow Baiyu, due to his pure cuteness. 😀

5 11 2012

To be honest, I’ve forgotten almost everything about the game XD (Bad memory) But I’ll look up a guide at the Chinese forum.

Hmm, I don’t remember which one is the Holy Knight XD There are 2 entries in the guide. One is “Knight” another is “Holy Defender(?)”(Or is it a templer)

Holy Defender:
1)Go to see Bodyguard Agency owner
2)Go to Bodyguard Agency to learn self defense arts
3)Attack increase to 300
4)Continue go to Bodyguard Agency for training
5)Go to Bodyguard Agency training, until you get his approval
6)Magic reach 700

1)Go see Mercenary Agency owner
2)Work at Mercenary Agency
3)Agility above 500
4)Work at Mercenary Agency
5)Work at Mercenary Agency
6)Attack above 800

There is a Love Goddess. Otherwise, there won’t be a minigame about her.(Valentine day minigame). You still meet her at the Forest Relic in Deity Land(I think it is the far right side on the Deity map).

Remember that in the Diary, orange coloured words are Baiyu and the person’s development and blue coloured is main chara and the person’s development. The main chara cannot be a drifter if you want to get any relationship ending(you must finish him/her plot)! Baiyu’s plot is ok if you don’t finish BUT you must get any job ending(no drifter also).

Yeah, I think they are quite feminine too XD No idea why though. I think I like the main character. His/her actions are always so cute(abusing students).

I think in this installment, it is more comedic for a lot of casual events.Cleion(butler) is always patronizing the main character in a funny way(It is a nice change from the very obedient type of butler). Events you met in town is also funny(it is really really hard to collect all the random events in town)

I’ll try to translate a guide there later. As for story, I don’t remember clearly now and obviously there is no story spoilers in the Chinese forum. There are a lot of hard to get secrets though. Like a CG for the Core you have to let the main chara rest rest rest(Still random, in fact, this game’s a lot of thing’s RNG dependent factor will make you crazy sometimes, lottery is one…). He’ll sometimes appear and ask you questions. The 4th time will give you CG. Some ppl have to rest for a few years before getting it.

6 11 2012

Can you tell me how to access the “diary” system? I could not find it on my menu, making it infinitely harder to remember the stats needed for Baiyu to let the kid attend New Year Fest. (Yeah, I have a horrific memory myself too.):(
I remembered that I took the job in Research Institute? :/ The scientist who received my job application said that I need to finish my reports, but I have no idea how to do that. It could not be named as “Holy Knight”, though. Maybe my translator just decided on that moment to be even more incompetent and messed me up. I may as well apply to be a Holy Defender to just get a proper ending for Baiyu. XD Seeing him keep being a hobo break my poor heart. 😦
(Btw, are the Bodyguard Agency/Mercenary Agency available at the start of the game, or are they being unlocked through events/my stats? Because I seriously could not find them in my save file 😦 )
I found the “abusing students”scenes hilarious too. XD And the best part? All of my students crushed on my character XD. Seeing them keep trying to compete with each other (in “jealousy” scenes) to win my affection is just very amusing to watch.
(Oh yes, the luck-dependent factors that this game seems to love throwing in its minigames drove me nuts too. 😡 I kept retrying a same lottery game to get a lovely outfit for my cute Baiyu, to no avail. I’m surprised that there’re people out there with enough patience to retry those games and win the secrets. /salute/)
Aleno is a very hilarious main character him/herself. I like how the main char you controlled actually have personality and can have an impact on the game’s story. 😀
If you don’t mind me asking, can you tell me what are the new features in this installment that you like? And what’s your favorite non-story related scene in the game?
I think I may have an idea why they make the characters so effeminate though. I guess that the creators are aware of that there are a lot, and I mean A LOT of female players who are interested in this game more than male players, and generally, female players tend to favor beautiful male characters (bishounens), more than typical ” manly” ones. But seriously, as much as I like beautiful boys like the next gal, this is just too much XD)

6 11 2012

Have you read this?
The Diary is the last button on the list. Unfortunately, the Diary is quite complicated though. If I remember right, there are two types of Diaries which can be chosen at the top and the second one has a lot of tabs at the side(each tab for each main character). The first Diary is Baiyu’s main plot diary(Baiyu’s pov diary in short) where it’ll record important stuff or hints on what to do next, it’ll also record what Baiyu carve for, sometimes he want his agility to increase to a certain point or he wanted a certain item. Once you fulfill his wish, his stress drop and probably affection for you increase(not sure what else already but I remember the stress part). He’ll always tell you a new thing he wanted once you fulfill the last one. This is random so sometimes you may get a wish that will take months to fulfill.

The other diary is actually a memo for the main chara. It’ll record events based on what Aleno assessment(Aleno’s pov, clues for a certain chara plot also). That’s why it has a lot of tabs for each of the other main charas. Events in orange is what Aleno sees for Baiyu and that tab chara. Blue text is Aleno and that tab chara.

I’m speaking from memory so there might be some wrong info.

Yeah, you need to unlock some work(look at the “Event Month” section at the link to the guide for how to unlock some work) but I think Mercenary and Bodyguard should be available at the start(?)(Look at the “Work” section for what Chinese word is the Bodyguard and Mercenary work)

I think I never get all the extra(non-story) scenes XD I remember the one where all 3 MSN2 charas become little kids.

What new features I like… I think it is the diary system I think. Helps you a lot if you’re lost on what to do next. It’s also great that you can choose the ending you want if you have finished a lot of job interviews/researches. If you want to see the other ending, you just need to reload the save file and choose the other ending. There is autosave feature also(not sure if you’ll retain the save if you crash).

Btw, there is a money cheat but you can’t be Emperor of Three Realms if you use it but for other endings feel free to use it. I think you type “alfagame” on the main screen(with the kid standing in the middle), I’m not sure though since I don’t really remember.

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