MSN3 Review 2

7 04 2011

I’ll give my final comments before the game is released.
In this ep2 or full version, there are quite a lot of changes on the jobs and extras, Baiyu’s wardrobe has expanded quite a lot too due to the competition. I’m a bit disappointed that some competition clothes didn’t make it into the game.

I give 4 thumbs up(well, my big toes do count) for the main story! It is definitely great and touching. I couldn’t have guessed the story about Baiyu’s split personality and I finally know who is the mystery pretty man(everyone guessed he’s Baiyu’s father since they have white hair but he’s not). Plus, all the other main characters has their own story. It is definitely called Rebirth for something, all characters are “reborn” in the end(even though it is called Renascence, it is actually named Rebirth in the Chinese). It is definitely not easy to get the ultimate ending(which is King of Three Realms). You have to finish player main story, yellow Baiyu main story, red Baiyu main story, after that continuation of Baiyu main story(don’t want to spoil so I didn’t say what kind of continuation), and you definitely want to get relationship ending with Baiyu along with the ultimate ending because only by doing these you can get his relationship ending and you don’t want to go through the whole hassle again.

1. Getting a job is never easier! Ok, it’s not that easy but you don’t have to guess what value to get what ending anymore. You apply for the job once you have enough value that is listed in the Career Firm and Research Institute. After that, you just need to follow instructions in your diary to finish the job application step by step.

2. You can choose your job ending. Say, I finish applying for 5 jobs. At the end, you can choose which job you want. You want to see the ending for the other job you just load your save file to see the other one. Also, if you did not apply for any job, you become jobless no matter how high is your stats. Plus, the more jobs you get, the reward section will reward you with some extra small storyline with CG.

3. Rewards section. This one is the big upgrade from ep1. Extra storyline reward based on what you achieved(kind of like extra goodies). Those with the CG you can’t see in the game. Also got the dressing room where any clothing that you managed to get in any time you play, you can use it in the dressing room.

4. Now in ep2 an indication of what kind of events are announced before the event take place so you know it appear in the event list. A lot of random events also.

5. Some part of working and studying has become useless. Basically your son have this money maker(you!), most people don’t even need to send their son to work. There is also no point in getting to intermediate or higher in studying also since job ending has no connection with that now.

6. Since you don’t need to guess a lot to get an ending, the challenge is to complete it 6 years.It is actually very short and not enough time to get everything(I can say MSN3 has massive things to get). It is a race against time and a test to your management skills.

7. Also, it is worth noting that there is this one relationship ending that you cannot get when playing the first time. But then this game isn’t meant to be played once. You don’t need to do anything in the first play, you just need to play the game once to be able to get the relationship ending.

8. I almost forgot, help system has improved a lot and animated. You have to click the ? to see them. Like me I don’t need because I played ep1 before so they can be skipped which is a great thing.




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