Current Status

23 09 2010

Unfortunately, Braveness needs to be rechecked again because alfagame is not satisfied with the translation. Currently there are ppl checking but don’t know how long it’ll be finished. Thanks for the support.




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26 09 2010

thanks for the update!

one question! when translation is finished is there going to be English game exe
so you don’t have to change your computer language into Chinese?

27 09 2010

Yes, don’t need to change the language to Chinese.

2 10 2010

awesome! thanks!

30 09 2010

I’m glad to see an update, I was worried it might of been dropped. I’m rather looking forward to it. Keep up the great work. 😀

3 10 2010

Thanks for the hard work!!

Just curious, if you done with this are you planning to translating more prince maker games??

10 10 2010

Somehow your msg ended up in spam. Right now there isn’t any plans. We’ll think about it after finish this first.

7 10 2010

I was wondering if you needed help. Though I can’t do much, I am fluent in both Chinese and English. (<_< but I'm French, just to warn you~)

But you can always check my level by checking out my scanlation works.

I'm just horribly bad at this game lol. I keep getting broke, poor little guy. xD

10 10 2010

Hi, I’ve sent you an email. I think a lot of people have gotten broke before, try not let the money get too low before you go learning.

10 11 2010

Hey, any more news on the translation?!
I really want to play it! >.<;;

19 11 2010

Unfortunately it’s still in checking… sorry ;;

29 11 2010

how is it going?

7 12 2010

It’s going slowly

16 12 2010

Good job so far! It looks like it might take awhile to finish checking tho ;_; well good luck and i hope alfa games accepts the translation this time

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