7 08 2010

I’ve taken these 2 weeks to delete all the Chinese text(troublesome thing to do… orz Is there a program that can sweep all the Chinese text clean automatically?) so I can send to alfagame for it to be compiled. Now we can just cross our fingers… They might be busy for Chapter 2 of MSN3. Not sure when it’ll be done compiled. I really want to get this done with because the translation is just there dormant for so long with no one for compiling. I really want to prevent what they said of a Chinese idiom: Night is long, dreams are frequent. Meaning, The night is long(delayed or waited really long), there will be a lot of dreams and things will not be done in the end which is what is happening now. It is more than 2 years since I started this project!
Further meaning look here:夜长梦多/1317811

Because of this, there has been things happening in the project of course. People MIA, and other complications that make me feel like a grumbling old lady. Time is really a destroying factor. I don’t even remember who I recruited for the next project since it’s been so long(if you’re reading this, can you contact me again? ^^;;). If things go well, I’ll be translating Origin. It’s a smaller game but bigger than a minigame. I really like the game and it’s a really important game storyline-wise that talks about the MSN2 Human Guardian’s past and it’s history with the demon candidate, Dean.

Anyway, I would like to collect some opinion about having a English section in alfagame forum since currently there is no place to discuss the game, share things found. I don’t know if it can be done but if people are interested I can ask. That’s all I promised. Any other opinions are also welcomed.




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8 08 2010

I was delighted to hear you guys were translating origin !
I’m not sure if you remember me but I contacted you guys 5 months or more ^^U about wanting to help translate origin. Contact me if you guys still need help =) I’ll try my best!

8 08 2010

Yes, I remember but I forgot your contact. ^^;
And to confirm if still want to do.

Probably still need more time since the ppl from alfagame said my translation in Braveness is a bit unnatural and need to straighten out ;口;

At least it’ll be a guarantee for good quality release in the end.

8 08 2010

Yup =) If i could be in any assistance, I’ll be happy to help you guys out in translating or rechecking translations.

Thanks for all your hard work and
looking forward to the quality releases ! ^^

(P.S. I know converting chinese to english is very troubling @__@ chinese has a special way of saying things that english can’t represent as well and vice versa)

9 08 2010

Thank you so much for the good news about the progress of the English translation project! I recently began playing Prince Maker -Braveness- and plan to continue through the game; although my progress is slow as I am not accustomed to reading simplified Chinese. An English version of the game will be much, much anticipated and appreciated. ^^

On that note, I found the English Opening for Braveness on Youtube ( while browsing for the Opening for Resonance. The translation is overall understandable, but there are a few awkward moments in the wording.

I would like to help edit/proof-read the scripts. While I may not be able to convey the entire connotation of the Chinese script, I would be happy to help with streamlining the English translation – and work with a fluent Chinese reader and a copy of the Chinese script to maintain the original meaning, if necessary.

Please feel free to contact me via my gmail; I will try to reply within the week.

Best of wishes to you.


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